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As this world grows more corrupt I only grow stronger. A simple means to a not so simple end but what end that is, is up to the minds of the masses.

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The Incident at the Suraimu Mines
<i>The eye of the Queen Bee would continue to fixate on Alice, still expecting something from her. It would reply in a desperate tone.</i> Queen Bee: &quot;Meat...any meat will do. I must feed...before I perish.&quot; <i>Its wings seemed to helplessly flutter but to no real avail as they were far too small to lift her massive form. However, another reaction was starting to occur within the odd bloody combs on the Queen Bee's body. A yellowish powder was starting to swell from within her body. One of the bees would be torn to pieces by Kohaku's magic. It's body would fall to the ground as almost human-like blood began to pour out of it. The other however would somehow dodge the lasers as it flew towards Peter...who'd quickly be webed before being thrown at the heart. Upon making impact with the heart above Toki's head the heart would once again explode into a mass amount of pink slime that flew across the area, threatening to hit both Peter and Kohoku if they didn't do something about it. The bee of course would be covered in the slime before landing behind Toki and the child. Oddly enough, the slime covering the bee would be gone as it landed and got back up. The one difference that could be determined with it was the slime seemed to be dripping from its maw and it no longer seemed hostile as it just began staring at the slime girl. The heart above Toki would return to normal.</i>
The Incident at the Suraimu Mines
<i>At first, the large entities eye seemed to lose track of Alice as if looking to see if anyone else was around to speak. Soon, its eye would fixate back on them though. A voice could be heard echoing around the room from the entity.</i> ???: &quot;I am...the Queen...my children. They went to....bring back food...I'm starving. Would you...feed me?&quot; <i>The dagger that was plunged into the slime would instantly begin to corrode and melt away. Whatever it made of, it was highly corrosive in nature. Peter's scans would conclude the same but there seemed to be another undiscovered component to the slime...There seemed to be a pathogen within as well but it'd be unlike anything seen in normal medical science. The heart would begin expanding once more. Suddenly, buzzing could be heard nearby as a pair of angry looking bee-like creatures would run towards the group, a cloud of pollen following them. They'd aim for Kohaku and Toki, trying to aim their sharp teeth at their heads while charging forward.</i>
The Incident at the Suraimu Mines
<i>As Toki, Kohaku, and the girl walked towards the exit, they'd be stopped by a wall of pink slime blocking the way out. The heart would...stop expanding and seem to return to normal for the moment, as if it had canceled whatever it was about to do. The slime girl just seemed to look curiously at the wall, as if she wasn't even aware she made it. Alice would find that the trail would eventually lead to another opening. There'd be what seemed to be a large amount of the agents from before stuck to the wall by a reddish honey substance. Their eyes would all be full of the same pollen in the air and they'd all look to be in a great amount of pain. In the center of the cave was a large creature, at least the height of 3 humans. It seemed to be a large honeycomb with a head. The combs contained more of the red honey-like substance. The head at the top was hardly what one would call normal. It possessed 3 mouths that almost looked put together in a chaotic manner. There were wings on its back that were too small to lift it off the ground and only seemed to wave about from time to time frantically. Finally, there'd be a beady red eye in-between all of its mouths. The eye would look downwards towards Alice, not necessarily in a hostile manner but more as if it was expecting something. Peter would make there way towards the middle path, however, on their way they might notice Toki and Kohaku walking towards the exit with...what vaguely looked like a girl behind them?</i><div class='edited'>(edited by Persona)</div>
What if Joker Smoked T H E D A N K K U S H ! ?
I am immune to illegalness. The only states I live in have completely regulated the weeds.
