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Used to be BonafideMonafide04, but that got way too cringy for me and I decided to move on. For those who don't know me, I'm just some dude who plays video games and I like to rp too

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Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
oh trust me knowing this site it will It very much will
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Haha! Sorry to say elm, but I'm <b><i><span class="underline">8 years old!</span></i></b> You have been bested!
Insulting Your Smash Mains
I'm not sure if you did it already, but Pichu who got destroyed by patches Oof
Slight Issue
I was actually gonna post an update saying it hasn't happened a lot lately, but you already did that. So yeah it may have just been a glitch, but still kinda weird that it happened in the first place.
Greentext thread
&gt;be me &gt;go on phansite to talk to fellow phans &gt;oh no.m4a &gt;the 4channers have invaded &gt;welp.exe &gt;time to go ask Mishima to nuke phansite
Yo can we talk about how freaking awesome Luna (@Queef) is? nice and adorable nice Luna
Why did it add on that at the end that's super weird but whatever
Slight Issue
Fair point, but for newcomers to the phansite this may end up being an issue for them, which is why I decide to bring it up
micah is dying
Micah I was expecting an &quot;I live binch&quot; I'm dissapointed

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IN AMERICA https://youtu.be/J3Wc7Ms0aYY <b><i><span class="underline"><span class="through"><center><spoiler>I have a bandit Kieth account but id rather not bring out my old alts</spoiler></center></span></span></i></b>
Yo can we talk about how freaking awesome Luna (@Queef) is? nice and adorable nice Luna
So uh if y'all know me you would know that I've had some problems over the past year. I've gotten over it, thankfully, at least somewhat. In a server that her and I are in, a user who's name I won't mention was having some mental issues and I had talked about how I got over my issues, but Luna was interested in hearing more about it So today I talked to her and she was really supportive of me and sweet and precious and adorable, no wonder why she's the phansite mom Seriously, thank you so much Luna, it really means so much having someone as nice as you around
Slight Issue
So obviously I don't keep this website open all day, so I gotta reopen it I'm too lazy to just type in the https://, so I just look it up so I can get the https:// version of the site Only problem with that is, sometimes, when I do that, I get generic virus website number 82. Obviously I click out before it can load, but that's beside the point. Any chance that you could fix this, Mishima? Would be good in general for old and new users.
Ladies and gentlemen.....
Today is the day TIS MY BIRTHDAY YALL
Characters that probably won't get into smash but you would love to see anyway?
With Joker starting off the fighters pass with a bang, I feel like there's a chance for a TON of adversity in characters for smash. So I wanted to know what you guys want in smash, even if you think they might not get in. Ragna the Bloodedge (BlazBlue) With the fact that recently (3 months ago at this point) BlazBlue: Central Fiction Special Edition got released on switch, I feel Ragna is a great character for smash. A character made for fighting game players who want to play someone familiar, or someone they know, but with his own little spin on things. I even came up with a moveset, if any of you guys would be interested. Monokuma (Danganronpa) With the recent surge of characters not on a Nintendo console with Cloud and Joker, I think Monokuma would be a great fit for smash. Pulling moves from pretty much anywhere in any of the games, including UDG, he has lots of moveset potential and overall could be a very fun character to play.
Two days from my birthday
And tommorow, one day before my birthday, I have a mock regents Same with my birthday Please end my existance
Attention to anyone who cares about Beat Saber and it's fan songs
It's been done Someone beat Reality Check Through The Skull no miss https://youtu.be/IzXEgveTj_8
Unpopular game opinions
Thread name explains it all. I actually like Sonic and the Black Knight, it's one of my favorite Sonic games and the motion controls aren't as bad as most people think, it's artstyle is genuinely charming and the music is great. <spoiler><span class="through">hate the second Black Knight fight and those grind rail missions though</span></spoiler> I'm not sure how popular this opinion is, but I really love Pokemon Rumble. I've heard from many Pokemon fans that it's not a good game but I whole heatedly disagree, it's simple but fun and the gameplay is great. Yes, that includes Rumble U.
Wholesome post
Hey Decided to post something kinda wholesome since my birthday is coming up soon and I've been thinking about shizz alot. For those of you who know that I used to be some cringy 8th grader who was obsessed with undertale, I wanna thank you guys for putting up with me and somewhat helping make me not a <b>total</b>cringefest. <spoiler><span class="through">yes I know I still am but I digress</span></spoiler> Some of you even supported me on some random endeavors that I randomly made. <spoiler>one of those is still going btw!</spoiler> and that's super kind of you guys Honestly you guys are actually awesome. I kinda grew up because of y'all <span class="through"><spoiler>even if I'm still cringy</spoiler></span> and even introduced me to BlazBlue (thanks Hazamod! You suck but you're still cool) which I'm a pretty big fan of now. So uh yeah thanks for being nice to some stupid almost 15 year old.
Favorite fan projects?
Another fan project thread. What's your favorite fan project you've seen? There's a lot of good ones out there, but I'm curious. For me, without a doubt, it would be Pokemon Uranium, Pokemon Prism, and Pokemon Crystal Clear. For Uranium, the fact that they were able to create something THAT high quality on something as simple and barebones as RPG Maker XP is amazing, and for Prism and Crystal Clear the fact that someone was able to make something THIS HUGE and EVEN MORE HIGH QUALITY on a GAME BOY COLOR is amazing.
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