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I swear I bear you no ill will. In fact, I’d like to grant you everything you’ve ever wished for. All you have to do is make a contract with me and become a Magical Girl. Note: from now on, use of the “spoiler” tag will indicate speech meant for one person or group, this makes it much easier for people to know what their character shouldn’t be able to hear. I should have started with that, but oh wel

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<b>Shino and co.</b> <i>Once Homura decides to step out and shoot, the telescope-wielding robot would rapidly point towards them, though it has no method to make sound, the spider-like creature reacts instantly, as no real warning was necessary. It swivels around, wanting to look at them with its own eyes. These strange, two-legged beings that entered its home. <b>They were new They were cool.</b> It stares expectantly at the grenade.... Only for it to blow up in the creature's face. A few of the fragments strike the creature's eyes, blowing out two of the bulbs before they are covered in a pair of metallic sheets that come out of the eyeholes like sheets. The creature lets out a shriek. <b>They hurt. They must be broken. But I can fix them.</b> Once Homulilly approaches, the creature scuttles to the side with a speed not possible for a creature of its size, before reaching out and extending two of its nail like appendages. Though doing this causes it to receive several of the persona's blows, its armor would get little more than scratches as a massive pulse of electricity goes between its legs. This same attack sends a weaker pulse in the form of six sparks. The sparks spread out, with two of them going in the direction of Madoka and Homura, as Shino had yet to step out of hiding. However, these sparks wouldn't seem to cause any pain, rather anything hit would freeze up, paralyzed for the moment.</i> <b>Capri</b> <i>As Pri throws her shield, she'd notice the blue-haired girl near her simply standing up, in spite of the sound of the impact and sizable dent in the wall, it was almost like she hadn't been touched. The girl simply brings out another sword from beneath her flowing cape, and points the blade directly at Capri</i> blue-hair: &quot;Drop the shield, you'll let her get away.&quot; <i>And sure enough the health inspector was already turning to make her way to the back of the room, go any direction long enough and they're bound to find an exit, or at least that's the idea. However, she'd soon trip as the swords blue-hair dropped earlier uncoil, revealing several ropes inside that allows the metal to bend and wrap around her legs</i> &quot;inspector&quot;: &quot;Just give up already, annoying creep. &quot; <i>The brown-haired girl strikes at the swords entangling her with her gauntlets, soon breaking them and allowing her freedom of movement again.</i> <b>Damon</b> <i>Suzuki looks over to Damon, glancing at his features as if trying to find something within them as she speaks up</i> Suzuki: &quot;I'm not sure if... Wait, you were at the library yes? Might have seen my apprentice, a young girl with long blonde hair, silver dress?&quot; <i>while Suzuki questions Damon, Streak takes a deep breath, her eye is noticably twitching a bit</i> LS: &quot;Its lucky streak, like a winning streak. I didn't think I'd have to explain this to anyone, but since you seem a little slow...&quot; <i>The girl produces a small, black gem from within her sleeve, it has what appears to be ametallic cage around it that twists into a spire topped by a spade.</i> LS: &quot;You don't do this job for 20 years by working for charity.&quot; Suzuki: &quot;If you're seriously worried about payment...&quot; <i>Suzuki was never really a fan of Lucky Streak anyways, so she wasn't too surprised when the older woman interrupts her by snapping her fingers</i> LS: &quot;Not interested. I'd much rather be on my way than take part in one of your goose chases. Now then, I have some cleanup to do.&quot; <i>It seems she's done pretending to be polite at this pint, instead walking off towards the stage and leaving Damon and Suzuki behind. Suzuki doesn't seem surprised, more resigned as if she'd expected this reaction. The girl would brush aside some stray hairs before letting out a sigh and turning back to Damon</i> Suzuki: &quot;Sorry you ended up seeing that.... If you'r'e serious about helping I guess I can at least tell you what's going on back at my place.&quot;
New Paths