The Incident at the Suraimu Mines
<i>Hokma would be somewhere above the mines looking at his clock. Not a sound could be hear as the wind would be still. The only sound was the ticking of the clock as Hokma smiled.</i> Hokma: &quot;Time's almost up...Will they be consumed by fear or will they face the future?&quot; <i>Peter would find himself at the crossroad near the entrance to the east cavern he had been in before. The Prince's voice was beginning to fade into a whisper. There'd still be a vague feeling left over that that mushroom might've been his friend but it'd pass with time. The air seemed to be filled with a yellow pollen that nearly reached towards the eastern cavern's entrance. There'd be buzzing in the air and what seemed to be the shadow of a man on the ground further into the crossroad cave. Alice might notice that there seemed to be blood on the ground near where she was fighting the bee-like creatures. It seemed to be blood from dragging something rather than a fight and whatever had been dragged seemed to have been brought deeper into the cave. Suddenly, the bee-like creature's seemed to stop moving for a moment. They'd step past Alice and continue heading down the cave as if they had simply decided she wasn't worth it any longer. The girl seemed to move fairly easily as Toki grabbed their hand. It almost seemed as though she didn't care where she was as long as she was with Toki. Toki would see a smiling girl following her but Kohaku would see the slime girl simply dragging along the floor at Toki's pull. The heart also seemed to remain above Toki's head, following her. It had already begun to expand again. </i>
The Incident at the Suraimu Mines
<i>Peter would succeed in getting the workers out of further harms way but the Prince's voice would only seem to grow louder in his hand by the moment. It's words didn't even seem to make sense anymore, being a combination of gibberish and something else. There would be an almost maddening sensation in the back of his head, tempting him to get closer in order to hear the Prince more clearly. The bee like creature's didn't seem to understand what Alic was saying. They almost seemed more like mindless zombies than simple insects. They were locked onto one objective and that was to try and crack her skull open with their teeth. The one she had struck before seemed to easily fall to the ground but the other two simply charged at her again. A cloud of pollen was quickly spreading from behind them as well. If nothing was done the pollen might pass over her. The pink heart seemed to finally reach it's limit of expansion. A wave of pink slime would spread outward from it. Some of it sprayed towards Kohaku and might hit her if she didn't move.</i>
The Incident at the Suraimu Mines
<i>The incendiaries seemed to work for a bit but soon the sparks just caused the boy's skin to puff up before another torrent of spores spread through the air. As the spores passed over peter he'd begin to hear the boy's voice grow even louder.</i> Little Prince: &quot;Such violence and yet you act as if I'm the monster. What if I were to tell you that those before willingly accepted me? I was their only true friend, the only one to accept them. What about you? Do you not seek to be accepted as well?&quot; <i>As Alice approached the creatures their suspicious would be confirmed...mostly. They were odd looking bees that stood upright. They didn't have any visible usable wings and their heads seemed to posses nothing but gaping mouths that only had an upper jaw with no lower jaw at all. Finally, instead of stingers they had odd looking trails of organs hanging from their backs. They wouldn't seem to waste anytime as soon as they knew Alice was there. They'd try to jump at her, trying to ram their teeth towards her head. The heart above Toki began to expand again...</i>
The Incident at the Suraimu Mines
<i>Up ahead Alice would be able to see what looked to be 3 humanoid figures within a cloud of pollen but there forms almost seemed warped slightly. The buzzing seemed to grow louder as she got closer as well. The arrow would stick inside the heart but rather than the explosion destroying it, it seemed to absorb the impact. The heart would expand in size and become deformed before... ...it would explode into a torrent of pink ooze that would fly in every direction. As the ooze landed the heart would once more come out unscathed. The goop would just miss Kohaku by a little, nearly hitting them directly. The slime girl seemed to just look at Toki but in their head they could hear the whispers of the young girl.</i> Melting Love: &quot;...Yes...&quot; <i>The mushroom beast would go down with that blow. It didn't seem to intent on getting back up either as it seemed that it didn't mutate far enough to survive without it's head. Suddenly, a voice would begin speaking directly into Peter's head.</i> ???: &quot;To rob a life that had been freshly reborn. I will not judge you but I wonder why you were so quick to judge what is different as a monster. He became like that with bliss flooding his mind.&quot; <i>If he turned back to the mushroom he'd now see something entirely different. A boy with blue skin wearing a rather royal robe made out of fungi. He'd be sitting where the mushroom has been planted before, in fact his feet seemed to be planted in the ground as well.</i>
The Incident at the Suraimu Mines
