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I swear I bear you no ill will. In fact, I’d like to grant you everything you’ve ever wished for. All you have to do is make a contract with me and become a Magical Girl. Note: from now on, use of the “spoiler” tag will indicate speech meant for one person or group, this makes it much easier for people to know what their character shouldn’t be able to hear. I should have started with that, but oh wel

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Later that night: <i>Out in the city there's a white room. It has only the barest of furniture, a few small couches around a similarly small table, all shoved to the side to make room for its occupant's greater interest. On one side of the room is a series of pictureframes, each with a fairly large photograph in it. These photographs depict various monsters, like a shadowy creature made entirely of hands, or an odd case of a mostly humanoid child, save for its pawn-shaped head that seems to have been drawn in crayon. Most of these pictures can be seen in motion, though there's nothing of note going on in their portraits, however two remain silent. One, depicting a small, black mouse standing amongst the ruins of a family house, and another showing a creature with four arms painting across the sky. On the opposite side of the room is a series of watercolor paintings, all portraits and mostly of cheerful-looking girls. Many of them have an X painted across their eyes, and these are all set against the wall, discarded, while six remain proudly on display. Sitting near the wall is a girl, who seems likely to be in high school around now, she has short white hair which is cut around the ears so as to keep out of her way as she paints on a canvas. The girl licks the tip of her brush, thinking on the next stroke, as she asks</i> white-haired girl: &quot;So how did it go?&quot; <i>The one her question was directed at steps out into the open, the small, cat-like creature known as Kyubey leaps onto the girl's table, still roughly halfway across the room from her as they converse</i> Kyubey:&quot;You already know what happened.&quot; white-hair: &quot;That much is true, but I'd like your opinion on it.&quot; <i>the girl continues painting, as this is just an everyday occurrence for her. Meanwhile Kyubey spits out a small, black gem, a grief seed adorned with a crescent-moon shaped mark on the table in front of him</i> Kyubey:&quot;I had thought MihMeh would do better, but it looks like their earlier results was a stroke of luck. I doubt they'd be a serious threat to anyone&quot; <i>Hearing the clattering of the grief seed, the girl lets out a sigh, standing up from her painting and walking over to pick it up</i> white-hair: &quot;You don't have to be so harsh right in front of them. Besides, she did her job well enough.&quot; Kyubey: &quot;So you DID find something then.&quot; white-hair: &quot;Only another candidate, it'll be up to the both of us to see if it works. The <b>ultimate</b> Magical Girl to fight the ultimate Witch. <b>Oh,</b> doesn't it get you excited?&quot; <i>Kyubey absentmindedly flicks his ears, not understanding the girl's passion, nor possessing any interest in the matter</i> Kyubey: &quot;You know I'm not as interested in the act itself, but since we happen to share a goal.&quot; white-hair: &quot;Right, of course not. The question was Rhetorical anyways. Thank you for your help, but I think its about time you got going again. I look forward to seeing you again in the future.&quot; <i>the girl waves cheerfully at Kyubey as the cat-like creature moves to leave, their conversation apparently over. The girl walks over to her painting, putting a few finishing touches on it before hanging it against the wall, callously tossing aside one of the six originally hanging there in the process</i> White-hair: &quot;There we go miss Sonomi. I'm expecting great things from you.&quot;
Enjoy the show
<i>Sayaka grins, looking back at Homura before backstepping to get beside the other Magical Girl, she keeps most of her attention on Haruka, since that's the problem she's more.. Aware of, and it allows her to watch Homura's back while they're at it.</i> &quot;Alright, shadow, got it. I've heard of those a couple times before. Kinda sucks though, kinda hoped it would be over with the Witch. Some things never change.&quot; <i>Sayaka's attention would be caught by Sonomi, she looks back at the girl with her own smile and nods</i> &quot;That's me, Sayaka Miki. We've uh... Got a bit of history. But don't worry, I'll make sure to keep ya safe.&quot;
Enjoy the show
