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I'm just a loser.

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gone for the summer
Don't die, nerdn't !!
raptors won
Join the masquerade
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Jesus, can peeps have opinions
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
See? Apparently site didn't like emojis. ????

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Persona Q2 Comes out today! (NA & EU)
I have to wait because it will come in mail, apparently the package got delayed too. But they said it should come in before 8 pm,, Welp, return into the void I go
I ain't dying
Might as well to make the thread just in case peeps were worried. Tornado basically happened on my birthday and my fam and I had to hide in a bathroom. Because my town is so forgettable, the tornado didn't do damage...sadly the next city wasn't too lucky, but no one died...over there. But yeah I am alrighty
I want to consume a cake rn. But it so close,,, The day of r e c k o n i n g. Just two more daysssss. Then I will consume cake and ice cream,,,, And I'll get sacrifices tooooooo. Bleghgghgbhbbhbvgbhhhbgggbg
Fe Echoes, but that was the final battle...and more
The final battle was quite tough, I did not want to lose anyone so that was difficult. I loved that everyone had dialogue for the final battle, that was cool. For the actual battle, first of all, witches and the bow knights, they were hell on earth to deal with. Well at the beginning at least, then the actual bosses come in. Of course, they were difficult to deal with, but Jedah. Jedah won't attack me first so I ignored him. But then we got the final boss, Duma, he was really difficult (obviously) . Huge range and not much can be done with anyone else except for Alm. But the one who did the final blow against him was Delthea. So that was cool. And then credits.. I'll explain more stuff in another post.
Let us be gay atlus
Let Akiren at least hold hands with Ryuji you cowards
Fe Echoes but I come back with revenge
Duma's tower was hell on earth, and now Alm's battles are getting tough too. Kliff and Leon are mvps with Genny and Delthea. Course Kamui is quite a strong tank too.. Gah anyways, still don't like Celica.
Fe echoes but kliff is op
Jesus, kliff is a bad mage my ass. This boy is tearing up the bosses as we speak. I love this boy more than Alm tbh.
I want to eat tacos with a shell
I know you call it taco salad, but I missed the taste you know? But it is missing a great ingredient, the shell. I like crunch, huge crunch, or the soft crunch. Put it in burrito!! At least, let me make it a burrito!! My life is a lieaaaaaaaaaaaa!H nnnnnnnnnnnnnmnjhhifuygi
Elm Plague Awareness
Run while you can, everyone is becoming Elm on Discord. Oh god oh fuck I'm being peer pressured. Help
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