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Now Who Likes Akira/Ren?
<quote user="MusicaPhT"><center> Well, to be honest, Ren Amamiya is my favorite! Sometimes I think &quot;I wish he was real&quot;, because he's so pretty~ </center></quote> Yeah I get that to, though I think he might actually be real... some odd things keep on happening around my place and my cats went after something a few nights ago, no one got a good look at it but it could have been Morgana
Are the phantom theives real?
I believe they are real, in fact I believe in the near future I will meet them, I do speak with my own persona sometimes, though Evy doesn't speak in response

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Ever realize that there is an actress that looks just like Kawakami?
No joke, don't know her name but she appears on several shows I watch,
Do you believe that the phantom thieves might be real?
It's a crazy question, but do you believe it's possible?
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