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We the Kidz Bop Kidz! Sponsored by Kidz Bop! Wicked.

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Let’s create a persona game
Kidz Bop, retroactively and politely <i>borrowing</i> existing songs and making them kid friendly, heck yes bro!
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
With Kidz Bop Magic, there's no way this <i>lit</i> thread will ever be game ended.
What about a Kidz Bop collab? That'd be <b>rad</b>.
How powerful are the kidz bop kids?
Sorry, gotta vanish like your dad. Bye loving fans of ours!
How powerful are the kidz bop kids?
Glad to know that we have fans! Don't worry, our latest Kidz Bop album will contain the most fire songs just for you.
You tried. Have the Kidz Bop seal of approval. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/oFmW4LiIcF4/mqdefault.jpg You get Mini Pop because we couldn't afford to give you an actual seal of approval. Sorry for your loss.<div class='edited'>(edited by Kidz_Bop)</div>
Children in the back yelling "McDonalds! McDonalds! McDonalds!" Wyd?
Go on a detour and say you're taking them to Wendy's only to end up in a Kidz Bop concert
Hi, We're the Mini Pop Kids!
Oh, it's Mini Pop! Hi, how you been? I'm glad that I got to remember you, because I'm pretty sure no one else did. You're welcome by the way.
The Black Blood runs
<i>They all look at the teacher, and then at each other. Then they laugh. It was like they did nothing wrong...because they're the Kidz Bop Kids.</i> Alana: &quot;Hi teach. Gotta bounce.&quot; Isiah: &quot;You heard her. Bye.&quot; Jacob: &quot;Take this L (no offense).&quot; Juliana: &quot;Guys, I'm telling you, it's the Mysterious Freelancer, Black Liquid!&quot; Layla: &quot;Uh, who?&quot; Liv: &quot;What? Girl, speak up. Tell the press about this.&quot; Stephen (shouts at the top of his lungs): <b>&quot;WE'RE THE KIDZ BOP KIDS!&quot;</b> <i>They left afterwards. No explanation needed.</i>
The Black Blood runs
<i>The Kidz Bop Kids were on tour today, and were visiting Japan even though they probably wouldn't know any Japanese in the first place. God forbid knows how Shujin let them in. They were in the hallway when they saw the totally not kid friendly girl.</i> Alana: &quot;Oh, hi.&quot; Isiah: &quot;Woah, it couldn't be.&quot; Jacob: &quot;Couldn't be what?&quot; Juliana: &quot;Who else but the mysterious freelancer? Black Liquid!&quot; Layla: &quot;Wait, who?&quot; Liv: &quot;I have no idea girl.&quot; Stephen (shouts at the top of his lungs): <b>&quot;We're the Kidz Bop Kids!&quot;</b>

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Letters with the Kidz Bop Kids!
Alana: U Isaiah: R Jacob: M Julianna: O Layla: M Liv: G <spoiler>Stephen: <b>WE'RE THE KIDZ BOP KIDS</b></spoiler>
Story from one of our Fans!
&quot;The Kidz Bop Kidz went on tour. They went all around the world. Everyone obviously came to see them. Their audience was totally above the age of 7, and weren't also facebook moms. One of them sung one song. Everybody died. The End.&quot; ~Jacob Satorious and Jojo Siwa
The Ideal 7 Rings Experience
<b>No bubble bursting</b> https://i.pinimg.com/736x/06/d5/43/06d543a8e15cfdac40abb07b4f43be11--kawaii-things-cute-things.jpg <b>Girls with dreams</b> https://c8.alamy.com/comp/P8CA46/teen-girl-crosses-fingers-to-fulfill-a-dream-P8CA46.jpg Matching diamonds <b>so they know what this is</b> https://www.myjewelrysource.com/images-rings/pinksapphire/gr5904-pinksapphire-diamond-engagementset.jpg <b>Stacks real fast</b> https://improve.dk/mainevent3/partay13_2.jpg And last but not least, the art of Communism. May we stand today for our lord and savior Stalin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJdz3i44dIc
Hi, We're the Kidz Bop Kidz!
Have you ever ridden on one of your organs? Well, we did, when we Kidz Bop-ified the hit song Old Town Road by Lil Nas X. Family Friendly Content is always a must on Kidz Bop. Just ask this guy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBIF1orEljI
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