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Resonant Hearts
<i>Seeing Kyubey almost seem to smile put a grin on Sonomi's own face as she followed Kyubey towards the front door of the studio.</i> &quot;They won't be able to see any of this, right?&quot; <i>She asks the creature before closing her eyes and trying to pinpoint the location of the barrier, and do what he says to force open a labyrinth. Though it might take a bit of time considering she still doesn't know what she's actually doing. Coincidentally this also makes it so that she's accidentally tuning into the thoughts of everything in a short radius around her.</i>
Resonant Hearts
<i>Upon further inspection, Sonomi was now adorned with a ruffled, collared lilac and white dress with a lavender bow on the front, as well as white cuffed boots that go up towards her knees. On her right arm was a black, transparent arm band, and on her left arm was a white arm band with a fluffy bracelet.</i> <i>Her short cut, blue hair was now wrapped in two tiny bun loops, and on her head was a large, purple bow over her white headband, with multiple mini flower hair-clips accompanying it. A flamboyant and striking ribbon cape flowed from behind her, complete with a bow tied behind her head and wrapped around her back. Like her outfit, the cape was colored both light and faded shades of purple.</i> “I feel...different...” <i>Sonomi spun around briefly to see how she moved in her new outfit, before letting her focusing her previously starry eyes towards Kyubey, facing him with a determined look. Inside her was a newfound power that she doesn’t really know what to do with.</i> “...and raring to go.”
Resonant Hearts
<i>Sonomi glances around the room before nodding at Kyubey, staring with a kind intent. Less of a ritual means more time to deal with this.</i> “That’ll be fine. I understand.” <i>Was all she replied with before she shut her eyes and braced herself. She tries to shake off the uncomfortable feeling that flows through her, but Sonomi’s body takes it a bit literally as it twitches slightly.</i> <i>Finally, after a little wince, Sonomi opened one of her eyes nervously, then looked at the egg that came out with a calm gaze. She held it a bit close to her as if she were almost hugging it.</i> “It’s what my sister would have done, after all.”
Resonant Hearts
&quot;...I-i,&quot; <i>While it would be more safe to run, Sonomi thought to herself, it'd be better to take care of it now. This way, the witch won't be able to grow and hurt anyone. It might have spawned here...but it was most likely for an actual reason.</i> &quot;I've...made up my mind. Since you've asked so nicely...&quot; <i>Surely, they won't know? Right?...if it's taken care of now, her friends won't have to waste their time trying to take care of it. And then, there's no way that they'll have a way of finding out that Sonomi is finally about to do it.</i> &quot;Here's my wish, Kyubey. <b>I wish to be able to give people a voice.</b>&quot; <i>To give them hope. To give them strength. To make them smile. Having a voice can do all of these things. Especially so that they won't have to waste time trying to protect Sonomi whenever she merely exists in the same plane as these things.</i>
Resonant Hearts
&quot;A grief seed?...you mean like those things that pop out whenever a witch gets killed? Uh, why would it be here though?&quot; <i>She pulls out her phone again, thinking about calling Asena over, but instead just pretends to check the time since Sonomi was moreso worried about more interactions between the two. So to pass some more time, she asks more questions.</i> &quot;I'm not going to fight it obviously, but if that's the case, where are we supposed to go then?&quot;
Resonant Hearts
&quot;Uhm...we got to go, I know that, but uh, uhm...why would you say anywhere again?&quot; <i>Honestly might be a stupid question to ask in hindsight, but the sudden spike of urgency flowing in the air made her really confused as she wasn't really adapting to it well enough. Sonomi looked at Kyubey with an anxious gaze as she plays with her hair to try and calm down.</i> &quot;Is there a way to get out of here super quickly without anyone noticing? If I have to tell them I have to leave early they might reject it.&quot; <i>Though there might've been a super easy answer to the question, she was making it more apparent how airheaded she can get when tension rises. Then again, Kyubey communicates through telepathy so he totally has a solution she isn't thinking about at all.</i>
Resonant Hearts
<i>In response to a question going unanswered, she glared at him for a split second before stretching her arms and yawning, keeping one eye open to look at Kyubey shifting around.</i> “Pretty much, yeah. And also, Asena’s busy taking aesthetic pictures with that camera around her neck. Don’t know why she isn’t using her phone but whatever. Guess the quality matters a lot.” <i>Sonomi put a finger on her chin to think some more, standing upright and tapping her foot a little as she simply stared at the little feline creature thing to pass some time whilst in thought.</i> “Oh right, was it bad that he was around? It felt like there was something important that you were supposed to tell me.
Resonant Hearts
<i>Sonomi peeked from over her phone to see Kyubey, a grin forming on her face as she puts her phone away to start engaging in some nice conversation. The earphones would pointlessly go away too, since she wouldn't have heard him if not for the telepathy.</i> &quot;Doing a lot better now that I've gotten used to it. How's your day?&quot; <i>She says in a bit of a tired tone. Gotten used to it. Can apply for a lot really. But thankfully, everyday's been relatively monotonous, so it might not change...right? Kyubey's here where she is, at this point that's a non-factor.</i>
Phansite cheetos contest
Return to us, God Emperor Archer p
He DM'ed me and it was then that I felt that I had accomplished all I wanted in life.

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Lasureta Ruins
<i>As always, the park named &quot;Lasureta&quot; would be lively like it usually is. Despite the fact that the park attracted many types of people, it had seemed to grow a bit lonely when the minutes flew by. Due to this, an ominous presence had flown through the air, and when a dead body was found in the middle of a hill, the park had eventually closed down for the time being. The gates looked to be locked shut, but every so often some would go past them and end up wandering at night.</i> <i>If one were to be wandering near the area at this time of day, they'd see a certain young girl with short blue hair walk through the gates, trespassing as quietly as she could when the doors decide that that specific moment would be the best time to be awfully creaky. Deep inside of the park, there stood a mysterious door. It seemed to be just, standing there...menacingly. Nobody knew about it, and nobody who did would want to go near it. All except for one person.</i> &quot;I wonder...why Asena would be here...&quot; <i>The girl said, now looking down at her phone and seeing the text that was given to her by Asena. The text seemed to be blurry, but she definitely knew that they sent it because of the fact that he seemed to have disappeared out of her life.</i> &quot;Alright, I guess he has a surprise for me.&quot; <i>And with that, she walked in, not looking back. Not caring who or what would end up being on the other side of the door, nor did she bother to try and see what might've followed her where she was just in case.</i> <i>Though one could see a part of the place that the door revealed, going in would make one look at what seemed to be a place that had seemed to be long since abandoned. It was pretty, and old, the sky was clear as day despite the fact that it was clearly different before. The stone walls that had grown moss and some flowers around it suggest that the place would be an abandoned temple, with a vibe that was suggest that this place seemed to be the relic of some type of past-life, whomever it would be.</i>
Lasureta Park
<i>In a random park which everybody forgot the name of were hundreds of different people just hanging out and having fun. There were lots of things to do...probably.</i> <i>Couples having a picnic, people snapping pictures for aesthetic blogs, douchetubers making a fake video for an audience they didn't lose, it was pretty cool I guess.</i> <i>Somehow, you stumbled across this establishment and it's painfully average, but it's not like you can't enjoy being in it. Maybe.</i> <spoiler>Ooc: You can do anything, but just know that I might find a way to bullshit myself into whatever you're doing.</spoiler>
hap birf
It's been 2 years since the trailer for the custom character had dropped, (see video:) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0FgRKNQIuQ So, uh, happy birthday to them. Also, thanks Sonic Forces for being a Sonic game half-decent enough to get me back into the Sonic fandom.
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