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Persona 5 for switch
Joker is announced for smash and around the same time Persona 5 the Royal is announced. Why announce a whole new game with seemingly just content that could be PS4 DLC unless it would be a game purchasable as a benefit for getting it on another console?
Are the phantom theives real?
<quote user="Sarinman">Holy shit you guys are actually convinced phantom thieves are real... This is something from a video game, as in, it doesn't exist. It's fake. Someone at Atlus was like &quot;Hey we need to milk this IP more, let's make a new game.&quot; </quote> Well if they only made the game to milk the series they did a damn good job of milking. I doubt they put so much effort into an amazing game just for the money. The game could be so much worse
Test Thread
Futaba best girl! Agree or agree?
<quote user="InterNiko">morgana is best girl</quote> Morgana is best boy* “Of course I’m male!” -Morgana

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Let’s-a-go steal Bowser’s Heart
As Ren Mama-mia, it is my duty to protect Princess Peach from Bowser. I plan to steal Bowser’s distorted desires to kidnap Princess Peach. His palace should be easy, he literally has a castle, so I’m guessing the nav should take castle. Who’s in?
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