<i>The impact from being cut would actually cause the mushroom to produce an even larger cloud of spores. The cloud would be enough to even allow a few to pass through his suit, of course the effects of this were hard to determine as of yet if any. Some of the spores would float over to the laughing employee from before who was tied up. He'd laugh more and more maniacally as his face filled with absolute bliss.</i> Agent #AboutToDie: &quot;Finally! Finally! I'm about to join you Prince! I shall become as high of a being as yo- @$#@$#@$#@$#@$#@$#!&quot; <i>The webbing would break as the agents skin began bloating and expanding in different spots. The seems to crawl on the ground as their legs were the first to grow massive in size, next was their arms, then the rest of their body completely shifted over. What was standing before the group was a large creature made of fungus With large arms that dragged across the floor and were heavily bloated on the ends to form makeshift bludgeons. The creature's heights reached the same height as the mushroom but its body was twice as wide. It charged Peter, trying to crush him with it's now massive hands. Alice would find herself back at the main cave from before. She would notice what Kohaku had before, a slight buzz that was growing louder and clouds of pollen filling the air. Toki feel that the girl felt cold, as if she hadn't been hugged by someone else in a long time. There was an instant bond between the two as they would feel like they needed each other for something. ... A wet dripping heart floated above Toki's head. ... As Kohaku entered the north chamber she would only see slime coating the walls. She would see no warm room or fire but only the slime growing thicker. She might've noticed the drone from before that had been melted down to almost nothing in the slime. When she reached the end of the cavern... Where Toki was... She would see her embracing a girl that seemed to be made completely out of a pink ooze... ...And she would see... A slimy pink heart dripping above her head.</i>
The Incident at the Suraimu Mines
<i>The girl would seem sad that Toki was thinking of leaving. There was a hurt look in her glassy pink eyes as she tried to speak, only for it to come out as a whisper.</i> Mysterious Girl: &quot;...Don't go...I don't...want to be...alone...&quot; <i>She seemed to reach her arm out towards Toki, trying to invite her to grab it.</i> Mysterious Girl: &quot;...I...need...love...&quot; <i>The agents, now pinned to the wall would go silent. Suddenly, a couple of them would burst into tears now being out of range of the spores. One would even start laughing at the groups suggestion of them having altered mental states.</i> Agent #CannonFodder: &quot;Hahahaha! You misunderstand! We chose to stick by the prince of our own will! One breath is enough to see the prince for yourself but breath in more and you can feel what they feel! It's complete and udder understanding and understanding brings bliss! Do you see the others crying? It's because they can no longer see the prince clearly!&quot; <i>Kohaku would find themselves back in the main cave from before but...something was different. A sweet but metallic scent was filling the air and they could see clouds of pollen floating around in large yellow masses. A little further towards the west path and they'd even hear a light buzz in the air.</i>

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The Incident at the Suraimu Mines
<i>The news channel would come on. Whatever you were watching before an emergency broadcast from the local news would begin playing.</i> Broadcaster: &quot;A special report just came in. All residents are advised to avoid any areas within 20 miles of the Suraimu mines. Evacuation is being recommended but not yet enforced. Reports suggest that a series of dangerous chemicals was released into the mines by a unnamed power company. There are also several reports of a group of teenagers entering the mines beforehand. The fate of the teenagers is as of yet unknown but what looks to be a group of armored special forces has been sighted outside the mines, presumably to try and rescue the group. More on this later on channe-&quot; <i>The report would be cut off, returning to whatever was on TV before. Whatever may have brought you there, regardless of seeing the broadcast or not, a strange group would be outside the Suraimu Mines. It would be an odd mix of professional looking soldiers in dark armor with a mix of blades and guns that almost looked mystic in nature and what seemed to be office clerks wearing colorful armor with weapons that simply looked like toys. Among them was an older looking man wearing a monocle. He was also holding a watch and seemed to be waiting for something.</i> <spoiler>OOC: This thread may involve characters dying if stupid decisions are made or if good decisions are made at the wrong time. Luckily, it's also non-canon to any other threads or anything so feel free to die to your heart's content.</spoiler>
I've dicovered you imposter! There's only room for one Persona around here!
Losing Control - Corpse of Reality
<i>The cool evening air began to fill the city as day turned to night. The air was still...<span class="through">too still, it was maddening.</span> People would still be walking home from their respective jobs as the last few stores would begin closing. [s]Such mundane existences yet I still envy them.[s] It was no surprise that something would happen on such a calm day as fate couldn't help but schedule tragedy when all should be at peace. A figure stood on a beach by themselves. Their form was surrounded by obscurity as if their appearance was perpetually clouded by an unknown force. All that could be made out was a set of 5 wires that seemed to extend from each of their arms and two pale eyes that seemed to stare on forever. Today though, something seemed to light up in their eyes, a deep hunger that seemed to be almost bottomless. One wire would extend outward to the ocean and plug into the water despite its lack of a solid surface. It was almost as if rather than plugging into the water itself it was plugging into something surrounding it but it would be hard to determine what it was exactly. The ocean, starting from the beach, slowly began losing colour and form as it began hardening into a stone-like substance. It would be slow at first but it seemed as if this infection threatened to keep extending until it consumed the sea itself.</i>
A Persona 2 EP Fan Theory
EP stands for Eternal Pizza.
