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Mysterion/Kenny got the Nameless Midnight scout rifle after meeting the Stormcall Warlock

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Free-for-all arena fight
&quot;I would did the same but that was his nickname when we were playing as our fantasy characters. The new kid and some choices to his class, He could have been a knight, a theif, a mage or a jew. Yes that last one was a class that cartman aka the dickhead gave the new kid. I don't remember what class he choice but at the end of it all well somewhere around the end, we had to deal with real nazi zombies and the military was there too and someone named 'Princess Kenny' used a virus to turn herself into a nazi zombie and the new kid had to break a bros code aka Never fart on a man's balls, he did that to save South Park and the world from zombies. to think that was just one huge adventure, the new kid, had to go throught but now he's acting as a super hero and does a pretty good job&quot; <b>Mysterion said before looking up</b> &quot;I'm getting tired, i'm going to head to bed&quot; <b>He takes out a pistol and shoots himself in the head</b>
Free-for-all arena fight
&quot;I do but most of them things as once we put these costumes on as just a means to not be bored, one of them is a massive fucking dick who wants everything to go his way and when it doesn't he crys about it or complains&quot; &quot;But theirs this one kid that stands out above the rest. He's a very good ally and the one of only three people in South Park that have real powers, that kid is most called 'the New Kid' but then the dick head gives him a nickname that mostly around like knight or lord butthole and such but the kid never says a word. He's not mute, he just very rarely talks&quot;
Free-for-all arena fight
<b>Mysterion accepted the handshake</b> &quot;Good to meet you Geist, call me Mysterion. Shall we call this battle a draw, if you wish to save your energy to fight bigger threats like demons and aliens or Cthulhu, who I fought before but I was not the one to defeat it, you can thank Mint-Berry Crunch for that&quot;
Free-for-all arena fight
&quot;I felt worse, much worse. Every day I feel pain, I suffer, I keep dying but I always come back. Everyone in South Park always forget my death but here in the Nexus, it appears people can remember my death. So that's why I said 'you will run out of energy before I give up' since even if you kill me, I will come back&quot; <b>Mysterion said before taking a deep breath</b>
Free-for-all arena fight
&quot;Gah!&quot; <b>Mysterion spits out some blood and fell down but he got back up</b> &quot;I'm not going to go down that easily&quot; <b>Mysterion would punch Gesit two times before jumping up and headbutting Geist</b>
Free-for-all arena fight
&quot;Alright then&quot; <b>Instead of running at Geist, Mysterion would (Dark Whisper) reach out at Giest as a purple smoke comes out and surrdons around Giest before pulling him towards Mysterion (this damages Giest and makes Giest's defense lower for a few turns)</b>
Free-for-all arena fight
<b>Mysterion would look at Geist and got into a fighting postion</b> &quot;Well get ready for another one, and except that you will run out of energy before I give up&quot;
Free-for-all arena fight
<b>As the spear went directly at Mysterion, he started running at it while also getting closer to Geist. Soon once the spear was about to hit Mysterion, he pulled out a weird red ball (a bomb) and soon the area around Mysterion blew up and nothing was heard from inside of the smoke until Mysterion jumped out of the smoke and threw some firecrackers in between the two fighters before he landed and did a roll</b>
Free-for-all arena fight
<b>As the two fought, a new opponent had enter the arena. That new opponent was Mysterion, he was hiding in the shadows but soon came out as he watched, he did this so that they would notice him and would try to engage him in combat</b>
The Night of Mysterion
<b>Mysterion sighs as he soon finishes patching himself up</b> &quot;Alright then, better to go find stop some more dickheads&quot;

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The Long Night (The Return of Mysterion (again)... and others)
<spoiler>(alright, sorry if this starter is kinda short, i've just wanted to make this a good rp/starter. but anyways, have fun - Corbin)</spoiler> <b>It was a unusually long night, it almost feels like it's been 16 hours of just night. this isn't a coincidence, someone was making it night forever for what reason, we don't know but what we do know is that monsters, are appearing more at this night and people got to go to work and they being attacked</b> <b>Mysterion was out and about on the streets, looking for any clues he could find about why this night was so long, however as he walks around, he would bump into you</b>