<b>Sonomi</b> <i>Kyubey would flick his tail impatiently for a bit, but decided better than to make an issue of the situation, instead he simply turns around and gives a quick and cheerful</i> Kyubey: “Its no problem at all, you two have fun.” <i>Before seeking to simply disappear down the building’s hallways. It could wait for a bit after all.</i> <b>Damon</b> <i>Lucky Streak would let out a bit of self-satisfied laughter when Damon mentions a big group. At the very least she seems to think she knows something</i> Lucky Streak: “You mean those rejects who enjoy all the pickings around here? I’d be surprised if any in Suzuki’s little group could....” ???: “Please go on.” <i>Lucky Streak pauses as another girl makes their way out of the dazed crowd. They wear comfortable looking jeans and a sweatshirt, as well as short-cut white hair, so as to keep it out of the way. Upon seeing them Lucky Streak’s eyes narrow and she does little to hide a hint of disdain in her voice. In contrast, Suzuki seems careless, perhaps even bored</i> Lucky Streak: “So what brings you to my little show miss Suzuki? I notice you’re without your posse.” Suzuki: “I actually had a request. If you don’t mind. There’s been a string of disappearances lately.” Lucky Streak: “So call the police, or look into it yourself if you’re so worried.” Suzuki:”That’s the problem. The police aren’t likely to find anything because the victims are all Magical Girls.” <i>There’s a bit of a pause before Lucky Streak breaks the silence with a yawn</i> Lucky Streak: “Sounds like all the more reason for me to skip town.”
New Paths
<b>Shino and co.</b> <i>As the group slowly edges their way around one of the gears, they’d soon see sparks flying as something with needle-like tips works on welding a piece of another robot. From the light provided by sparks the group can make out a large, spider-like creature. It’s body is large and divided into three blocky segments, with the middle section being smaller than the other two. It’s eight legs are shaped like nails, mostly straight and unbendable, rapidly narrowing out into the fine tip currently being used on the robots. It’s eight eyes glow like old lightbulbs that no one’s bothered to replace, and almost seems like it could pop at any moment. Soon enough, the creature would finish working on its project, and hastily skitter to another machine nearby, having not yet noticed its intruders. The robot it finished has the same wheeled chassis as the others, but is unique in that it’s equipped with what seems to be a telescope that was bent halfway up. The machine does a few quick donuts on the factory floor before heading in a direction parallel to the gear the group is currently peaking around, its telescope swiveling wildly around it’s top</i> <b>Capri</b> <i>As Capri begins to open the door, she’d first notice a crashing sound followed by a somewhat familiar voice</i> “Health Inspector”: “Missed me again. Maybe you should come a little closer.” <i>Opening it further, she’d find the next area to be a wide dining room, with a massive table easily a hundred feet long, now shattered into dozens of pieces, two chandeliers hanging near the ends of the room, and a great number of swords scattered about, all of which resemble the blades from the previous room. The “health inspector”, in addition to her simple full-body suit from earlier would also be wearing sleek, silver gauntlets, each adorned with a circular amethyst gem. She stands in a clear space where the table once was, and almost seems to be having fun. Unlike her opponent, a girl around Capri’s age with short, blue hair adorned by a golden hairline shaped like a fortissimo symbol, and wearing a long white cape who, initially stands atop the chandelier closest to her vantage point</i> Blue-hair: stop running and maybe I will. <i>With that, the girl pulls out two more weapons, identical to all the ones Capri’d seen before, from beneath her cape and leaps straight towards the brown-haired “inspector” down a diagonal. The “inspector” stands her ground, and as soon as the blue-haired girl gets close enough to swing, takes a large step in and says</i> “Inspector”: Left yourself open. <i>Before punching the other girl straight in the chest. There’s an audible crack as the blue-haired girl loses her grip on her weapons, leaving them to fall to the ground by the inspector as she’s blown across the room and into the wall near Capri.</i>
New Paths
<b>Damon</b> <i>Soon enough the Witch tries a different approach, instead of simply swinging its scythe around, it angrily points a finger at Lucky Streak. In response to its little command, a dozen of the plants rise up a bit before shooting themselves towards her like spears, all of which are blocked or dodged with ease. Soon enough she'd stand back on the ground and starts grandstanding again</i> Lucky Streak: &quot;Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the moment you've all been waiting for, now watch as I make the terrible monster, disappear!&quot; <i>The cards she left floating around the witch would begin multiplying of their own accord before finally making a sphere around the creature. With a snap of her fingers, the sphere would collapse around the Witch, leaving a single deck of cards.</i> Lucky Streak: &quot;But where did it go you might ask? Why it was here the entire time.&quot; <i>Lucky Streak pulls a single, normal sized playing card out ofher sleeve, a joker this time, which seems to struggle initially, only for Lucky Streak to tear the card up and be done with it before bowing.</i> Lucky Streak: &quot;and there you have it folks.&quot; <i>Soon enough, the barrier would waver and disappear before depositing them back outside in the park. The stage has been destroyed while they were gone, but none of the crowd seem to be hurt, mostly either confused or unconscious.</i>
