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T̴̻̻̫́r̵̫̻̭̳̘̪͢y̝͎̼̮̗͞i̧̝̝͖̞͕͓͈͢n̷̛̥͈̭̰g̶̬͉͉̠̩̞͡ ̧̨͉͙̰̖͖̻͓t̯͖̦̯̼̯̯̥o̯̺̻ ̛̮̣̰̤f̟̠̦̻͖̞ị̧͉̥̫̳̗͈n̯͚̺̳ͅḓ̪̱̪̘ ͉̠̭̕i̧̧͉̝̕n̥̮̠̫̜ͅͅf̫̰̠̲̼͍o̹͚̹͉͙͚̤ ̷͓̫̣̲̥̼o҉̪̪̗̳̞̞̠n̸̢͖̯̰͙̣̼͡ ͏͇̕ͅm̬͔̲͇̼͔͓̙͝ẹ̵̺̻͖͉́͠?̙͔͈̕͝ͅ ̬̻̹̠̼̲̜̲̝͢͝Ḩ̷̫̗͉̺̯ͅo̢̡̮͈̮w͔̩̞̲̗̯̼ ̸͈̞̟̰̙̺̕͡c̵͚͉̟͉̙̥̘͘u͈̝͞t̨͏͚̘̖̯͎ͅe͙͕̤͙̰.͟͏̳̼̬͇̺̻

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Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
<b>Oh my god Luna you’re here</b>
Star's Dojo 1: Class is in Session
<spoiler>Wow, I seemed to have missed a lot... Damn time zone differences, making me sleep</spoiler>
Star's Dojo 1: Class is in Session
<i>Waiting until they have finished their piece, Ryoma speaks up.</i> “Well, my Persona is a long-ranged cryokinetic, but due to some kind of... side effect, illusions seem to come naturally to it. That’s the main problem. The more illusions that I manifest, the more I lose my senses, and I succumb to something strange... As cliche as it sounds, it’s a huge liability to my teammates.”
Star's Dojo 1: Class is in Session
<i>”I wonder...” He thought to himself. Tying the hoodie around his waist like a belt, he came to a few conclusions on what could help him and his friends.</i> “Well, I’ve mostly had to rely on mind games and zoning people out when it comes to fighting. At the end of the day, my friend always seems to close the gap and finish the job. I need to defend myself...” <i>His face darkened slightly as he continued.</i> “Oh, and... I might need help containing something as well. An entity, so to speak.”
Star's Dojo 1: Class is in Session
&quot;...Sweet. Now, what to do...?&quot; <i>Initially being worried about letting anyone, regardless of their crimes, he shrugged it off. He hadn't been here in so long that it was practically culture shock to him. Taking a seat, he waits patiently, trying to ponder on what he needs to work on, as well as what she means by the energy of the multiverse.</i>
Star's Dojo 1: Class is in Session
&quot;I know I'm supposed to be taking a break, but I'd like to train here, if that's alright with you. I'm not entirely sure where to start, though...&quot;
Star's Dojo 1: Class is in Session
<spoiler>Haven't done this in a long while, so sorry if I'm a bit rusty.</spoiler> <i>A young man can be seen a few minutes later, peeking through the door, before entering the building a second later. It had been a while since he had proper formal training, or any training at all. In any case, it was a good time for him to practice his fighting <span class="through">and RPing</span> abilities after all this time. Looking around the room as if it were an episode of a home buying show, he turned to the lady behind the desk, tilting his head curiously. She seemed a little bit familiar...</i> &quot;Uh, hello. To be clear, this is a 'dojo', correct? I'm still trying to find my way around this place.&quot;
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
<quote user="elmco">shut fuck the up saw ring man</quote> Saw ring man more like Shit! Are you Really Investing in New Mormon Activities, Normie?
Appreciation Thread
I’d like to say thanks to Scott Baio for breaking into my house and fixing my parents' marriage with only a roll of flex tape. It didn't really help the stability of their relationship, but now they can't hit me or move, and I can have some peace and quiet at night. But real talk, I’d like to thank the users Camziez, Akira_Kurusu_Fan and Lavenza_Anon for everything in the past 1-2 years. Without them, I wouldn’t have found the motivation and friends I needed to keep going with my hobbies and studies.
Post itt and i'll say what I think about you
<quote user="Flareon"><quote user="Rom_Dolos"><i>Insert cheesy sitcom character entrance quote</i> </quote> My thoughts on you are merely the seinfeld intro music </quote> Eh, I’ll take it!

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Supers and Overdrives
Hello again! Because of Yu’s recent post, I was once again thinking of the Phighting Game concept. I know there’s a thread dedicated to special moves, but I would like to go more in depth about certain game elements, specifically, super moves and even Overdrives. Supers are exactly what they sound like: Strong combos/special attacks that are used when a meter is built up. (Though I shouldn’t even explain that) Overdrives are basically enhancements or extra effects to your normal move set. What would yours be?
