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Joker is best girl in smash
<i><b><span class="through"><center>ahghghghhghghgggggggghhhhhhh </center></span></b></i> idk anymore
Joker is best girl in smash
Misha is second to best girl but the one true best girl is makoto
Joker is best girl in smash
<span class="through">when and where</span> lmfao
Joker is best girl in smash
Ike is the midwife. He Aethers babies outta people
Joker is best girl in smash
Olimar could be but definitely Marth is best girl. I mean Marth is just a female Lucina
Waffles are better
<spoiler>Joker dies in Endgame from sleeping too much</spoiler><div class='edited'>(edited by Syno)</div>

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Joker is best girl in smash
So i came to the conclusion that Joker is best girl in Smash. (sorry if i tagged this wrong)
Joker = Projectile Spam?
Tbh, idk if Jokers &quot;gun&quot; or &quot;gun special&quot; are reflectable projectiles or if they are gonna be absorbable projectiles. The bullets could be both. But either way, I feel like a lot of people are gonna be spamming that neutral special. Ness and Lucas players will absolutely love going against Joker. lmfaooooooo
Super Smash Bros. Mains
Who do ya'll main?
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