New Paths
<b>Shino and co.</b> <i>Those who enter the barrier would hear a <b>pssssh</b> sound before their vision is clouded by a burst of steam. Once the steam clears, they are greeted to a clockwork factory. The area is filled with turning gears of various sizes, some as small as one's hand, others the size of a house. Some are left connected to the ground, while others foat in the air with no apparent purpose. None of the gears are interconnected, instead they are spaced just far enough apart to make it somewhat difficult to maneuver between them. The area is littered with all sorts of strange-looking devices, some of which resemble toys, but their parts are all out of whack. For example, a metallic teddy bear with a massive head, or a three-story house that's missing its second floor, the third simply floats a few inches. The group would also notice a few that look like simplistic robots, much like the one brought to their science fair, they're small and roll around on wheels, with various parts attached like an arm, a hammer, one appears to have flowers welded on it while another carries a blow torch. All of these appear to be in a state of major disrepair, missing wheels, part of the arm, and in one case the outer chassis. For the time none of them are moving. Off towards the front, hidden away by one of the larger gears, another loud <b>psssh</b> sound is heard followed by the sound of welding metal. Soon enough, another robot, this one fully functional, could be seen wheeling over the large gear, only to fall off and break itself again. As the welding sound continues</i> <b>Capri</b> <i>The staircase seems to twist more and more sharply as she goes up, until it gets to the point where she's practically turning around every other step. Capri would find wooden shards scattered across the old staircase, but with little sign of who actually caused it. Without warning, Capri would find herself at an open doorway, which leads into another room, similar to the place she first entered. This one is a smaller room that connects into two others, one ot the left and one to the right. There are a few old portraits that are too webbed over to see who it was supposed to be of. There're also signs of a fight, with a few holes in the wall that simply lead into empty space, as well as a series of four blades spread across the floor, sticking in with their hilts pointed towards the room at the right. These swords are long, thin blades that resemble a katana, were it not for its atypical yellow handguard. Capri would be able to hear some crashing and thumping sounds coming from the room to her left, though the &quot;health inspector&quot; is still nowhere to be seen.</i> <b>Kyubey</b> <i>having eaten some of the muffin earlier, Kyubey wouldn't really feel any need to eat, so instead he simply slowly shakes his head, letting his ears flop to the side while asking a simple question</i> Kyubey: &quot;Around when are you available anyways? I can always come back later if this is a bad time.&quot;
New Paths
<b>H, M, + S</b> <i>Soon enough Shino would locate the general area of the barrier, its in a slightly warped space backstage where the robotics kids were preparing their demonstration. Further using her magic would allow her to rip open an entrance. Madoka's guess would be proved correct as its portal is adorned with a stamp-like marking, written in the strange runic script most witches use, and surrounded by a series of cogs which twist and turn around the portal to give it a feeling of constant motion. Risako would remain in the back, holding onto the ones affected by the Witch's kiss with her magic chains and just sort of stammering</i> Risako: &quot;A... Alright, I'll just.. Hold down the fort here... Good luck.&quot; <i>Homura is a responsible adult who leads the demonstrators out to the rest of the teachers. They stare at the new person for a bit, but don't really want to argue with the person holding a gun, instead they simply whisper among themselves.</i> purple hair: &quot;I don't think she goes to this school&quot; male demonstrator: &quot;kind of cute though&quot; female demonstrator: &quot;you think toting a gun around is cute?&quot; <i>and similar nonsense as they're brought outside of the gym, nothing seems to happen as Homura can see the rest of the students lining up outside, with the few teachers there making a headcount.