Haruka and Gael: <i>The chimera relents for a moment to breath back in, giving Haruka the opening he needed to throw it at Torrick. Conveniently this also gets it caught up in the grasshopper's webbing, which it has to melt with its acid to get back out of With the other two familiars thoroughly busy now, Gael is able to get away from the mess relatively unscathed. The chimera's acid even manages to dissolve the webbing that was holding her, making it easier to blow to grasshopper to kingdom come. Kyubey casually licks his paw, acting like everything's perfectly normal before replying to Gael</i> Kyubey: &quot;My backup plan just arrived.&quot; <i>with the familiars mostly dealt with, the blue-haired girl focuses on the Witch itself, she moves around it, practically a blur as the creature tries to swat her with its massive arms to no avail. Her blade moves as a flash, slicing the Witch's remaining arms off one by one before she finally somersaults over it, bringing her blade down the creature's back and cutting it in two. As the witch is destroyed, the barrier around the group begins to dissolve, and the chimera with it, dripping and melting like wet paint.</i> Homura and Pals: <i>Once Homura's blade cleaves through the Witch, the house around them creaks, as though trying to withstand a great pressure before ultimately shattering, though its shards make no mess as the barrier, now with no Witch to maintain it, is utterly demolished.</i> Everyone: <i>With their respective Witches defeated and their barriers burst, everyone would pop back into the ruined square, having traveled only a dozen feet or so in spite of the vast distance it had been within the Witches' labyrinths. As the groups pop out, so too do a pair of black, egg-shaped gems. One, marked with a pair of scissors on top, is quickly snatched up by Sayaka, while the other, marked with a darkened crescent moon, clatters to the ground by Homura. Haruka would fall a significant distance away from the others, at least far enough to give everyone the chance to react to his... Thing. Not knowing what else to do, Sayaka jumps away from it before briefly looking over the others present and asking.</i> Sayaka: &quot;Anyone have a clue what's up with that?&quot; <i>meanwhile Kyubey would simply walk away from it, saying nothing as he heads for the gem that dropped near Homura.</i>
Enjoy the show
<i>Haruka's..... Thing would rip through the shark almost immediately, tearing its papery substance to shreds and saving its... User? Either way that would leave him with some kind of shadowy abomination near Torrick, which Kyubey is glad to stay well away from. Torrick grabs the cat in midair as it leaps towards him, before throwing it to the ground and beginning to eat it. Unsurprisingly it tastes like paper and probably isn't particularly filling. But this action would cause Kyubey to scratch his ears as he comments</i> Kyubey: &quot;That's... A new one. Just when I thought this place couldn't get weirder. Anyways um.. Good job holding up.&quot; <i>The grasshopper would try to keep Torrick occupied, throwing out more and more webbing in an attempt to keep him from moving. The chimera dives towards Haruka's... Thing, taking advantage of its close proximity to Torrick to breath fire on it while the snake head spits a cloud of acid at Torrick. Though they would look vague and papery like the chimera that breathed it, the fire and acid would burn like the real deal. With its latest artwork finished, the Witch begins working on something else, the red arm starts with a pair of feet while the yellow, a large, round body for a bee, the blue and green begin working together.... Only for the blue arm to be cut off near the witch's base by a fairly sizeable sword. The blade looks like a katana, though it has a hand guard that wouldn't be typical for that kind of weapon. the source of which is a young, blue-haired girl wearing a long white cape who seems to have just torn a hole in the sky. She quickly assesses the situation, though her eyes go wide at the mess around the group, and she glares at Kyubey</i> Kyubey: &quot;Took you long enough.&quot; Sayaka: &quot;You're going to have some explaining to do.&quot;
Enjoy the show
<i>The shark would eat Haruka in a single bite, leaving him in a bit of a black space within the creature as the same papery numbness spreading throughout him. If nothing else were done, it'd only be a matter of seconds before he were absorbed into the familiar and that's it. Torrick manages to catch the shark before it is able to submerge itself once more. Torrick manages to rip the creature's tail off and keeps pummeling it, the creature's form would start to crumble like paper with the blows, but it doesn't seem to let go. The cat would gladly take the opportunity presented to it, once again moving to pounce on Torrick while they're busy with the shark, likely forcing them to let go of it and deal with the cat once more. The grasshopper continues approaching the group, much like the cat had before it, only pausing a few feet out, where it begins salivating before spitting a bunch of sticky webbing at Torrick, to further tie him and the cat together. As for the witch, with its green arm now available, it joins the other three and draws a green snake as a tail for its chimera, which then peels itself off the canvas. The ten foot creature takes a few steps before launching itself into the air. Kyubey watches the development calmly, taking steps to remain a fair distance away from the actual fighting as it absentmindedly comments, more to himself than anyone in particular</i> Kyubey: &quot;Just a little bit longer....&quot;
Enjoy the show
