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I dunno. Just a random GM I guess.

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Hello again
I was waiting for you you dick! Post some tucker memes so i can hate you more!
New P5R info
No that seems accurate. He does say cendrillon, i just automatically translated her name. Also she seems to have healing and nuke affinity? Mona said kaifuku to butsuri. Kaifuku can only be healing but butsuri is iirc science or chemistry. Why give her makoto's stuff??? They could at least give her light instead..
New P5R info
After rewatching: the skullpotato accessory is probably what allowed skull to cast dia They added more depth to gun customisation. It seems you can somewhat control what kind of upgrades the gun gets?
New P5R info
Other info from the trailer concerning kasumi's initial persona : <spoiler>it seems her initial persona is going to be cinderella, if i heard that correctly </spoiler>
Question (not sure rather or not this would be referred to spoilers or not)
In persona, and in most rpgs, as saya stated, choice is naught but a fancy illusion.
Do you honestly think the phantom thieves are Just?
I'd like to emphasise something hazzy said : you're not just turning them into nice people who confess their crimes. You turn them into vegetables unable to take on life like they used to. You steal everything they lived for. In the game, people who lose that end up in the depth of mementos, and simply become slaves to society. No free will, no motivation, no self-respect, no self at all. The game never really shows you what happened to the people who have changes of heart. Of course we know them to be incarcerated, but what happens after that? The first solution kamoshithead came up with was suicide. I wouldn't be surprised if the others simply went for the same thing. Stealing someone's dreams, hopes and will is casting them into depression.
Just a fair warning. I don't particularly care eother way ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯
Another thing you may want to keep in mind if you don't want joker or worse the evil hazama to show up in your threads is to not make too many at a time. Spaming is big no-no. I'm saying this because of the ten first threads, ten are yours.
Broken wings (roleplay)
You're the story teller. You know best. Have faith in yourself.
Broken wings (roleplay)
I thought you had the story figured out? Just make something up or nick it from another story and change some details so it's not plagiarism <div class='edited'>(edited by Liam)</div>

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Good news to my fans and friends
I, Liam, self-proclaimed god of this twisted world and savior of degeneracy, am making an official comeback. I tried to do so a few times earlier but the lack of anchoring prevented my uber awesomeness to actually stay present in this era of acursed folly. But fear not for I have finally transcended time, space and my humanity, JOJO!!! Er.. Wrong character. Anyway, this time I'll probably be back for a fair while. Expect many cutious stories and poignant tales to spring forth in the coming weeks!
FOR REAL???????
so, with P5R, do you guys think the site'll get some more traction? I wouldn't mind seeing a new influx of folks coming here. It'd probably motivate me to come back and try to write something interesting again. maybe.
Damn Brat
Recently, I made a thread
So now, I'm making another one, except I'll actually answer people this time. How've yall been? I never expected so many people to still be here :D Also sorry about the ZE RP, but that's canned until I decide to actually work on it, which, knowing myself, won't happen anytime soon. Mainly because I suck at writing plot and I want a ZE thing to have plot twists bigger then whale's ass. Lastly: are people here still into RP? If so I might have a fun little scenario written for you guys.
I'm not quite dead yet, sir.
I swear I'm not. Anyways, what's up on the phansite nowadays? How's everyone been? is it time for me to make my great comeback ? Should I even bother? Am I even in the mood to do so? Why am I asking you so many questions?
Is this....?
l l| ll <span class="underline">l_</span>
@Magilou, If you're still alive please answer me!
I started playing Tales of Berseria and only now can I fully appreciate how perfect your RPing was. May the divines bless your soul, you crazy person!
Liam's Nonary Game [Signup. First come; first serve]
It's that time of the year again ladies and gents! I came up with a new murder game for you phorumies to partake in! I'll be organizing a &quot;Nonary Game&quot;. A game in which 9 persons are trapped and forced to solve puzzles in hopes of escaping. That's the simplified version, I don't want to give it all away just yet. As the name implies, I need 9 players. These players must agree to a couple of rules. -First of all, once you accept to participate, you must see it through to the end. Or at least until you die. -You must accept that I change some stuff in your character's back story. It'll spice things up. -You must agree to being killed. If a player finds a way to kill (and I don't veto it) please accept the fact you died. No godmodding will be tolerated. Now for the fun part: what does this all entail? You'll be part of a group of nine persons who have all been kidnapped by the mysterious &quot;Zero&quot;. You're trapped and need to escape, but to do so you need to find a number of keys. Each of the players will receive some back ground info as well as a &quot;forbidden action&quot; a thing they absolutely aren't allowed to do. Performing their forbidden action will result in death. The players are encouraged to act as they would. I, as a GM, will only tell you what you physically can and can't do. You may not be able to walk through walls, but if you choose to not take part and refuse to try and escape, that's your choice. There you have it. It's a puzzle game first and foremost so if you don't like that, this sort of RP may not be suited to your taste. It also serves as a bit of a trial. If this works well, I'll make other, more complex, nonary games (probably in partnership with other GM's since I'm a lazy bastard) Oh, one more thing. I will need to communicate privately with each and every one of my players so either join one of the RP discords or join the group I will soon make on the Phansite Chat thingie. Now tell me, who would like to partake in this Nonary Game ?
Meanwhile, in another mall.
You're in a mall. it's about noon so there's a lot of people. A lot are hanging out in cafes or walking around with some sort of food. The shops are busy and sun is pouring in through the glass panes which serve as walls for the mall. Please tell me which shops you are in and what you're doing.
Once again: I LIVE BINCH
title says it all really. I'm back. Might even get active again. EMBRACE THE DELIGHTFULNESS OF MY RETURN MORTALS!!!!!!
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