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Just trying to platinum Persona 5

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Vent thread
<spoiler>Wouldn't dying alone be a Jojo's reference since Speedwagon died alone ?</spoiler> (Don't click if you haven't finished Part 2 of JJBA)
What are your thoughts on Flareon?
Jolteon has thiccer legs, but Flareon is still thicc
Nearly 100 hours into P3FES
I literally only played P3FES for about 20 hours, I was only on the second full moon, I wanted to keep playing, but I don't have my PS3 anymore ; - ;<div class='edited'>(edited by Saika)</div>
Need help with school project
Nice survey, I finished it

Recent topics

Vent thread
Nothing particular. Just say what's on your mind :)
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