Gate to Another World: Eyes that Watch from Places Unseen
<i>Today a local convention center was holding an event promising exciting new technology and advancements beyond the imagination. The one behind these revelations was a rich scientist type by the name of Yutani Isa. She apparently already had a reputation for being somewhat eccentric but the event was being put on with free entry so many showed up regardless. The center would already be full of people as the room where the main presentation was being held had finally opened its doors. A large portion of the people began to fill the room but there was another door next to the main entrance that most of the normal citizens seemed to be avoiding. The other door was guarded by a rather odd looking man with cyan hair and yellow eyes. He didn't seem to move much, almost like a statue. There was a sign next to him that read: &quot;Supernatural Entrance, no civilians unless you're willing to put your life on the line.&quot;</i>
Calm...I am [Error] calm...
<i>It would be an oddly stormy night with rainfall that seemed to calm out of nowhere. Around the residential district of the city would be a large mansion in a considerable state of disrepair. Lately, the nearby residents of the neighbourhood had reported hearing strange noises from within the mansion and even as having seen odd shapes rush past the windows at night. Because of these reports rumour soon spread of the mansion being haunted. Eventually, these rumours of something residing within the mansion would lure people to investigate and try to get to the bottom of the mystery. Those who have returned from the mansion have either been in too much of a state of shock to speak. One incident though even reported that someone who came back from the mansion refused outright to speak on what truly resides inside. Several have also gone missing within the walls of the mansion, all with unknown fates. On this stormy night noises could be heard from within the mansion once more as well as what seemed to be...classical music? Regardless, the mansion would be unlocked and sitting there waiting for more souls to entrap once more.</i>
World of Clay/Melting and Reforming
<i>It would be an especially comfortable night with the weather being almost completely clear and the stars shining vibrantly despite the light pollution that living in the city often brought with it. <span class="through">Someone</span>, no, that's not right... <span class="through">Something</span>, no, why is this hap- <b>[Error: Variable not Found.]</b> would be walking along the streets. A dark veil over them making their exact form hard to distinguish. They seemed to take the form of a person but something else was coming out of their arms. The moving strands coming from their arms were wires dripping with an odd dark substance and with long needles at the end.</i> &quot;It's too hot... No, it's too cold? No, it hurts...It hurts more today than usual. Am I bleeding? Is this my blood?&quot; <i>The substance would drip onto the ground causing smoke to rise as it burned a hole in the concrete.</i> &quot;I feel sick. Everything feels off...I need to change it. I need to make it normal.&quot; <i>Pale eyes drained of any life they once had but at the same time full of more of anything than one could imagine would begin focusing on their surroundings. They'd see a simple mailbox and before they could react the wires would move to stab into the simple mailbox. The mailbox would begin to...shift. It was like everything that made it a mailbox was being stripped and replaced with...something else.</i>
The Crimson God
<i>Even across the town the light could be seen. Red like blood and full of a twisted glee but yet still it shined throughout the city. It would shine from its spot at the top of a newly built temple that honored the vampiric crimson god. Any who saw the light could immediately feel it's ill intent for even basking in it boiled the blood and gave rose to nausea. Many individual who wore all red would be standing outside the temple waiting for its doors to open. They waited to honor their new deity.</i>
A Really Sketchy Store
<i>The GYM would sit peacefully as it always has with a new door freshly installed and nobody around to go to dangerous extremes in a friendly duel and end up destroying everything within a 4 mile radius. It would be an almost normal day for the GYM except right next to the GYM would be a store nobodies seen before. It almost looked like whatever buildings were in its way were moved over several meters somehow without disrupting much of the cities layout. It was as of whatever force had moved them knew exactly how to do so without disturbing anything. The new store next to the the GYM would have no windows and be made of a very plain generic looking material. There would only be a door and a sigh that only read: &quot;SHOP&quot; It seemed to be open regardless, almost waiting for new customers hungrily.</i>
<i>You are empty, you are nothing. Your identity is lost to you as if it never belonged to you in the first place. Just a mass of existence with a vague shape. Around you the world is dark. You cannot see anything before you. This is fine because you cannot think either and thus are unaware of the darkness surrounding you. Suddenly, before you a light begins to break through the eternal darkness. Cracking through it little by little as if breaking apart your cold reality. For the first time you can see and for the first time you can think but your mind and body only fixate on the light for now.</i>
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