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I like Persona and stuff. I post very cursed images and according to Sarin I am not SANE at all times. So I like stuff

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welcome back archer
Well now that Archer is back he can't kill me because I am more memeable than him AHHAHAHAHAHHAAh. <span class="through"><spoiler>Plz KILL ME</spoiler></span>
Mass destruction
discord server
I'll Join because I'm SOOOOO BAD
i'm back, bitches
oh your back
Scatmans world
This is now the Yes thread
Who is the best p5 girl
Well he's like a Dad more than a waifu

Recent topics

Samuel Resurges (Drawing Requests)
I'll Draw people if you ask
The Adventures of The Chocolate Cow- Season 2
It has been 2 years since the events of TAoTCC and You have been keeping the village nice and tidy with its collection of Chocolate Milk and now the Chocolate Cow has had babies and now your village is the best provider for chocolate milk in the WORLD! But a new threat stands upon the village earlier in the year scientists have found a way to make Human-Animal hybrids and you know which group of people would take that for granted... Furries and now you have a bunch of Anthro animals trying to steal your precious cow so now it's time to save the village once again!
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk
I finally got Joker and a Switch
If any of you guys want my FC it is SW-1769-7103-0414 and play me in SMASH
Hi everyone Long Time No See. It's me Cursed Meme Boi and or Bootleg Sarin. I'm back so anybody want to tell me what I missed.
I'm Back
So did you guys miss me
Today is my last day of school and now I can be here all summer!
Man today is my second day of exams and it is already exhausting I know I have 3 days left of school BUT STILL. I need advice on how to stay SANE
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