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About me Sam Blitz, the Yellow Rose Equipment: Crossbow/ Wristbow ( Medium Gun/ Electric damage to random foes X1-5) Cane: (Medium Bash damage to one foe X1) Claw (Heavy Slash Damage to one foe X1) Tower Bow (Severe Gun/ Electric Damage to one foe X1) Accessory: Marietta (Auto- revive. 3 turn cooldown) Summon: Raijin Absorb: Electric Null: Various* Resist: Various* Weak: Various*, Wind (Module deactivated) Attacks Ziodyne Maziodyne Thunder Reign Wild Thunder Healing drone ( Diarama/Mediarama/ Recarm) Barrier module ( Changes null, strong and weak elements) Mjolnir (Colossal Electric/ Almighty damage to one foe) Heavens Bolt (Severe Electric damage to all foes. Masukunda.) Wind Null. Fire Resist. Nuclear Weak. Fire Null. Nuclear Resist. Wind Weak. Ice Null. Dark Resist. Fire Weak. Light Null. Ice Resist. Psy Weak. Dark Null. Wind Resist. Light Weak. Psy Null. Light Resist. Dark Weak. Nuclear Null. Psy Resist. Ice Weak.

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*I would take a few step back, smiling nervously, the corners of my mouth twitching at the sudden PK Starstorm.* What... just happened? Please, someone explain this shit to me.
Oh come the fuck down. *I would say before getting knocked backwards by the shockwave. Groaning, I would get back to my fight.* I'm starting to think I'm getting bullied. Wait a moment? What did you just say? * Kalib? I recognise that name from somewhere. Unfortunatly, I'm starting to get a headache from getting knocked around and having my shape changed and coming back from the dead and everything else that's happened to me today. Welp, pain means I'm alive. Assuming something else was about to happen, I'd brace myself for whatever impact would come my way.*
Geez *I would lean against my cane, looking at the remaining paradox brother with a feeling of discomfort.* This is getting a bit pathetic to watch. Though it looks like the fights gone out of this one. We won somehow. I guess.
Huh... *Looking up frm my place being Smol, I watch as Parad shoots himself. Now, there's really only one way to react when you see a tragedy like that. So naturally, I started laughing.* Ha. Did... did he just... Ha ha.. Serves you right you absolute fu- CPU: CONTAMINANT ERADICATION PROTOCALS ENGAGED. *I got distracted just long by my arm long enough for my coping mechanism to wear off and calm myself down. Always good for something like that to happen. As I return to normal sizem I grab my metal arm, feeling it spark.* Ah. Much better. Now where was I? Oh yes. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. * Sam swings his hand, sending a pulse of electrical energy forward at the remaining Paradox brother. His aim would be to stun or paralyse with the bolt. Though I refuse to show sympathy for anyone who tries to kill me and I have super electro nerd powers now, doesn't mean I can lose sight of my morals. Thou shall not kill and all that, yeah?*
Yeah, I may be small. But I have the heart of a- CPU: FOREIGN CONTAMINANT ANALYSED. I'm sorry what? * I'd look at my metal arm in confusion. A small holographic screen appears appearing a bunch of technobabble I didn't really get. * Umm. Run Counter measures? CPU: COUNTER MEASURES LOADING. PLEASE STANDBY. *Huh. I forgot I had Sam's arm have a CPU. I think it had Mayu's voice implemented into it. Not as eastern as I thought she'd be. Oh well. I would look up at my two giant opponents.* Well, if it counters being somehow shrunk by this guy I suppose I can wait. Until then. *I would activate my Keraunos System once more before firing muliple beams at one of the Parad's, aiming for the eyes in an attempt to blind one of them.*
*I scramble to get back to my feet, mumbling profanities as I do. I look over mysefl and see that my fall managed to at least save me from being shrunk. So I have that. I chuckle lowly.* Guess what? I'm still here. * I would charge up my metal hand with electricity and launch it forward in a wave. If all goes as planned, the electric would go across any water left on the field and strike the two Parad's.* To answer your question from earlier, I'm not using electricity out of stupidity. But when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. So, what are you gonna do?
What in the hell is that? * I try to dodge but even as Sam, I'm no ninja. Maybe if I was Cobalt I could dodge it, but as Sam it doesn't quite go the way I wanted it to. Instead, my "dodge" more resembled trying to side step, tripping over my cane and falling to the floor. Still, it might go over my head. Maybe.*
*I breathe deeply. ' Let's see. How did I write this again? It's mental based. No trigger mechanism needed to be physically activated in the arm. The cane, yes, but not the arm. So in that case...' I open my eyes and look at the blue Parad.* <i>Keraunos System: Beam</i> * The mechanical arm springs to life, electricity surrounding it. Then, the palm opens, revealign a small barrel that fires a large beam of electricity at the blue Parad. If it hit, it would pierce right through him, not lethal but it may be enough to stun him. I look on, laughing.* Ha ha ha. Tha-ha-t actually wo-ho-rked. Ok. I think I got this. --Moves-- Keraunos System: Beam: (Heavy Electric damage to 1 foe. Pierces Electrical resistances except repel. Chance to stun. Target: Paradox Blue.)
Yeah, sorry Bona. I don't think we're getting out of this one by saying please. * I glance nervously at my metal arm before looking back to the Paradox Brothers.* Hope I can figure out how to use this thing...
Paradox? Oh, I know them. Their from Yu-Gi-Oh right? With the Gate Guardian. But um... *I scratch the back of my head with my human hand.* Aren't you guys supposed to rhyme? And be bald monks? But mostly rhyme.