<i>Haruka’s knife would cut through the butterfly much as the bullets had, just as if it were paper, though he’d notice the strange papery effect working on his knife too, it’d remain functional for now. He’d also notice his left arm starting to become numb where the butterfly’s bite had affected him. The first thing Gael would notice is the same papery effect that had affected their bomb, and was currently affecting Haruka spreads to her chest on contact, though it wouldn’t be a major issue for now they would notice some numbness in the area around where the cat had pounded on them. Still, Gael’s smothering mist causes the cat creature to cover its eyes with its paws, as though trying to protect itself from the burning sensation. This gives her more than enough opportunity to get away from the creature, leaving it to cough in place for a moment. However, it doesn’t perish, rather it shakes the smoke out of its eyes before getting back to prowling, slowly walking around to her left. Meanwhile the shark moves to the pair’s right, it’s fin rapidly approaches Haruka until it is only a few short feet away, at which point the entire creature would leap effortlessly out of the ground in an attempt to swallow him whole. As for the witch, the green arm quickly finishes its work on the grasshopper, though it’s hind legs aren’t as large as they ought to be, the entire creature is roughly the size of a boxer (the dog, not the person). It makes a feeble attempt at a leap before simply scurrying closer to the pair. It’s red and yellow arms are met by the blue to continue their work. This one wouldn’t be any real animal, instead it would most closely resemble a chimera, with a horse’s body, a lion’s head, and wings like a bird, it wouldn’t be much longer until it was finished</i>
Enjoy the show
<i>Homura’s Strike decimates part of the creature’s arm, causing it to dissolve, though it stops upon reaching the armband it’d be enough to stop the attack. As for Homulilly, as soon as it opens it’s mouth the two hands aimed at them would split up, one moving to grab the upper part of their mouth and one the lower, starting to push it further apart Now that they have the time Kohaku would help pull Sonomi out of the floor, though it sticks to her like quicksand, with some effort she’d be safely out. As everyone calms down, the creature gradually shrinks, leading in turn to a sense of relief that causes it to shrink further still. The creature’s armsxwoukd shrink away from Homulilly as it’s form and the cave around it starts to change. The cave shifts into a dusty old house, filled with cobwebs as though it hadn’t been lived in in months. There are all sorts of decorations, little cartoon spiders, lizards, and ghosts lining the wall and hanging from the ceiling. Recognizing that their ruse was up these decorations start sliding along the wall, abandoning the Witch they served. The Witch itself stops shrinking when it’s roughly the size of a mouse, taking on a mouse-like shape as well, with no one afraid of it the helpless creature simply squeaks.</i>
Enjoy the show
<i>Haruka’s bullet rips straight through one of the butterflies, much like the ones in the horde before, but the one to his left quickly turns to avoid it before heading towards Haruka, it’s wings opening up to reveal a small row of teeth aiming to bite his gun arm. Though oddly if they struck he wouldn’t feel any pain, rather his arm would start to change, becoming more papery and cartoony like the barrier around him the longer it latches on. Gael tosses her bomb at around the same time the witch finishes drawing the shark, however the fish immediately dives into the floor, with only its fin visible as it moves through solid ground like water straight by the explosive, rapidly approaching Gael. This would land the bomb in the meadow near the Witch, where it is quickly wrapped in grass, changing in color to resemble the grass around it. That is before it explodes, wiping out a section of the meadow and stopping its growth for now. As for the cat-like creature, it finally gets close enough to make a leap at Gael, though it lacks claws it’s large enough to try pinning her to the ground, and considering what happened to the bomb earlier.... After its blue arm finishes drawing its shark the witch begins drawing once more, it’s green arm beginning work on a rather large grasshopper, though it’s hind legs are short. The red works together with the yellow to work on a large, 4-legged creature, though exactly what is difficult to tell for now. Kyubey simply watches from behind the pair, flicking his ears as he waits for something.</i>
Enjoy the show
