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What do you think about the new OP?
I literally have it linked on my profile ♥️
What are you testing?
The New Female Character
I like her as you may have noticed by my choice of claiming this account
In the name of the Phantom thieves and my right of privacy I command you to stop this at once! Now be banished into the shadow realm!
Oh no! please! I'm sad now....
BEST Girl Haru (Prove me wrong fan bois.)
This is not persona 4 Archer, she could be me from a different dimension
Why people saying Kasumi is best girl are objectively wrong.
You can't also assume that the new character will be bad without knowing their actions yet. I really hope Atlus learned with Marie and that they will be able to make Kas 10000 times better!

Recent topics

What do you think about the new OP?
I can't wait to listen to the full song! What about you guys? Do you prefer this one or the original one?
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