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BEST Girl Haru (Prove me wrong fan bois.)
First the name and I just don't like harus clothes but the metaverse one is great
Samuel you're alive
I made this for garage posts and it will be run like a anarchy
*raccoon rides a tricycle down the road looks at the garage and burns it but its still intact*<div class='edited'>(edited by Raccoon)</div>
Maybe we are all fake
The cult of the rock
Follow the rock
The cult of the rock
*raccoons profile was snapped*
I just got oofed on Discord
Samuel you're special

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The cult of the rock
Worship the rock love the rock People who hate the rock shall be stoned
The cave of desire
OOC you go through the cave and your desires become real but your true fears come alive would enter?
Underground city rp
A underground city The mayor can make any law but can't destroy the city I will chose the first mayor
The life of Morgana
This is the activities Morgana does everyday
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