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The Goddess of kicking asses to amusement parks. Was strong, but then gods fucked me over and then I was a diplomat. Now i'm here and happy to be unemployed. I'm a Futaba who, by some crazy miracle, was able to absorb all of Yaldabaoth's power. Weapons: Rapier, Fake Excalibur that can shock enemies (it doesn't do electric damage, it just inflicts shock), a golden hammer that gets stronger the evilier I am (damage: medium), boots with sharp blades and can freeze enemies (once again, just freezes them. No ice damage), a repeater pistol, an RPG, and a minigun. Armor: Blue Hoodie, Military grade armor. HP: 579 SP: 409 Personas: Shadow-sona: Megaton Raid, Blazing Hell, Cosmic Flare, Megidolaon, Concentrate, Heat Riser, Magic Ability, Life Aid. Strong: Ice (Hoodie protection). Weak: None. Prometheus: Matarukaja, Marakukaja, Masukukaja, Party Heat Riser, Ultra Charge, Mediarama, Amrita Shower. No strengths or weaknesses. Snowexodia: Mabufudyne, Ice Age, Magarudyne, Vacuum Wave, God's Hand, One-shot Kill, High Counter, Ice Amp. Strong: Fire Drain: Ice Weak: Electric Necronomicon 2.0: Wild Thunder, Psycho Blast, Megidolaon, Apt Pupil, Spell Master, Magic Ability, Invigorate 3, Endure. No strengths or weaknesses. Str: Above Average Mag: Above Average End: Average Agl: Above Average Luc: High Arcana: The Fool

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Snowball War 3: the Frozen Labyrinth
Honestly, I have a bit of a problem with always going all out on presentation. At least this time, I've saved up enough money to have an insane plot and the presentation. Seriously, the weather machine alone cost me millions. And nobody get me started on the labor costs.
Snowball War 3: the Frozen Labyrinth
<i>Star's voice echos across the battlefield.</i> Honestly, not surprised. But what is a war with only two people? I paid a lot of money for presentation alone, I don't want it wasted. Seriously, how much do you think steel walls cost? For an entire castle, it's a lot. So, if you could delay kicking my behind, that would be nice.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
The white meat. It makes nuggets and tenders.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
This is a hero? <i>holds butterfly.</i>
A Chilling Announcement
<i>A cold wind starts blowing throughout Shibuya, the first specks of snow falling. It seems Star has begun controlling the weather to begin construction of the battlefield. By the time the war officially starts, it should be a winter wonderland...in summer!</i>
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
This is still going? Wow. I thought this would end a month after it began, but here it is, still going on. Shows what i know.
Nobody could see this coming. The Phantom Thieves stole our hearts again.
Sun team: a new dawn.
Actually, we could just leave right now through the portal. I mean, he didn't close it. But fine, whatever, I love destroying property when I need to, too bad it had to be when I don't want to, but oh well, thems the breaks! Heartbeat System, Synchronize! <i>Two swords suddenly come out of Star's jacket and fly into her hands while her new equipment starts glowing red.</i> Still, I do think there is a chance we could just leave and plug the hole up with something so we could never get back in. I mean, this master guy just seems to want us gone and thinks the easiest way is to kill us. Too bad for him, I'm immortal! I'll just come back to life every time I die! Hahahahahahahahaha! But no seriously, I like my idea of just leaving and not coming back.
Sun team: a new dawn.
Uhh...we just kinda saw the hole, thought it would be worth an investigation, so...sorry for going through your stuff even though I assume that gold thing was your fault and you should have repaired the wall if you wanted to keep people out...just saying.
Sun team: a new dawn.
A doll? Okay, the similarities between this master and me are starting to get really creepy. I swear, if the man made a space ship with hyperdrive, dual laser cannons, and enough armor and shielding to survive multiple nukes at once, this master may as well be a clone of me! Seriously, they're running all around my castle basement, one of them may have gotten loose and that could be bad. <i>Star goes on her usual rambling as she walks through the portal.</i>

