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"It controls its water balloons with song. The melody is learned from others of its kind and is passed down from one generation to the next." -Pokemon Sun "Its singing voice is its chief weapon in battle. This Pokemon's Trainer must prioritize the daily maintenance of its throat at all costs." -Pokemon Moon Item: Primarium Z Moves: -Sparkling Aria -Hydro Pump -Icy Wind -Moonblast Profile pic edit by Ghost_Akihiko

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CYOA: Selection Of Thy Own Journey
Claim to be worth -3 EXP
CYOA: Selection Of Thy Own Journey
Of course not. What is this, Danganronpa?
CYOA: Selection Of Thy Own Journey
A pitiful slime that is pathetically weak. Like the slime protag from that one isekai but without cool isekai protag powers.
CYOA: Selection Of Thy Own Journey
Slime from the Shin Megami Tensei series
Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon: The Sun’s Shadow
“Good morning! How’d you sleep?” Archen chirps cheerfully and glides downstairs. He lands on the back of one of the chairs and turns around to face everyone. The lioness behind the counter at the other end gives the six a wave. The inn’s entrance door opens and a red and white penguin-like bird waddles in. It’s struggling to move whatever’s stored in its tail.
Imaginary Vision - The Pale Cloud Above and The Diamond Realm
Prima bid farewell to where En no Ozuno had been and crossed the light into the present day. She had never been so relieved to be in this place. What she was about to say fell victim to silence as she stared at where Tatsuya's image had been. Only she and Raidou were left of the original trio, and... she had never seen Raidou break down like that. He'd always been stoic yet fierce even under pressure. She couldn't blame him, though. Half of them weren't much better right now. She finally turns to address Melbourne. "How I would rate it? Let me see... How would a human say it..." Prima smiled and bowed to the man. "Tell the Devil I said hello when you return home, Mr. Melbourne. Now, Tot, where will we be going...?" She looked around for the girl. If she wasn't out soon, then the blue-haired woman would wait after taking a few steps away from the "gentleman" who had started the whole adventure.
Imaginary Vision - The Pale Cloud Above and The Diamond Realm
The sudden weight on her shoulders surprises Prima, but it's... comforting. She gives Tot a small smile. "Well I... perhaps we should wait till... nevermind. It would be rude of me to refuse." It still feels like something is stabbing her chest from the inside, but at the same time, Tot's cheerful words remind her that it's over for now. She doesn't know where to go from here, or what to tell Raidou and Rowan, or how she could possibly go through Melbourne's machinations again... But she's not alone, and she's safe. They'd survived, despite everything.

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The perfect VN doesn't exi-
Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon: The Sun’s Shadow
<i>A haze like the mist around you clouds your mind. You feel no weight, as if only your mind is here, yet you can see yourself. It’s almost like a dream...</i> <i>”It’s born of a dream, I’d say. But please, if you can hear me... state your name, loud and clear.”</i> <spoiler>Welcome to PMD: Phansite edition! Anyone is welcome to join, although I’ll contact you with more info through PMs or Discord if needed - especially since this info’s needed to start you up and all that. Good luck.</spoiler>
switch lite
Now I can play Switch games on the go wait <spoiler>jokes aside the lower price is nice and Pokemon is compatible apparently so yeah</spoiler>
Squid Megami Tensei IV Splatpocalypse
https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2019/6/8/18658067/splatoon-2-final-splatfest-chaos-versus-order-date Smh no neutral option. Shameful, Atlus.
almost september
soon I would post the song tomorrow but I realized we need to remember the 21st of september so you’re getting ponies tomorrow
how to win at smt dx2
1. fuse foot demon 2. grind on ch 1 hell mode leveling quest 3. go and fight that thing you're stuck on 4. fail 5. cough up gems 6. win 7. but at what cost
july of 4th
happy murica day let's sing the 4kids national anthem
a request
https://i.pinimg.com/736x/0a/e4/cb/0ae4cbfb34d3952ec383ddf5c70a4c9d--rache-my-pokemon.jpg now listen to me young man, i am talking directly into your ear now. i need you to do me a favor. you will do this for me. i need you to go to gamestop, and i need you to ask the bastard working the counter if they have bambi on the ps2. if you come back empty handed youll be in big trouble mister. you will never see the light of day.
quality wikihow things
here's my contribution https://m.wikihow.com/Be-Tumblr-on-Animal-Jam
Pokemon Quest
I haven't played it yet, but what are your thoughts on this bootleg Pixelmon game?
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