</i> <b>Capri</b> <i>After waiting a moment to steady her nerves, Capri heads into the barrier itself. Once inside, the monochrome area looks to be even more abandoned than before. Capri would find herself in a living room, with a few tattered couches covered in cobwebs. Capri would also notice splinters of wood that seem to have been painted on, though what shape they once took would be difficult to determine. There's only one place left to go, a massive, spiraling staircase that doesn't seem to have an end. Yet it can't really be that long, for the &quot;health inspector&quot; is nowhere to be seen.</i> <b>Sonomi</b> <i>Kyubey simply watches the pair, he never quire understood the interactions of humans, but then again he didn't need to. Kyubey makes a few quick turns, pacing as an indication of him waiting, before they're finally finished. Sonomi might notice a hint of disdain in Kyubey's reply, one that only she can hear.</i> Kyubey: &quot;They're an anomaly. Though that term has started to lose meaning recently. isn't it rather rude for them to talk about me as if I'm not here?&quot; <i>Kyubey flicks his tail in annoyance, but of course he's not actually going to do anything.</i> <b>Damon</b> <i>Lucky Streak flashes Damon a smile as she leaps up to the side of one of the pillars</i> Lucky Streak: &quot;Is that a challenge? As a show woman I never disappoint.&quot; <i>The Witch recovers from its first failed attempt, this time it stretches its arm forward, hooking its scythe around the pillar Lucky Streak is standing on, and pulling to shatter it. Naturally, Lucky Streak simply leaps up and over, scattering a collection of her own cards down as she passes over the Witch.</i> Lucky Streak: &quot;How about we play a bit of a game?&quot; <i>The confused witch rapidly slashes at the cards, which causes them to split with each cut. The split cards would soon start to fill the air around it, simply floating there as if awaiting a signal.</i> Lucky Streak: &quot;Is there a problem? Just pick a card.&quot; <i>None of this would actually reach Damon of course, at this point it seems Lucky Streak is simply trying to show off rather than do her actual job.</i>
New Paths
<b>Madoka and Shinji</b> <i>Madoka's lightning strikes the robot's arm, an audible <b>pop</b> can be heard as its inner circuitry is totally fried. However, now taken over it doesn't really need its wiring, and as such it is merely stunned for a moment. This moment gives Shinji the chance to strike the machine directly. The blow leaes a fair dent in its body, which wasn't really built to withstand impacts, having been intended for a harmless demonstration. As such, once Shinji freezes it, the device simply stands there, seemingly unable to move. The demonstrators simply stand there, shocked for a bit, before the purple-haired girl leading the demonstration manages to speak</i> purple-hair: &quot;T.. I don't... Lets just... Is it good to go?&quot; <i>they all seem pretty out of their element, but with an escape route now open are more than glad to try leaving the gym themselves. With the situation mostly under control here, Shinji would likely be able to work on detecting the actual witch itself, rather than simply dealing with the aftereffects. Its around this time that Homura makes it to the school. She's been there a few times before, and since gyms tend to be located in easy-to-find locations it likely wouldn't take her much longer to join the group proper.</i> <b>Capri</b> <i>once the other girl has entered the portal, Capri would notice it warping a bit, much in the same way water ripples when a stone is thrown into it. She gets a glimpse of the world inside, which resembles an old-fashioned dark manor, but for now nothing seems to have come of it.</i> <b>Sonomi</b> <i>Since Asena could obviously see him, Kyubey didn't really see much of a reason to keep his presence a secret. He would perk up his long, fluffy tail and waits for Sonomi to be done talking before he mentions to her</i> Kyubey: &quot;If you want to talk about me that's fine. I know I can trust your decisions.&quot; <i>Once again the creature would simply walk up next to Sonomi, like a cat looking for attention, simply leaving the choice to them.</i> <b>Damon</b> <i>Lucky Streak either doesn't notice, or doesn't mind Damon's apparent disagreement, instead she simply shuffles a deck of cards between her hands and speaks with well-rehearsed bravado</i> Lucky Streak: &quot;Just sit back and enjoy the show.&quot; <i>The pillars ahead in the courtyard fold away as the Witch itself comes into being. It takes the form of a giant playing card, and seems to simply drift into existence. Its back is about what you'd normally expect, but the creature swiftly turns around to reveal its face side, that of a Joker wielding a wicked sickle. It lets out a laugh that echoes throughout the area, before making a wide slash with its scythe. The slash sends out a wave of wind, which is deflty jumped over by Lucky Streak and dashes harmlessly against the ribbon separating Damon from the fight.</i>