<i>The good news for Oda is that her creature would manage to catch the first arm aimed towards her. First of eight. Six of the remaining second would grab hold of the Surtr instead, while the last would coil itself around Oda’s chest, pushing both her and her construct into the wall. Though it was a rock solid wall earlier, the wall would soften and start to form around her, as though trying to absorb it. Kohaku’s Strike bounces harmlessly off the bracelet, before aiming her next strike at the creature’s eye. Unfortunately the eye just shifts in the darkness as the creature turns its “head” causing her to strike beside it instead. She’d find the shadow’s main form to be hard as rock, and also take little damage. As Kohaku’s light did beforehand, Sonomi’s orbs strike against the creature, some hitting its bands, others it’s body, all would simply be snuffed our without conscious effort on its part. Though the ground was solid before, Sonomi would find herself slowly sinking into it... Finally, Homura’s Persona would go berserk, drawing the shadow creature’s attention. It reaches over its left arm, using its right to meet Homulilly and keep them from interrupting its attack on Oda. The two would briefly grapple before something Homura said causes it to pause for a second before it’s eyes flare up, switching from a cool purple to a violent red The creature lets out a distorted cry, much more typical of a witch</i> Witch?: ShuT uuPpp! <i>the witch’s grip on Oda would slacken, no longer pushing her into the wall as it turns all it’s attention to Homura. The right arm that was earlier grappling with Homulilly would split like the left before it, first into two, then four. Two of the arms would remain dealing with Homulilly, aiming to force the persona into the ground while the other two would fly straight for Homura. Though Sonomi is not their target their proximity to Homura would put them in danger too, amplified by Sonomi’s newfound difficulty moving. Finally, from their new position of “on fire against the wall.” Oda would notice letters starting to appear as the creature begins to panic, the words “run away” from earlier repeating themselves over and over. Though it might be your imagination, the creature almost seems a little smaller</i>
This thread includes spoilers for P3
I mean if he seriously came back, ever, that would kinda defeat the whole point of P3 and its heavy emphasis on moving on. So yeah, if its ever going to happen it'd kinda have to be a joke for a goofy spin-off, like PQ or the dancing games

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Enjoy the show
<i>Today the sky was overcast, a faint grey providing a melancholic atmosphere as the faint sound of a light rain pitter-patters against the pavement. It was a boring enough day, for a while, until you caught sight of a strange, white, cat-like creature simply standing in the path as though waiting for you. It would pause, as though making sure it was seen before it starts walking through the city.</i>
Last Post Wins: Magical Girl edition
Just kidding, anyone who even looks at this thread loses
Anime Expo
<i>As frequently occurs on some weekend or another, a celebration of sorts, this time by fans and for fans, of their favorite forms of fiction and entertainment. A relatively small anime convention can be found in an event hall just off the city's main streets. Whether its intended primarily to advertise, or fan-run, it likely would hardly be noticed were the event not advertised as free. To this end, a small crowd works their way through the large, glass doors up front, dressed in a wide variety of outfits, these cosplayers form a new sort of normal as they rush into the hall, eager to see the sights. Off to the side of the hall itself. a young girl leans against a pillar, long brown ponytail trapped between the wall and her light-purple hoodie. The rather short girl's attention is on her phone, though she glances around occasionally. She has what almost looks like a cigarette in her mouth, though no smoke comes out of it.</i>
In the Night's Shadow
OOC: Though this is a continuation of something I started a while ago, do feel free to join in regardless, it might take a little catching up, but I aim to explain everything along the way anyways, so this shouldn't be an issue, without further ado IC:<i>As often happens, once a day in fact, darkness falls over the city of Tokyo. With the rumors and stories of strange things coming out in the dark, most people find their way home in a hurry, leading the streets to be surprisingly empty, what was bustling and busy mere hours before is almost like a ghost town. For those who remain out, for whatever reason, they may see a dark green flash, that of someone, or something, making its way through the darkness. For any who may follow them, the figure soon stops outside of an appliance store, long emerald cloak hiding their form. The figure bends down near the door for a moment. One person (you know who you are) would receive a text. It seems to have been written in haste, judging by the short message &quot;I think we're about ready, meet me here&quot; with directions to the appliance store in question added at the end.</i>
The Emerald Rogue
