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for better idea of what some of the colors of this character are 'cept for the shirt, the shirt is white see here: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/159154291254743810/64D592E5666B4AC296E9BDBBE17A5D951239375D/

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Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon: The Sun’s Shadow
<i>Niko smirks and flashes a thumbs up at Angel.</i> &quot;Thanks mate.&quot; <i>He readies himself, look at which Pokemon he should attack. He feels speedy enough to take down two... Take down two? Ah! A takedown should do the trick, and he knows just the move to chain some.</i> &quot;They say lightning doesn't strike the same place twice...&quot; -Quick Attack- <i>He rushes into the Honchkrow, attempting to knock it to the floor and make it bang its head on the ground. Successful or not, he'd then turn to the Scraggy.</i> &quot;Which is a true fact, probably.&quot; -Quick Attack 2: Electric Boogaloo- <i>He then does nearly the same thing to the Scraggy, except that he opts to smash the Scraggy into a wall instead of on the floor.</i><div class='edited'>(edited by InterNiko)</div>
Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon: The Sun’s Shadow
<i>Niko smiles, it drips with not only smugness, but it's also got quite sinister undertones as he sees that he's caused some fear in the weaker ones. He looks at the bigger one straight in the eyes.</i> &quot;You aren't scared of a myth that's real? Well, my group and I will show you that you've made a huge mistake.&quot; <i>He begins to sharpen his claws to get himself ready to attack.</i> &quot;Let's see if you'll bleed.&quot; -Hone Claws-
<i>I sigh. I was hoping we'd get to keep Kalib along for the ride, he seems like a good person, and I wanted to get to know him better. I stare at the new arrival, a velvet attendant by the name of Walton, still going off of the naming scheme from Frankenstein, nice.</i> &quot;Apologies for the destruction, we aren't too well adjusted to our new bodies and such so we didn't put up the best fight ever.&quot; <i>Soul in one piece? I wonder what that could mean.</i> &quot;Elaborate more on the soul part, please and thank you.&quot;
Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon: The Sun’s Shadow
<i>Niko looks around at the multiple Pokemon... And chuckles.</i> &quot;Seriously? If you guys were trying to be scary, maybe you should've traded out the Scraggy for something else. What a joke!&quot; <i>He cracks his neck.</i> &quot;Why don't all of you run along before all of you get hurt?&quot; <i>He's trying to use his status as a mythical Pokemon to scare them off. It's probably not gonna work, but gotta give it a try, right?</i>
<i>After all of that, my persona desummons and I adjust glasses that aren't there. I should probably stop that habit.</i> &quot;Well that sure was a ride. I just hope Kalib will be okay... I also hope that the other power-ranger-looking fuck is down for the count finally.&quot; <i>I flash a thumbs up at Cait.</i> &quot;Yeah, we should probably nerd out about random mythologies later.&quot;
Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon: The Sun’s Shadow
<i>Niko's a little happy to see that the Archen trusts them immediately. Would've been hard to get anywhere if he didn't trust the group...</i> &quot;I mean, I wouldn't call myself &quot;nice&quot; by any means, but I'm not gonna jump to killing anyone immediately.&quot; <i>Now it really comes down to how he should introduce himself... Should he use his name or the Pokemon he is? Should probably go with the latter just to be safe.</i> &quot;It's good to meet you, Archen, I'm Zeraora. I'm up for tagging along, again, can't say the same for the others in the group, though.&quot;
Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon: The Sun’s Shadow
<i>Niko fingerguns at Flareon.</i> &quot;Like, maybe five or six right now, my dude.&quot; <i>Niko looks at the creature and then at the glowing liquid.</i> &quot;Why did you immediately jump to the conclusion that we're gonna eat you?&quot; <i>He winces before going back to a neutral look. He steps in-front of Grimnir.</i> &quot;We aren't gonna eat you... Or at least I'm not gonna eat you, can't really speak for the others. What are you doing here, kiddo? What's with the liquid?&quot; <i>He's trying to make himself seem older than he actually is, if anything, he has no right to call anyone &quot;kiddo&quot;.</i>
Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon: The Sun’s Shadow
<i>Niko lands quite gracefully, cats always land on their feet, right? Not being able to see too well in the darkness, he moves over to the crystals, feeling taller. He hears the voices of the other parts of the group, but he shrugs them off to poke one of the crystals...</i> &quot;Oh no.&quot; <i>His hand... Is definitely not his. It seems to be that of a Zeraora. Well, it could be worse, at least he has opposable finger.... Things. Four fingers, one of them used like an opposable thumb.</i> &quot;I knew I saw what I think was a Jirachi. I've just been Pokemon Mystery Dungeon'd.&quot; <i>He takes a moment to look at the rest of his body. You know what? He can get used to this, it's pretty cool. Niko walks further out, following the light of the crystals.</i>