New Paths
<b>Madoka and Shinji</b> <i>It wouldn't be long until the thing they were waiting for happened, the kids would surge forward, seemingly out of things, while the robot from earlier sparks. The crowd starts to get on stage, only to find themselves held back by brilliantly glowing silver chains. Out in the back near the door, trying to stay hidden, Risako can be seen, her uniform changed into a frilly, silver dress and holding a long staff adorned with a heart shaped holder for a brilliant silver gem. Of course, as these things unfold the crowd aren't really idiots, what people don't seem to be under control are hurrying for the exits, teachers leading them out as if it were simply a fire drill. For better or for worse they seem prepared at least. While Risako keeps the other middle schoolers from doing anything dumb, the robot on stage would transform, it rolls up on stage and grows, its one arm that was used to grab things now sparks with a current running through it, it blocks the way for the demonstrators, now stuck between this monster and a zombified crowd.</i> <b>Capri</b> <i>Once she climbs up to the roof, Capri would find Ruriko of course, now standing at the entrance of a large, circular portal. It somewhat resembles the ones she saw at the library, but seems to have some sort of spooky motif, its primary color changed to a dark purple with a crescent moon in the center of the circle surrounded by bats. Ruriko strides towards it confidently, taking her time on the approach before jumping in at full force.</i> <b>Sonomi</b> <i>Kyubey knew pretty much every girl in the city, so he wouldn't be surprised by the appearance of one of Sonomi's role models, considering what day it was. Rather than ruin her day, he'd simply nod to Sonomi for now.</i> Kyubey: &quot;They're a friend of mine, but like I said it can wait for now. It looks like you might have company.&quot; <b>Damon</b> <i>Damon finds his bag still properly in place, not lost during the ride as the area shifts around them, soon it would become clear that they're in a sort of open courtyard, still in the style of cards, from the pillars, to the balconies, even the kind of plants one wouldnormally find in a garden. Lucky Streak takes a few steps forward, looking back at him with a grin.</i> Lucky Streak: &quot;I said 'using' not 'used'. Nice to see you know a bit about witches already. I'll just skip to the important parts then, in general, Witches are drawn to areas with many potential victims, like my show, and hate invaders. Luckily&quot; <i>As the courtyard starts to rumble, Lucky Streak takes off her small, red ribbon worn around her neck. She whips it out, and the ribbon begins to expand and stretch, attaching to two opposing pillars between her and Damon, first at around knee level, then they would wrap around the pillars and go up again, repeating several times to form a better shield.</i> Lucky Streak: &quot;As a Magical Girl its my job to handle these things. So just sit tight for a bit and it'll all be over.&quot;
New Paths
<b>Madoka and Shinji</b> <i>Shinji's glow doesn't intensify for a while, perhaps somewhat of a relief, as they get ready for the next step. While helping set up the chemistry group Madoka and Shinji would likely notice that several of the chemicals they're working with have a warning label saying they're flammable, again nothing too strange. The demonstration begins as normal, with the chemistry students, led by the girl with purple hair, talking about how they were going to mix stuff together to make a chemical that gives off a nice green glow, with the standard warnings about being careful as chemicals can be dangerous. Towards the end of the demonstration, the robotics kids start talking among themselves as their robot starts to spark. They start blaming each other for messing around with it. More noticeably, the teachers seem to be having a harder time controlling the crowd of middle schoolers, a few of them try to go up on stage, leading to them getting scolded by the demonstrators.</i> purple-hair: &quot;Hey, don't you guys have any self-control? We were just talking about how dangerous it is.&quot; <i>Near the back of the crowd, Risako gets up, glancing around nervously as she tries to use the distraction caused by the other kids to get out of sight for a bit, as she'd rather not transform in public.