An Idea
So, I've been thinking about an idea relating to RP that could involve multiple people without getting too crowded, though it is still in the drawing board phase, and I would like your opinions. This idea has to do with a character. This character would be influenced by you. An... audience surrogate of sorts. A poll would pop up during certain situations, where you would be able to vote on the character's dialogue choices and/or actions, like what to do during combat, or choices that can change the course of the story. For future reference, what kind of complications would come up potentially impeding the progress of this idea, and has this kind of thing been done before? Thank you in advance, - Rom
An Issue I've had
For some reason I cannot access the site AT ALL on my computer. (Forum, Home Page and PMs included). I've tried to restart the computer and browser multiple times, yet nothing happens. Is it just me? (Using my tablet, BTW)
Phighters of the Nexus: Story Mode
So, going along with the phighting game concept once again, what would the story mode be about? When I mean story mode, I mean an overarching plot connecting the phighters together. (Such as a fighting tournament for example) (Side note: I believe the story mode and arcade mode would be different modes altogether) One idea would probably based on the concept of the Nexus itself, or the war to either destroy or keep it. Also, based on your idea, what would be your character's role in that story and how would it be laid out? I believe the story's format would be similar to a Samurai Warriors 4-II style, where there may be one or two characters the story is focused on, but there is a group of playable characters focused on a goal, each one possibly having an extra cutscene or mini-arc, and the roster may change throughout that respective story.
Fighter Archetypes
So, the topic of a phansite fighting game has been very interesting here with quotes and such, so why don't we get a bit into the nitty gritty: Fighting Style. There are a few fighter archetypes in fighting games such as Balanced: Most balanced characters in fighting games (i've heard of at least) focus on physical attacks and are one of the most basic fighting game archetypes. Some examples of Sub-Categories of balanced fighters are: Rushdown: Exactly what it sounds like, pretty easy to learn, they like to get up close and are generally pretty powerful. Mix-Up: They rely on keeping the opponents guessing and like to play mind games. Domination: In a nutshell, they're very powerful and can cause a lot of pressure. There are other categories such as: All Around: Self explanatory, they have tools for everything. Zoning: Have a great projectile game and have some good tools for stage control. Grapplers: Exactly what it sounds like, specializing in throwing their opponents around. There are different extents of their grappling ability. and finally, Dynamic: Their style changes depending on the situation. I could go into many other sub-categories of these archetypes but that would waste too much time. I think these half-assed descriptions are enough. Rom's fighting style would be a hybrid of a Mix-Up and zoning. In a nutshell, his lance's melee attacks would have several layers, such as feinting an attack, leading to other kinds of maneuvers or attacks, keeping the opponent guessing. This would make a great opportunity to control the area using his persona's projectiles. I was also thinking of a mechanic where he would manipulate his health bar or super meter to trick the opponent into changing their strategy up in Rom's favor, when it has no real effect on the battle. Plus, imagine a string of feint attacks. That would be like Dan's super taunt from Street Fighter. What style would you or your characters fall into?
RP Tropes
If you don't know, TV Tropes is a website which lists many tropes and cliches used in media. I was just thinking, what personality tropes would you say you and your character use? Mine would fall into a couple of different categories. One of which would be the Sugar and Ice Personality. It's basically where a character has 2 sides to him: A cool, calm, distant side, and the other is much warmer and kinder. His &quot;normal personality&quot; seems to be the former, but the more emotional part comes out much more frequently to give it a bit of nuance. The second, which is probably a bit more obvious, is the Meta Guy. Rom makes jokes and quips about the stories he's taking a part of, such as conveniently going where the plot is, referencing the phansite itself in some RPs, etc., that it almost borders into No Fourth Wall territory. (Hint hint). So, what would some of yours be?
Random Thought
Let's say you equip a persona who repels fire, and you're fighting an enemy with that same property. If you use a fire skill, what happens to both of you? Does either of them null it once it repels? It would be funny and ridiculous at the same time if there was just an endless volley of fire being reflected. This is just a random thought that's been in my mind for a while.
Which Warriors Game?
So, I've recently been interesting in the warriors games, specifically Hyrule Warriors was the game that introduced me to it, and it seems really fun, so I would eventually want to try out one of the more &quot;Popular&quot; Warriors series. Which one should I choose: Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends or Samurai Warriors 4-II?
GM Systems
So, I've been observing different types of GMs and battle systems since it kind of interested me, and I was curious as to which style would be the best: One mainly based off of numbers and dice, or a narrative based style based on feeling. Also, how would a fusion of them work? I was also thinking of another type of battle system based off of the Press Turn System in the main SMT games. (Exploiting weaknesses = extra turn, and miss/enemy block = -2 turns, and other stuff like that) Do you think that would work, and what modifications would you make to it for it to work on the site?
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