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Historical Intrigue: Fort Drum
It often astounds me how hidden marvels of engineering is lost to the ages. Allow me to tell you about one of my favourites. Sitting in Manilla Bay is an abandoned structure one can only describe as a concrete battleship. It was crafted in the early 20th century by American engineers so desperate in need of a defensive structure they Terra formed a small island into one. It was fitted with weaponry and tool meant to stave off sea faring foes. In 1941, the Japanese invaded the Philippines and this monster stood in it's way. it out lasted them far more than any other outpost could. The same was true when the Americans came to take the Philippines back after the Second World War. To deal with it, they had to blow it up. The packed the interior of the thing with diesel and gasoline and blew it sky high. Or at least they tried, but the outer wall didn't budge. The interior was ravaged, including the poor sods trapped inside who were burned alive in the resulting explosion of heat and debris. Such a beast is still standing but is long since abandoned. Even raiders have picked all the useful material from it, so nothing is left but the outer shell anymore. Truly a crying shame for such a marvel of naval warfare. I do hope you enjoyed some of the knowledge I gifted you today. Perhaps I'll do it again some time. If you so wish. - Sam Blitz
Drought of Aoyama
*After the sunny weekend, many people around Tokyo were happy to see the clouds and feel the cool wind blow away the sweltering heat. Unfortunately for many commuters wishing to pass through it, Inokashira Park was closed to the public as a number of public servants drained the excess water from it after the mysterious localised storm that happened to it. Conspiracy theorists thought it was a sign of the end times, but no-one believed it. But it wouldn’t be the last abnormal weather pattern to occur in Tokyo. Suddenly across Aoyama-Itchome, the clouds parted and the sun bared down on it, hotter than even in summer. Shujin Academy and many other places around the area were closed due to multiple people collapsing due to heat stroke. Strangely, a twister that seemed to be composed of dust appeared in the Aoyama Cemetery, along with a number of people dressed in white. Rumours even say these people caused the storm and now are causing the sun to shine. Other are worried that some seem to be wielding blades and guns. All stay away.* <spoiler>This is a follow up of the Storm Clouds RP I did during the week. You don't have to have been involved in that to join though. Just clarifying</spoiler>
Storm Clouds over Inokashira
*All over Tokyo, bright and sunny weather has been persisting. People have been enjoying the sun, especially seeing as they may not see it again for a while with winter rolling in. However, one area was different. Inokashira Park, usually peaceful with denizens walking around the beautiful scenery, has been caught in a perpetual downpour. Lightning shine through the darkened area. Due to it's localised nature, a rumour quickly spread about a Nue inhabiting the place. Will you enter the storm?* <spoiler>Since there's been a lack of RPs lately, thought I'd make one. Anyone can join, it's just for fun, but don't expect much. Like all my rps, expect exactly one combat segment.</spoiler>
Sam's Lab: Learning the Terrain
*Once again, Sam sets up a portal in east Shibuya. He pulls a chair out of it and places a sign down before sitting down, opening a book and reading. The sign reads as following.* <i>Wanted: test subjects for a new invention. Do apply if you suffer from motion sickness. Warning: Possible loss of life if applying. Be prepared for combat.</i>
Sam's Lab: Thinking with Portals
*A portal has opened in Shinjuku. Outside it, rocking on the back legs of a fancy looking chair, is Sam, fiddling with his metal arm. Beside him is a sign.* &quot;Help Wanted for possibly lethal experiment. If killed, will provide family with compensation.&quot;
Laughter in the Construction Site
*Over the last few days, a rumour has been spreading. In a long abandoned construction site, abandoned due to lack of funds, construction materials covered in moss and plants, a haunting sound has been said to have been heard. Laughter, wild and crazed. All who have entered to invesitigate have never returned. People say a Hyena is roaming the site. Others say a ghost. Others, a monster. You may have come to investigate these rumours yourself. Or perhaps, it was chance. Either way, it's hard not to notice Sam standing in the entrance to the Site, his lab coat blowing in the wind. He appears lost in thought.*
Pokemon Dream Team
If you lived in the wonderful world of pokemon, what team would you want to have? No pokemon is omitted in this list. You can choose normal pokemon, legendary pokemon, even fakemon if you want. Hell, my team's made of the latter. If you do include fakemon from fan games, add a picture. My Team is comprised of Delta Pokemon from Pokemon Insurgence. Basically, normal pokemon with different types and appearances. They are: Delta Volcorona (Armoured): https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/images/7/70/914_1.png Delta Hydreigon: https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/images/7/7b/912.png Delta Metagross (Ruin/ Mega): https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/images/0/0e/870_1.png Delta Aggron (Shiny): https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/images/d/dc/851s.png Delta Ambipom: https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/images/5/51/827.png And Delta Blazikin: https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/images/f/fe/787.png Of course, if you think a full fakemon team is cheating, my normal pokemon team would be Mega Abomasnow, Arcanine, Breloom, Tyranitar, Zoroark and Malimar.
Anime Recommendations?
I ran out yesterday. Any good anime I can watch?
Sam's Lab: Project Proto Kami
(I'm trying my hand at GMing today. This is going to go horribly or wonderfully. minimum of 3. Maximum of 6.) *Sam stretches as he steps outside* Let's see who's interested in a little experiment. Project: Mercury can begin. Or was it Proto Kami? False God? Ah whatever.
Dark Souls: Phansite Edition
So, while watching Jokers DS3 stream, I came up with the idea to make a Dark Souls 1 story but replacing the bosses and NPCs with Phansite personnel. If you have ideas, I need help.
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