</i> <b>Capri</b> <i>Capri follows Ruriko to the back alley, where she sees the girl, assuming she's out of the public eye, take hold of a small, egg-shaped gem that glows a light purple. A similarly colored light snakes out of the stone like a ribbon, wrapping down her arm and around her body until she's fully covered, at which point it bursts out to reveal a long, tight-fitting suit, mostly purple with white stripes down the side. If not interrupted, the girl would make a single jump to get on the rooftop of the nearest building, before heading back towards the cafe. Capri would notice a fire escape on one of the nearby buildings, ladder down, to enable following if she chose to keep hidden.</i> <b>Sonomi</b> <i>After waiting for Sonomi's conversation to end, Kyubey would pause and think for a minute, before answering. Like usual, his voice betrays no emotion, and his response is curt and honest.</i> Kyubey: As you aren't a magical girl, I have nothing to ask of you. However, there was someone who wanted to meet with you and may have other plans. But that can wait until work is over at the very least. <b>Damon</b> <i>Damon and Lucky Streak enter the portal, causing the park from earlier to fade away as a new world forms into view. This world almost seems painted on, like the figures of the king or queen in a deck of cards, with long archways leading up onto a stage. Once they're here, Lucky would drop Damon, letting him stand on his own two feet as she brushes aside her hair</i> Lucky Streak: &quot;Sorry about using you as bait. This here is what's called a labyrinth. Its a home to monsters that like to cause a little chaos. A crowd like that is great for bringing one out.&quot;
New Paths
<b>Madoka and Shinji</b> <i>While Risako goes to sit in with the rest of the crowd of bored Middle Schoolers, Madoka and Shinji head backstage where they find a variety of equipment accompanied by some students they might recognize being from the chemistry, robotics, and physics clubs. While the club members were mandated to be here and do most of the presenting, Madoka, Shinji, and a few other students are expected to help bring their materials from backstage and keep the presentations going smoothly. The first one, from the robotics club, goes pretty smoothly, they demonstrate how they built a small machine that can move around, like an RC car, as well as lift and stack cans. Its overall a neat little presentation if you're into that sort of thing. Once the presentation is over, Madoka, Shinji, and the rest of the backstage crew are asked to help set up the tables and chemicals to be used for the Chemistry club while the robotics team is moved off to the side to answer questions. Its during the setup that Shinji might notice the gem on their ring letting off a soft glow, as it often did when it detects magic around.</i> <b>Homura and Capri</b> Ruriko: &quot;Chasing these things is my job, there's nothin' more to it. Could've been worse Akemi-san.&quot; <i>Ruriko grins before heading out the door herself, both hands in her pockets the creature she was hunting obviously didn't have an adverse impact in there, so there's nothing to watch out for. Though she finds it odd for the place's owner to be leaving too, she doesn't have any reason to bother them, instead just casually waving until they go out of sight. Once there, Ruriko would duck into a nearby side street, simply to be in a less public area for now.. It would take Homura a little while to actually reach the school, so I'll simply mention whenever you make it.</i> <b>Sonomi</b> <i>Kyubey pauses for a bit, as if he's not entirely sure himself, or rather isn't sure what story he's supposed to make up. It was a bit silly in hindsight, and one can't just look silly.</i> Kyubey: &quot;Ummm... Its nothing too serious. Its more like practice for if someone does come in. As I'm sure you're well aware there are many people with a supernatural influence who aren't Magical Girls, like your friend Homura.&quot; <i>Kyubey remains perfectly still the entire time, save for an occasional waving of his ears due to their movement before adding</i> Kyubey: &quot;Though I suppose as a former magical girl she's not the best example.&quot; <b>Damon</b> <i>Lucky Streak simply grabs hold of Damon by the waist with her right arm, so as not to drop him before answering with a cheerful grin and practiced nonchalance</i> Lucky Streak: &quot;Lets just say I didn't make it, simply revealed it. Now hold on tight, the real show's about to begin. Don't wanna stay here long enough for the riot.&quot; <i>Before she takes a running start, and simply taking one, majestic leap, over the crowd and into the portal. Of course, if Damon were to hold on as requested she'd take him into it with her, otherwise he'd have to deal with the crowd.</i>

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New Paths
