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ay, im Rep. Im known for my bad rping skills [which im better], being a giant 7'3 snake centipede hybrid, and just...being me [Art for PFP made by Aki-Joker. She's a nice person.]

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Why must everyone be so racist to bugs.
<quote user="snow-frost">Bugs deserve rights</quote> T h a n k y o u h u m a n b e i n g
Why must everyone be so racist to bugs.
Well... that left toe ya got is now gone. HAH
Why must everyone be so racist to bugs.
<i><b><span class="underline"><span class="through"><center><spoiler>I am trying to make humerous content here hnnng</spoiler></center></span></span></b></i>
Shameless Wiki Promotion
Good stuff my d00d! <spoiler>now i wait for mine.</spoiler> but if you wanna talk bout mine sense im desperate. I'll talk to ye bout it<div class='edited'>(edited by Reperzel)</div>
Phansite Championship Wrestling
I want to be in the wrestling if that's ok with ye my d00d
Googly eyes makes everything better
Yes.<quote user="Eito">Can googly eyes make googly eyes better?</quote>
Its my mom's birthday.
Yeah i know this ain't important but ay, birthdays are great
To @Hazama
<i>[i]<b><span class="underline">I understand that refrence</span></b></i>[/i]
To @Hazama
<quote user="Chad_of_Gear">Only half, so no.</quote> This is racist.
If ya think about it
Holy jesus someone actually took this seriously. . . . . . . Thanks

Recent topics

Why must everyone be so racist to bugs.
Well have feelings to <i>hnnng I don't like it</i>
Im here. And stuff. Anf plus spring break, its cool. If any of ya'll wanna talk to me on discord, its: Reperzell.#7664 And my tumblr: https://something-something-tall.tumblr.com/ So ay again, im alive
I have a tumblr.
https://something-something-tall.tumblr.com/ you probably don't care.
Googly eyes makes everything better
<spoiler>Expect garden of rose</spoiler>And you can not prove me wrong
If ya think about it
Isn't Mario technically an anime? Think about it...
The shrine with a parasite. [maybe part 1.]
<i>It was a simple job, really. Go into this weird Shinto shrine. Check it out, and if there's trouble...exterminate it. Who gave this job to one whose reputation would make you believe who couldn't do anything without someone judging him, but the person...or thing. Was just two yellow eyes, that was all, the eye's said that if they take care of this problem, it would [or could] fix alllll of those problems. And with all the things he's done, he accepted the second it said those words. So after a solid day of planning and a real small but of researching. Reperzell The Snakipede was going to start his small adventure. And now, he was at the beginning of finding the shrine: In a very large forest at the night. With fog covering the ground floor, and big tree's blinding the sky. But the question is...What will the snakipede find?/</i>
A little update.
Ayyyy, this is completely useless, but if any of ya remember from way back, i used to swear literally every sentence three times in a row, and well i sucked horribly at everything i did here...but that was in like, 2017 or early 2018, and now. Im moderately decent and i barely swear anymore...yay.
Phansite Ships?
I think this has been before, but ay, i wanna see what you do. this is how it goes: 1: put two characters from the phansite together, like: [blank] X [blank] 2: make a name between the two who has been shipped. and 3: tell why you think the ship should happen and how it would plan out. and thats all. happy shipping! [also, not forcing you to do it, but i mostly wanna want to see what you think would ship good with you're character]
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