<i>It was a cold, moonlight night on the city streets. By now most people had found their way home, whether they needed to be up early, or out of fear of the rumors. Ah yes, the rumors, its long been superstition, the light of a full moon has often been said to fill the air with an air of intrigue and mystery, perfect for the supernatural. Yet, tonight it feels a little heavier. One can almost hear faint whispering among the shadows, of course, nothing can be discerned from this noise, yet an unsettling feeling remains nonetheless Walking down the main street, there are several alleyways, three on each side,that lead to smaller parts of the city. Aside from the general air of unease, little of note can be seen along the empty streets. A brief flash of green leaps from one alleyway to another, occasionally stopping to look back, almost as though afraid of being caught</i>
Mikage Sun Mall: A prismatic glow
<i>It looked like a perfectly average day at the mall, all the stores, from trending clothing stores, game stores, to a few odd ones like the closed armory on the second floor. Its rather slow today, few customers can be seen wandering the venue, couples holding hands as they shop. Its almost as though they can feel it to. You feel it, don't you? The air feels a little thick, almost as though something sinister could happen at any moment. No one says anything, but from the way everyone's rushing around, its obvious. In the middle of the mall is a remarkable fountain, stretching up towards the sky, one of the malls main features. Sitting by the fountain are two young girls, probably in middle school, looking into the waters. If you look around, you'd notice a wide variety of open shops, from food, to clothing, merchandise, almost anything you could ask for. Hardly anyone other than the employees are here by now, so it should be easy to find.</i>
A Childish Wish
OOC: A few notes before starting this one. First is that, shockingly, most characters are mortal, this means they are capable of dying. While I will not specifically aim for killing them off, do be cautious in your actions, as not all actions will have positive results. For example, attempting to block a creature half the size of a whale's attempt to swallow you whole won't work (you know who you are) Second, as a GM, my goal is to set a stage upon which the characters act. As such, little direction will be given. It is your job as both player and character to make your own decisions. I would like for any information regarding your character's condition be mentioned OOC in your first post for my convenience (for example, robots and undead would be immune to most poisons.) In order to ensure that anything that happens to them is as accurate as possible Without further ado, let us get started IC: <i>It was a cold, winter night on city streets, much as it has been for the past few weeks. For the most part, the city streets are empty, with most people hurrying on their way home. A young, blonde-haired girl and a pair of adults can be seen passing by, holding the hands of the girl between them. The girl wears a simple, black school uniform with a long, tan skirt and matching red bowtie. The adults are dressed similarly lightly, the woman wearing a gray business suit with a similar, simple gray skirt, and the man wearing a more semi-casual outfit, a red, button-up shirt with a pair of blue jeans. the trio walk down the street, both of the adults seem to be talking to each other energetically while the girl looks between the pair. While most people are walking away from the nearest train station by now, having already finished their business and heading home for the night, these three are walking towards it.</i>
A Princess's Show
<i>Its late at night, far later than any sane person would stay out after. By now almost everyone has abandoned the city streets, almost as though they're haunted. Of course, in a sense they are, night is when all manners of demons and monsters find best to prowl. While most people find some reason to be home by now, there are always others. The daring type who not only brave such stories, but actively seek them. As one of such people remaining on the city streets, for whatever reasons you may have. A flash of white darts across your vision and into a nearby alleyway.</i>
The Child's Dream
<i>Its a quiet night along the city streets, after yesterday's Fall it seems many people are scared to go out tonight, having been reminded of their mortality, and the dangers that constantly lurk in the supernatural night. Of course, not everyone is so cowardly. For whatever reason, some people still wander the streets, whether they're simply on their way home, or perhaps even looking for trouble, it matters not. A flash of white fur can be seen passing by. A small, cat-like creature with long, floppy ears stops, and looks around at anyone nearby with its beady red eyes before walking off into a nearby alleyway</i>
A Wonderful White Winter’s Day in Shibuya
<i>You can practically smell that Christmas is coming between the streets of white and holiday decorations lining every store. I sure hope you bought your presents already, by now Many of them are out of stock. The streets are as busy as ever, with people heading to work, to home, to an interview, to shop, you name it, someone’s doing it. If you’re observant enough, you might catch sight of a flash of white, dashing through the crowd. But looking further, there never seems to be anything there.</i>
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