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Could you survive a Persona arrow?
I guess golden experience
Chocolate Milk
Guys Chocolate milk with <spoiler>marshmallows</spoiler>
Is it Futaba more like a little sister than a girlfriend?
Maybe because the p5 boys are actual characters
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Its kinda scary that Post has over 2000 posts
Welcome Back to Hell
<quote user="TheRemitron">Foolish mortal! I don’t have to go till the 13th!</quote> You think you're lucky I have 20 days of freedom
How powerful are the kidz bop kids?
Also can you explain riding on my bladder in your cover of old town road?
How powerful are the kidz bop kids?
Thank you lord kidz bop I can now be happy
Dead Forum
I say wait till p5r comes out and maybe just maybe the phourm could get more visitor
How powerful are the kidz bop kids?
<quote user="PrimPrim">You don’t question the elder gods, Raccoon.</quote> So my theory is correct

Recent topics

Funni family man script
Let's try to make a family guy script
How would you feel if the phansite got ads?
Let's say in some alternative universe mish decides to put ads on the site and makes it so if you don't want ads you donate
Which persona protag would win a fight
This won't include final personas
How powerful are the kidz bop kids?
Like they suddenly appeared one day years ago and we praise them
Milk man [cheese crusaders]
*after the man drank the milk he got from the kyubi creature he must go on a journey to find a cheese plant*
A man goes to buy milk
We all try to make a story out of this sentence
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