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fuck the plant I swear
Insulting Your Smash Mains
Hnnng sans mii brawler
Did someone say delicious pancakes?
They kind of get better but at the start it’s very formulaic “Literally hitler in regards to ________ repents” Then it becomes “Literally hitler in regards to EVERYTHING then repents” But yeah they never do go that far but at least their motivations made SOME sense Things like getting puss and acquiring money is always more understandable than daddy didn’t love me so I became TOO perfect and worked for him before I will PULL THE RUG OUT FROM UNDER HIM BY REVEALING HE FUCKED MY MOM
Did someone say delicious pancakes?
To answer your question, yes. Someone did mention delicious pancakes, in fact multiple people have mentioned them a plethora of times. Please up your meme game in regards to whom I consider to be the worst character of Persona 5. Even worse than the one dimensional starting villains.
the bees are tall
i hope that goro gets a redemption arc
I hope the queer stays dead

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To the publicity of the not so secret yet not altogether unexclusive Phansite Kamen Rider Club, as it is formerly known. This whole server was made by Amaya at least a year ago, and now since it's dying-ish figured I'd let this bad boy out into the wild. Quite a few people on this site know of Kamen Rider, so might as well bundle them together. Even if you don't know, feel free to join, we're always down to indoctrinate more people to our cause of karate bugmen. https://discord.gg/EAxQQqv
Yolker for smash
not the p2 one, nor the gamer
all y'all hoes finna tryna gonna dick PK but I bet y'all can't even pass the PK Quiz
Ore wa 🅱️enkuji 🅱️akeru
I’m just waiting on the dying bit now
We are being watched
Stay quiet, they might hear us...
Stop telling me that you listen to the classics
Because that shit you listen to is new age trash hmu when you listen to real music https://youtu.be/28--5aEV1Z0
A Persona 3 Fan Theory
Aigis uses liquid coolant for her processors, not fans
Dx2 Demon Tier List
So as I'm certain anyone on this site with at least three functioning brain cells knows, SMT Dx2 came out about a week ago. I think we've had long enough to develop our own tastes in which demons we prefer in our parties, so try coming up with your top 5 demons. If you have the brain capacity, explain your top choice! I'll start. Mothman Pealleidh Sandalphon Prometheus Gucumatz My choice of Mothman might seem like a meme, but after levelling him and getting him awakened and all that jazz, I've learned that his health pool is actually insane. I can't count the times my ass has been saved in duels thanks to his ability to function as a damage sponge. Factor in the fact that he always has mahashibaboo (bind all foes) and he becomes the best way to fight battles that would normally be unwinnable. My Mothman is currently four stars, but soon I'll have him evolved to five!
Villains with Good Motives
A topic often brought up when discussing villains, be it real life criminals or the monsters of fantasy, is the why. Why did they do what they did? Does it justify it? Does it EXCUSE it? Let's see if there's a common theme. As the title suggests, post villains you believed had good motives while remaining a villain. Antiheroes are far too common to not make note of, and are to be excluded from this topic. A villain must commit actions that may be justified, but not excused. As this is an online forum, I suppose this is the spoiler warning, as motives of villains are often kept secret until the end, or require a lot of intuition and diving into the media they come from. It should also be said that while you are allowed to disagree with what someone else constitutes a villain, try not to turn it into a full blown philosophical debate. I don't intend to maintain the high ground, but we are here to discuss terrible people, not become them. One last thing, there is a difference between being a good villain, and being a villain with good motives. I may have said one last thing, but this one is for realsies. If two villains share the same general motive, try to not spend as much time discussing that motive. There is a large number of reasons villains act the way they do, so it helps to not repeat the same thing over again. On that note, I'll begin. The Greeed, from Kamen Rider OOO. With the exception of the Kohryu Greeed, the Greeed are artificial life forms born from desire created in the middle ages by alchemists. In the series, the Greeed's primary goal is to become complete, as they are missing distinct parts of themselves. The Greeed do not feel any emotion except desire, and it becomes easy to sympathize with them. Later on we learn that some Greeeds have simple almost childish motives. One wants to know the feeling of having a family, another simply wishes to accompany his friend. Does this excuse their actions? Not necessarily, but it certainly shines a light on the fact that not all evils are committed out of malice. The most important motive for all the Greeeds, is the fight for survival. They live off of materialized desire, which they produce by planting a Yummy (monster that generates said materialized desire) into someone with a strong desire. Not all of the Yummies are inherently evil, only manipulated by the wishes of the host. Some simply magnify the desire of the host and nothing more. That is the quest of the Greeed, to become whole, survive, and experience the emotion they never will be able to. Does it justify their actions? For the most part yes, albeit some are just outright evil for evil's sake. Does it excuse them? No.
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