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I was put on this earth for one reason, luckily I forgot what that was so I can do whatever I want.

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Joker's Bizarre Adventures
<i>Ryujuul falls from the sky on akerino. Who would of guessed.</i>
Joker's Bizarre Adventures
&quot;I can't blame you. But don't blame me when you get hit by a falling ryujuul. Anyway, i'm out of coffee so i'm going to go, see ya.&quot; <i>And with that the narrator disappears leaving behind his calling card, a single four leaf clover.</i>
Joker's Bizarre Adventures
&quot;well what can I say, shido made me. He somehow got his hands on a machine that can make stands. But even so, I hate shido. He just wanted to use me to take over the world. So I left to find people who could help me defeat him.&quot;
Joker's Bizarre Adventures
&quot;what, did I say something weird?&quot;
The Phantom Trainers of Hearts
would that make the velvet room assistant nurse joy?
AYYYYYY! *finger guns*
Joker's Bizarre Adventures
Well, I asked shido and he said no. He called me a rebellious child for not wanting to take over the world. What does he know. I have unlimited knowledge, I can do what I want.&quot;
<i>Laughs in already over</i> but also an F for panda
Joker's Bizarre Adventures
&quot;Nope. My powers consist of talking in people's heads, narrating, predicting the future, omnipotent knowledge, and turning human.&quot;
Joker's Bizarre Adventures
&quot;Na, I still got coffee left.&quot;

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paG1-lPtIXA trust me, you are going to wan't to see this.
lets make the most used thread
I don't care what you post, so go wild.
Phan made personas
Do you have a OC persona? If so what is its name, tarot, and ability.
Lets talk about human morgana
What's Your opinion on human morgana. Is this good or bad?
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