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I won the 2nd Last Post war Roy Main P4 was the best one That's bad

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Yo can we talk about how freaking awesome Luna (@Queef) is? nice and adorable nice Luna
I've only known Luna for around two years, but if anything were to happen to her I would kill everyone on this site and then myself.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Honor, you say? Ha! I couldn't care less about honor! You are facing A GOD!
About Persona 5 the royal
You do realize we're on a forum, not a server, right
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Hulk Hogan? HA! That's nothing! Beat <i>me</i> and then we'll see if you're so strong!
Am I annoying?
I mean you're not Sam Or Archer <span class="through">Or Rosie, or Gin, or elm's dad</span>

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Forum back now I'm happy
So I just finished watching Kamen Rider Blade
It was fucking great The show starts out very slow, but when it picks up, it picks up <i>hard</i> If Drive didn't exist, I'd say it's damn near the best
So Jojo Part 5's Opening is amazing
The visuals are all pretty good at being simplistic, cool and meaningful at the same time The song itself is a goddamn banger Best Boy Bruno is in it Yeah I'd say it's the best Jojo OP yet
I'm sorry
For making a Twitter account based entirely around funny shit people here say
A Persona 0 Fan Theory
What <i>If...</i>
A Persona 4 Fan Theory
What if, in reality I am thou, and Yu art I And what if Fuck, why am I doing this
That's bad
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/405823565771046923/475285341407019028/magik.png Don't ask
Streaming Kamen Rider Wizard in a few minutes
I decided that I might as well watch this show with multiple multiple so come in at will https://lets.rabb.it/daH6J7xjyO
Shamelessly advertising the "Phansite out of Context" twitter
https://twitter.com/PhansiteC Go ahead and follow it if you want to question everyone's life choices But mostly mine for actually looking through the site to find this stuff
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