<i>It was another ordinary day in &lt;insert city name here&gt;, once more, or perhaps for once, there was absolutely nothing unusual going on. Nope, nothing at all. We'll start off our story by looking into our protagonists (whose participation has already been noted)</i> <b>Madoka and Shinji</b> <i>for these two, it was a school day, which meant more work unfortunately, they were both in high school so its fairly likely they'd met before. It was approaching the end of school, so many of the other, generic students were waiting in anticipation. However, it was worth noting that today was special. For today, shortly before the bell rings, their teacher would remind the class</i> Teacher: &quot;remember class, there's a science demonstration going on at the Middle School today. Anyone who helps out is supposed to receive extra credit so if you're nto too busy its worth a look.&quot; <i>which is met with a variety of either irritated sighs or whispering among the other students. Not that any of them matter, not even the one with purple hair.</i> <b>Homura and Capri.</b> <i>For Homura, it was much the same, she ran a mall cafe in the cafe that was fairly quiet, focusing much of her time on it while her friend Madoka's away for school. Business was a little slow at the moment, due to all of the people still at work or school, though she did occasionally get a customer or two on their way to finish an errand or delivery. For Capri, it was a nice quiet place to relax for a bit away from the city. Though most people were busy the outside was still rather noisy, which makes places like these a great way to take a break, maybe get a load off your shoulders before continuing to explore.</i> <b>Sonomi</b> <i>For Sonomi, it was another day at her job. She'd been there for a while now, and thus doubtless knew many of the people she worked with. What had also become a bit of a habit was the small, white, catlike creature who nestles itself near her. Though none of the other employees seemed to notice, Kyubey had been able to talk to her for a while now</i> Kyubey: &quot;Don't worry, ordinary people can't see or hear me. I'll be your private companion for a bit, if nothing else.&quot; <b>Damon</b> <i>Our final traveler is a young man named Damon, a bit of a thrill seeker, Damon liked to hang around large crowded areas, concerts, other such events. It just so happened that a traveling magician was visiting town, with her show starting within the hour. They were cheerful and fairly popular, however if one looked into the places where this famous &quot;Lucky Streak&quot; had been they'd notice a stream of misfortune seemed to follow them.</i>
Silence in the Library
<i>It was an uneventful day, altogether. At least at first, the sun was shining brightly with only a few clouds dotting the sky. If anything it was too hot to be out, and with many people off for the holiday the steets weren't nearly as crowded as they'd normally be. Good thing too, as for some reason Jaywalking seemed to be a particularly significant problem for the day. It would be a fairly common sight to find people, often in ones or twos, with listless eyes simply heading in one direction, wherever it was. They would proceed in the same direction, heedless of the world around them as if there was only one place they could possibly be. That place being an old, run-down library near the center of town. Though it was still technically operational, the digital age had clearly done it no favors. A lot of the windows were in disrepair and even the building itself seems to have started gathering dust. Contrary to all this is the steady stream of people from all over the city who seem to have decided this was the best place to be all at once.</i>
Enjoy the show
<i>Today the sky was overcast, a faint grey providing a melancholic atmosphere as the faint sound of a light rain pitter-patters against the pavement. It was a boring enough day, for a while, until you caught sight of a strange, white, cat-like creature simply standing in the path as though waiting for you. It would pause, as though making sure it was seen before it starts walking through the city.</i>
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Anime Expo
<i>As frequently occurs on some weekend or another, a celebration of sorts, this time by fans and for fans, of their favorite forms of fiction and entertainment. A relatively small anime convention can be found in an event hall just off the city's main streets. Whether its intended primarily to advertise, or fan-run, it likely would hardly be noticed were the event not advertised as free. To this end, a small crowd works their way through the large, glass doors up front, dressed in a wide variety of outfits, these cosplayers form a new sort of normal as they rush into the hall, eager to see the sights. Off to the side of the hall itself. a young girl leans against a pillar, long brown ponytail trapped between the wall and her light-purple hoodie. The rather short girl's attention is on her phone, though she glances around occasionally. She has what almost looks like a cigarette in her mouth, though no smoke comes out of it.</i>
In the Night's Shadow
