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Argue over who my alt is.
So you knew it was dumb beforehand and chose to do it anyway? Looks like someone needs an <b>attitude adjustment.</b>
Argue over who my alt is.
As you can <i>clearly see</i>, I am, of course, their alt ...are you sure about that?
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Because you can't see this post you'll have a sense of false security if no one posts after me because you think you'll be winner when in reality the real winner is the friends we made along the way
Argue over who my alt is.
You were expecting Dio, but it was I, thin air.
Unlimited GYM
<i>Suddenly, everyone in the GYM is supplexed in thin air.</i>
In which Shadowgear tries to discover the reason he's in Japan and not France
Are you sure about that? *John Cena is not actually there.*
Leblanc XIV: BeanBlood
Are you sure about that?

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Space gang space gang
If there's a space in your name you in the space gang
Who here saw my last topic
This is a Mona alt, btb
You'll never see meeeeeeeeeee
Your time -is up, my time is now.
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