Recent topics

Snowball War 3: the Frozen Labyrinth
<i>Shibuya is absolutely covered in snow and snow fortifications, and there's a huge castle made of ice and snow that has appeared once again! Ladies and gentlemen, it's time time for another snowball war of pure chaos!</i>
A Chilling Announcement
<i>It's another (relatively) peaceful day on the Phansite, when all of a sudden a message is broadcast through whatever is connected to the internet at the time. You see Star dressed up in what looks like a suit of armor made of ice, sitting a throne of ice.</i> &quot;Greetings, everyone! I am Star Sakura, the goddess of chaos! You might remember me from all my...attempts at global domination using the power of ice and snow, multiple evil plots, and my involvement in quite a number of events over the years! Well, as sure you know, summer is nearing it's end and I haven't done a single thing! That changes now! I'm announcing the Third Great Shibuya Snowball War! In six days, I shall once again try to conquer the world using the cold and chaos as my methods! Will you stop me, or join me instead!? Everything shall go down on Sunday, at 12;00 PM EST! Thank you for listening, and remember, there's next to no rules when it comes to the snowball wars! Go wild, and have fun!&quot; <i>With that, Star cuts the feed, and everything is as it was before she made her announcement.</i>
LeBlanc: the Star Opening
<i>Star is seen polishing a glass behind the counter as she opens LeBlanc up for the first time.</i> My turn to open LeBlanc? I hope nobody is mad that I used the spare keys.
Generic Western Bar
<i>Star has opened a bar in the middle of nowhere. Let hijinks insue. Also, she's wearing a cowgirl bartender outfit. You know, because it's the west.</i>
Free-for-all arena fight
<i>Star has constructed a large arena for people to fight in for one big brawl! It's everyone against everyone in here! An extensive medical staff is on standby for if anyone dies or is seriously injured, so go nuts.</i>
Star's Shrine: Redecorated and Renovated
<i> Star's up to her usual tricks again, trying to get new visitors to her shrine. She's redecorated the place and gave it a second story. Looks like she also got a new look for herself, sporting a blue coat and a sweet platinum colored gauntlet.</i> ...yeah, this'll do...I think? Looks good... it's like it's all shiny and new...
Star's Cosmic Boss Rush!
<i>It was just a normal day in the Nexus...but then every television suddenly turned to same channel, which shows Star making a big announcement.</i> &quot;Good day everyone. So, you're probably wondering why I'm on the TV, right? Well, that's because this is an announcement! I'm going to be taking over the world, and I'm doing it competently this time. Tommorow, by the break of day, I shall begin my conquest to rule the world! If a big attack is made by anyone, I'll attack then and there. But, if a band of adventurers were to, oh, I don't know, come in and stop me, well then I guess I just won't attack...but that's if they can get to me in the first place. Hahahahaha! <i>...and that's why our adventures and heros are gathering on the path to Star's Castle of Chaos.</i> <i><b><center> Location: Path to Star's Castle of Chaos.</center></b></i> <i>...this is the part where everyone who is interested in kicking the crap out of Star is meeting up.</i>
The Second Great Snow War
<i>Two castles made entirely of snow and ice sit in the center of a frozen Shibuya. From one of the castles, Star, dressed in her old Ice Queen clothes, is declaring war on the other castle.</i> Hahahahah! Nobody will stop me this time! I may have gotten a draw last year, but this year I'm going to rule the world with a frozen fist! Hahahahah! I just have to destroy this other castle I made because I got bored...what, don't judge me.
Star's Castle of Chaos
<i>Star sits on a throne in a large, dark castle, sipping some tea.</i> Ahh...now this is an evil lair. So glad I was able to pay off all the bills for this. Now, I do believe it's time to come up with an evil plan again. Hmm...what shall I do this time?
Star's Laboratory/Store
<i>Star, being bored and greedy, has opened a shop for science and magic supplies, along with just testing out some things she recently grabbed by various means when nobody is around. She's sitting at a counter near the entrance. </i>
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