<i>I watch everything going on. It turns out that one of the Parads is Kalib, so I instinctively reach out. As if I could reach him, seeing him attempt to hurt the monster that's sending out those medals fills me with hope. Kaz's morale boost helps me a bit with my disorientation, but I still feel strange. I step in front of Cait.</i> &quot;I'm fine, just stay behind me.&quot; <i><b>Hey, can't just keep me locked away in your noggin forever.</b></i> &quot;Wha? What's?...&quot; <i><b>Come on, the evoker is right there on your left leg, you can turn the tides if you just use it.</b></i> &quot;...I'm not even sure what you can do. How can I know that'd you could turn things to everyone's favor?&quot; <i><b>Shhhh, don't worry about that, killer, you're workin' with a master level here. If I wasn't, how would I have been able to decieve so many humans? I've still got my yeowoo guseul, kiddo.</b></i> &quot;...Fine, let's see what you can do... Kumiho.&quot; <i>I unholster the evoker and bring it up to my head.</i> &quot;...<b>Persona.</b>&quot; <i>I pull the trigger, my scarf starts flapping wildly.</i> &quot;I am thou, thou art-&quot; <b>&quot;I, let's get this started, kid.&quot;</b> <i>The persona seems to take the form of some sort of sinister, twisted(not literally) nine-tailed fox, it's bigger than the average fox, that's for damn sure. It looks at me and chuckles, its yeowoo guseul(literally translates to fox marble) quite visible in its jaws. I reach my hand forward and snap my fingers, I have a good idea of where the invisible thing might be. A part of reality itself flips open and sends out a spring-loaded boxing glove from the dark void behind it at... Hopefully the monster.</i> &quot;...Lucky punch, seriously? That's the &quot;tide-turner&quot;? Fuck me, dude.&quot;
Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon: The Sun’s Shadow
<i>Wait was that a Jirachi? Well, no time to think about it. I'm just gonna fall for a bit, maybe. I might just die, but eh, I guess falling wouldn't be the worst way to go.</i>

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Here's how to truly fix the site.
the r in p5r stands for romance
you will be able to romance anything, be it ryuji, yusuke, your heater, your houseplant and <spoiler>morgana</spoiler>
A Very Presidental(not really) Birthday
<i>It's Niko's birthday today, and he's nothing but excited, he's already got a whole big building all to himself, all decorated too, doesn't have a cake and he's not there, though. His heavy-bullet-proof-armor-wearing guards are there, and they decorated their armor to look like suits, one's wearing black and the other's wearing white. Adorable.</i> Guard 1: &quot;So, when's he gonna be here?&quot; Guard 2: &quot;He should be here in-&quot; <i>Niko bursts through the door, holding a cake. He puts it on the table.</i> &quot;You do not want to know what I went through to get this cake, needless to say, the bakery's closed for good.&quot; <i>He tweets about how it's his birthday and that people should come over and celebrate with him.</i> &quot;Alright, make sure to take your guns off safety, who knows who might come in.&quot; <i>So yeah, go ahead and bring a gift, or don't, it's your choice.</i>
New KH3 Trailer
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz1w_uW3lSE we got like, 5 or 6 weeks to go, boys get ready
The White House: Not Owned by Cory Baxterâ„¢
<i>It was a dark and dreary ni- Just joshin' you, it's a bright and sunny day a week after a dark and dreary night, nothing much happening until...</i> &quot;Alright, on my cue, 3. 2... 1.&quot; <i>He opens the doors as &quot;It's Not Unusual&quot; begins to play, strutting his way over to the oval office. The area he walks through seems to have quite a few... Fleurs-de-lis everywhere, as well as some nice looking purple wallpaper.</i> &quot;Alright, let's get this started.&quot; <i>He sets up recording equipment. It's voice activated, how futuristic. He takes a seat behind the desk. Strange head bust on the desk, doesn't look like anyone he's been seen with.</i> &quot;Set phasers to kill.&quot; <i>The equipment starts, broadcasting a message to most if not all TVs. He takes a deep breath.</i> &quot;Hiya, everyone, so I'm the president of... Well, how can I explain the enigma of the Nexus?... I guess you could say the United States. Well, no one knew until I was president now, at least I don't think anyone knew except those close to me. This place is in good hands, trust me. Anyway, as celebration, there are gonna be tours free of charge, as well as the fact that you'll get to ask me questions. Ciao.&quot; <i>After he says Ciao, the recording ends. Doors are wide open people. Don't mind the guys in very heavy bulletproof armor, though, they're not important.</i>
A Persona 2 Fan Theory
Tatsuya is a 30 year old boomer.
Generic Shopping Mallâ„¢
<i>It's what's expected, a shopping mall with a few generic and maybe slightly mediocre shops, as well as a few strangely open spots. Although the mall seems to be quite empty except for one person laying on a bench.</i> &quot;This is probably one of the worst hangout spots I've seen.&quot; <spoiler>i half-assed the hell out of this, sorry if you were expecting something more quality</spoiler>
Young dog girl loses tournament and gets scolded. (2018 COLORIZED)
What series would like to see/see more of on the Phansite?
See title, what would YOU like to see more of or just see, whether it be more discussed or in RP. note this is just a wondering kinda thing i've made too many accounts tbh
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