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Used to be BonafideMonafide04, but that got way too cringy for me and I decided to move on. For those who don't know me, I'm just some dude who plays video games and I like to rp too

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Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
<b><i><span class="underline"><center>HAAAAAAAAAI</center></span></i></b>
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
<quote user="Sayaka_Miki">*Kirby flashbacks*</quote> no that's more HAAAAIII
Unpopular game opinions
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, while not perfect, matches up just fine with the original in my opinion. They're both playable in short bursts, and can easily be beaten very quickly, unless you're a hunter. In some ways, it's even better, in the length department and especially in the final boss, which I won't talk about but compared to the original, it not only makes more sense in context, but is just really fun.
Attention to anyone who cares about Beat Saber and it's fan songs
<i><b><span class="underline">he said the funny sans words</span></b></i>
I have never seen a truer statement ever in my entire life
F I need to add more characters so I'm just typing this
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
I don't touch this thread and I know we can't do that

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Attention to anyone who cares about Beat Saber and it's fan songs
It's been done Someone beat Reality Check Through The Skull no miss https://youtu.be/IzXEgveTj_8
Unpopular game opinions
Thread name explains it all. I actually like Sonic and the Black Knight, it's one of my favorite Sonic games and the motion controls aren't as bad as most people think, it's artstyle is genuinely charming and the music is great. <spoiler><span class="through">hate the second Black Knight fight and those grind rail missions though</span></spoiler> I'm not sure how popular this opinion is, but I really love Pokemon Rumble. I've heard from many Pokemon fans that it's not a good game but I whole heatedly disagree, it's simple but fun and the gameplay is great. Yes, that includes Rumble U.
Wholesome post
Hey Decided to post something kinda wholesome since my birthday is coming up soon and I've been thinking about shizz alot. For those of you who know that I used to be some cringy 8th grader who was obsessed with undertale, I wanna thank you guys for putting up with me and somewhat helping make me not a <b>total</b>cringefest. <spoiler><span class="through">yes I know I still am but I digress</span></spoiler> Some of you even supported me on some random endeavors that I randomly made. <spoiler>one of those is still going btw!</spoiler> and that's super kind of you guys Honestly you guys are actually awesome. I kinda grew up because of y'all <span class="through"><spoiler>even if I'm still cringy</spoiler></span> and even introduced me to BlazBlue (thanks Hazamod! You suck but you're still cool) which I'm a pretty big fan of now. So uh yeah thanks for being nice to some stupid almost 15 year old.
Favorite fan projects?
Another fan project thread. What's your favorite fan project you've seen? There's a lot of good ones out there, but I'm curious. For me, without a doubt, it would be Pokemon Uranium, Pokemon Prism, and Pokemon Crystal Clear. For Uranium, the fact that they were able to create something THAT high quality on something as simple and barebones as RPG Maker XP is amazing, and for Prism and Crystal Clear the fact that someone was able to make something THIS HUGE and EVEN MORE HIGH QUALITY on a GAME BOY COLOR is amazing.
Really weird fangames?
Continuing my discussions about fan products, we've all seen those fangames that make you question your whole existence. Let's talk about them! One of the WEIRDEST for me is a MegaMan fan game known as Skullman in Scooby Doc 4: The destroyer (Featuring Atsushi Onita). Its a boss rush game, simple enough, but the bosses are some of the strangest in MegaMan fangame history. This includes MegaMan √-1 (Square root of -1) which had a boss that was literally just a glass of milk, so that's saying something.
What is a case of the fandom making a character better
We always talk about how cringy fandoms can be, but we never talk about how good they can be. Specifically, how they fix a character that was terrible on the original product. My example isn't a very obvious one. Quint, from MegaMan. This character was introduced in the Gameboy version of MegaMan 2. He was a very interesting concept, being a version of MegaMan from the future that Wily stole and reprogrammed. However, he was extremely weak and got beaten really easily. But the MegaMan fandom redeemed him, thanks to two wonderful fangames. MegaMan 8 Bit Deathmatch has an amazing secret boss fight against him, painting him as a false futuristic hero bent on saving the timeline, meaning destroying you. This insane 5 phase boss fight is extremely hard and super fun. Then, there's Quint's Revenge, a retelling of MM2 GB where Quint breaks free of Wily's control and wants to defeat them in Megaman's place. What are some examples you have of this?
I'm gonna try something random with BBcode and see what it does
I wanna see what centering something then putting something after it does because why not, I'm bored. Also idk what to tag this as so mods please don't kill me
Weird Speed running categories?
So I know people like speedruns, and I know of a few really weird ones. I just wanted to see ones you know that you find weird. For example, the Pokemon Crystal Rocky run. You're only allowed to use the traded Onix you can get before falkner for the rest of the game. It's because at first, people thought that the combination of it being good against the first three gyms and having boosted experience, would make it a great pokemon for speed running.it isn't. It really isn't. What it is though is fun to watch. What are some funny speedrun categories you know?
The phansite has returned, and so have I! I'm going full throttle now, I'm actually gonna start posting here again! And hopefully I'll be much less cringy than before, but with just as many alts!
So uh, update?
Yeah, I think it's about time for an update from me. Hey everyone, for those of you who missed my introduction, I'm the rebooted version of an old, cringy account named BonafideMonafide04. You see, I've been having some problems lately which have been causing me to not be on phansite, like, at all. A few months ago some issues started to creep into my family life which are rather personal and I'd rather not talk about. As well, because of this, my dad and sister are somewhat more protective of me now, and banning me from going on forums, social media, and the like until I'm older and more mature. So I'm not allowed to do any of that. Which is why I'm posting this in the middle of the night with incognito mode on. That's why I'm not here. I might come in every now and then, but not very often at all. This is Mimi, signing off. See ya guys eventually or whatever.
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