Mysterion 2: another crime fighting day
<b>It was a bright and shiny morning. Mysterion was sitting on top of building was looking down at the city, looking around for any crimes</b> <b>Mysterion sighs as he knew all kinds of crimes could be going on all around the city, so what he going to do if he's just sitting up on this roof. So, Mysterion jumped off the building, soon doing a flip before landing on his feet before he started walking to the streets and started walking around</b> <b>He would soon make it to the nearby park, he choose to come to the park and looking around, making sure no kidnappings happen</b>
The Night of Mysterion
<b>It was the middle of the night, two men with some masks were robbing an convenience store. The man behide the cash register was about to hand them the money until a boy with a question mark on his shirk and his face hidden with his purple hood but his mouth is seen. The boy would look at the thieves</b> &quot;Put the weapons down and get on your knees&quot; <b>The thieves laugh</b> Thief 1: let me show this punk that he can't do anything <b>The thief went to punch the kid but he dodge out of the way, grabbed his shirt, pulled him closer and punch him in the face before headbutting the thief, knocking him out</b> Thief 2: Ok that's it <b>The second thief aim his pistol at the boy and fire a bullet at the boys shoulders but not before the boy threw some firecrackers at the thief and soon the firecrackers blew up, the theif's hand blackens as the gun breaks. The thief would cry in man as he held his hand before getting knocked out by the convenience store clerk</b> <b>The clerk would look at the boy to see if he was alright but he was soon gone as the police came. Across the street, on a rooftop. The boy also known as Mysterion was watching the police enter the store as he patches himself up</b> &quot;Fucking hell, wish they could have gotten their soon but who the fuck else is going to stop these low level crimes while everyone else is dealing with gangs, creatures and other things&quot;
The Return of Mysterion
*It was a dark night but a peaceful one until a scream of a young boy is heard. A small dark figure heard the scream and ran over, jumping from buildings to buildings, the figure stop and looked down seeing a boy begin cornered by a adult with a knife* The boy: Someone help! *The adult drunkly laughs and trys to stab the boy until the figure jumps down and lands on the adult, soon using a strange gun to hit the man back away from the boy. The Figure soon lands near the boy* ???: Kid, run! *The boy nods and runs away as the adult trys to stab the figure until he threw a firecracker on the ground, scaring the adult for a moment giving the changes for the figure to punch the adult and knocking him out* *The Figure sighs and pulls the adult over to the street lamp and cuffing him to the lamp while throwing a letter and a picture on the unconscious adult before walking away* *The small dark Figure was Mysterion, who had return after 5 months. Mysterion sighs as he walks down the street* &quot;5 months, 5 whole months since I have been here. So much as changed, new heroes ending up in the nexus while at the same time more crime as been rising in alarming rate&quot;
Princess Kenny...
*Kenny was in a princess outfit since the other wanted to play in the fantasy world again. Kenny liked the idea since he got to be a princess again* *Princess Kenny is currently walking around*
A peaceful day hopefully
*Kenny was sitting on the park's bench, watching people have fun. he was not going to go in there and fun since he knows that if he does he will die*
Mysterion (take 2)
*Mysterion had earlier beat up some thieves and lucky he did not get stabbed* *Mysterion was ontop of a building. waiting watching for any crimes that were going to happen*
*It was night time... Mysterion was watching the City, making sure that no crimes were going to happen... and also laughing in his mind since he told the Coon earlier that he was the not popular at all here... anyways Mysterion was still watching the City*
*Kenny was walking around. wondering where he is or where his friends are... and also hopes that he does not die since it hurts like crap!*
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