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You can't make me choose just one boy, they're all the best. Nvm Ryuji is undeniably the best boi of the entire game.

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Insulting Your Smash Mains
I get what you're trying to say, but two things here; 1: I said this was all in good fun TWICE. I'm sorry if you feel offended, but I told you twice to please not feel that way, so if you still feel that way, you can ignore this thread if you want, or better yet make your own! I've also said I was joking and not attacking anyone 2: I have also said that this was mainly based off of my experience with them. Many people play characters the same as there are certain strategies behind them. I'm poking fun at the way they play because many players I've seen with those characters do the same things I'm also kinda getting tired of this thread, so please let it die
Are the phantom theives real?
This site would be virtually worthless to them, as true change of heart requests are locked promptly, case and point. Now please, can we just kill this thread.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Hmm. I've really only ever seen Bowser players die second when suiciding. Maybe it's cuz they were a stock ahead or something
Welp, welcome to this thread, where... ugh, I honestly don't really even care anymore, I just want the headache to go away as well as this awful thread<div class='edited'>(edited by Scarletone)</div>
Why did this thread need to be revived? It gives me a headache every time I open it
I Want to EAT the Phantom Thieves
Not Haru, she's too floofy, and eating hair is no fun
Insulting Your Smash Mains
Hol' up, I did some research, and I've figured it out; Chrom mains are the guys who don't have the big ass sword, but their bad recovery makes them seem as if they do, in fact, have big sword energy, as they're willing to throw that away for the sake of their &quot;Chrombos&quot;
Insulting Your Smash Mains
<quote user="Cyber_Specter">I main Chrom, Bowser, and Isabelle. I also secondary Joker and Jigglypuff.</quote> Bowser: [Post #23] Isabelle: [Post #7] Joker: (His insult is kinda just around... I couldn't collect my thoughts all at once...) Chrom: What is the difference between you and the Ike mains? Like for real, I can never tell the difference between you, if I'm honest. Sure, I might think differently if I chose to actually try to play the characters, but let's be real here; I'm too lazy to bother with that. Idk you both got big swords, nuff said

Recent topics

Insulting Your Smash Mains
Self-explanatory title; Comment your main and I'll roast them.
Midnight Find
One Word at a Time
<spoiler>I kinda wanted to see how this would go on here and how crazy it would get.</spoiler> The
Can we talk about that one scene in P5 [SPOILERS]
Ok I cannot be the only person who thought about the Thanos snap.
Baked Fresh
How Do I Role Play????
I know this is gonna sound extremely stupid, but can someone please tell me how to role play? I'm so lost and confused. Where do you stop? Are you just supposed to insert yourself into the story? I'm super sorry for having to post something dumb like this, and it makes me feel really stupid, but honestly it's been eating at me for a few hours... I'm sorry...
Mementos help?
I just got to the fifth area of mementos and I barely spent a minute in there before the sound<center></center> of chains and red screen came, so I booked it to the entrance. Does anybody know how long before the reaper shows up? Or better yet, what level should I be before I try and fight him? Please help
About a Fictional Phanboy (Debate)
I know everyone seems to have a different opinion on Mishima, and quite frankly I wanna hear what you guys think about him while also sharing my opinion on him as a character. I would appreciate if you would share your views too, and also your reasoning behind them. Recently, I have completed the part of Mishima's confidant plot where you <spoiler>talk to his shadow in mementos and explain that what he's been doing is wrong</spoiler> and honestly, I can completely understand why some fans dislike Mishima. He is somewhat clingy and goes about <spoiler>trying to be famous or prove he &quot;isn't a zero&quot;</spoiler> very wrong. Some of his behaviors can also be seen as annoying as well. However, I personally cannot bring myself to hate this poor boy, especially after all that he's been through. Through the story and even his character ark, the player can see that Mishima has never really lead a very happy life. Bullied by classmates, being laughed at and harassed, being physically beaten by a man he should have been able to admire, also being bullied into spreading rumors by said teacher, and the list goes on. I remember that the first time I saw Mishima with all those bandages and bruises on his face, I pitied him. I could have only imagine the kind of hell he went through. But that's not the only thing either. I know it might sound childish or &quot;weeby&quot; of me, but it would be hard for me to say that I can't identify woth Mishima's struggles. Almost my whole school life I've been bullied and treated like I could never belong. I understand what it's like to feel powerless, like you'll never be able to make a difference in the world no matter how hard you try. How it feels knowing that in the end, you'll just wind up as a forgotten nobody who couldn't do anything. I get that his obsession over the Phantom Theives can seem annoying, but I personally am very easy to get addicted to anything I find enjoyable or interesting. My experiences have allowed me to empathize with this character, having him as one of my favorites despite all his flaws. Everybody has them. I apologize if it seemed like I was ranting, but I felt the need to get this out their and allow for debate. I would love if you guys could also express your like or dislike of Mishima, and I would enjoy sharing a friendly debate with you. Thanks for reading all this if you did, and again please share your opinion. Although I'm not sure if anyone will respond...
Best Personas to use in game?
So I'm wondering which personas are worth keeping and which ones I should fuse or get rid of. Is it best to try and get the personas that the twins request and then just go from there?
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