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Greetings it's ya boi Monamona here to give you some friendly helpful advice
if you are not emotionally, morally or mentally affected by an action you do then its perfectly okay to do :)
take a shot for every rp thread that is next to another vertically
you act as if im criticizing them smh smh you break my heart, son </3_</3
Who do you ship
timmy, she’s pulling your hair and spitting in your face and telling you to kill yourself and calling you a worthless specimen every day because she <i>likes</i> you!!!
Back to School
i fee like this person is HIGHLY hyperbolizing and simplifying the state that their school is in<div class='edited'>(edited by Ludovico)</div>
Funni family man script
<i>Peter Griffin enters the Griffin household, with a wringed rabbit hanging from his belt.</i> Peter Griffin: Guys, this is a bruh moment! <i>Insert cutaway gag of the funny orange shirt man saying “bruh.”</i> Lois pulls out a handgun and shoots him in the mouth, ending his reign of terror for good.
Could you survive a Persona arrow?
guys lets all be honest jailhouse lock is the best persona
Who do you ship
you all have disappointed me in such a great measure that i might not be able to recover from this great wound inflicted upon my mental being.
Chocolate Milk
<b>i piss on my dog.</b>
Back to School
is that <i>really</i> your idea of high school

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biggest bops in gaming
hotline miami, kingdom hearts series has <i>some</i> bops, lethal league blaze is nothing BUT bops, sonic rush is lethal league blaze, and the bayonetta series are some of the <b>biggest damn bops</b> you will ever see in your life bonus question: most relaxing bops in gaming
the game goes on for TOO long
nearing the end of the game it starts to get tiring after 70+ hours of doing palaces, running back and forth trying to find objectives, and ambushing the same shadows over and over again this game is still amazing but its length is insane
come on down to the pest emporium
where we have every kind of pest that invades your home, the cages of your animals, and flies inside of your earholes, ranging from tiny critters like ants and flies all the way to the large buggers like opossums here at the pest emporium we like our customers to have the most authentic experience dealing with the animals before they take them home, so we dont put them in cages! they roam free in the attic, underneath the floorboards and whatever else dark spot they can get their hands on and make children. good luck catching them and not catching a disease! i look forward to seeing you at the pest emporium as a loyal customer who enables our poor business practices hiring now
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