OOC: Though this is a continuation of something I started a while ago, do feel free to join in regardless, it might take a little catching up, but I aim to explain everything along the way anyways, so this shouldn't be an issue, without further ado IC:<i>As often happens, once a day in fact, darkness falls over the city of Tokyo. With the rumors and stories of strange things coming out in the dark, most people find their way home in a hurry, leading the streets to be surprisingly empty, what was bustling and busy mere hours before is almost like a ghost town. For those who remain out, for whatever reason, they may see a dark green flash, that of someone, or something, making its way through the darkness. For any who may follow them, the figure soon stops outside of an appliance store, long emerald cloak hiding their form. The figure bends down near the door for a moment. One person (you know who you are) would receive a text. It seems to have been written in haste, judging by the short message &quot;I think we're about ready, meet me here&quot; with directions to the appliance store in question added at the end.</i>
The Emerald Rogue
<i>It was a cold, moonlight night on the city streets. By now most people had found their way home, whether they needed to be up early, or out of fear of the rumors. Ah yes, the rumors, its long been superstition, the light of a full moon has often been said to fill the air with an air of intrigue and mystery, perfect for the supernatural. Yet, tonight it feels a little heavier. One can almost hear faint whispering among the shadows, of course, nothing can be discerned from this noise, yet an unsettling feeling remains nonetheless Walking down the main street, there are several alleyways, three on each side,that lead to smaller parts of the city. Aside from the general air of unease, little of note can be seen along the empty streets. A brief flash of green leaps from one alleyway to another, occasionally stopping to look back, almost as though afraid of being caught</i>
Mikage Sun Mall: A prismatic glow
<i>It looked like a perfectly average day at the mall, all the stores, from trending clothing stores, game stores, to a few odd ones like the closed armory on the second floor. Its rather slow today, few customers can be seen wandering the venue, couples holding hands as they shop. Its almost as though they can feel it to. You feel it, don't you? The air feels a little thick, almost as though something sinister could happen at any moment. No one says anything, but from the way everyone's rushing around, its obvious. In the middle of the mall is a remarkable fountain, stretching up towards the sky, one of the malls main features. Sitting by the fountain are two young girls, probably in middle school, looking into the waters. If you look around, you'd notice a wide variety of open shops, from food, to clothing, merchandise, almost anything you could ask for. Hardly anyone other than the employees are here by now, so it should be easy to find.</i>
A Childish Wish
OOC: A few notes before starting this one. First is that, shockingly, most characters are mortal, this means they are capable of dying. While I will not specifically aim for killing them off, do be cautious in your actions, as not all actions will have positive results. For example, attempting to block a creature half the size of a whale's attempt to swallow you whole won't work (you know who you are) Second, as a GM, my goal is to set a stage upon which the characters act. As such, little direction will be given. It is your job as both player and character to make your own decisions. I would like for any information regarding your character's condition be mentioned OOC in your first post for my convenience (for example, robots and undead would be immune to most poisons.) In order to ensure that anything that happens to them is as accurate as possible Without further ado, let us get started IC: <i>It was a cold, winter night on city streets, much as it has been for the past few weeks. For the most part, the city streets are empty, with most people hurrying on their way home. A young, blonde-haired girl and a pair of adults can be seen passing by, holding the hands of the girl between them. The girl wears a simple, black school uniform with a long, tan skirt and matching red bowtie. The adults are dressed similarly lightly, the woman wearing a gray business suit with a similar, simple gray skirt, and the man wearing a more semi-casual outfit, a red, button-up shirt with a pair of blue jeans. the trio walk down the street, both of the adults seem to be talking to each other energetically while the girl looks between the pair. While most people are walking away from the nearest train station by now, having already finished their business and heading home for the night, these three are walking towards it.</i>
A Princess's Show
<i>Its late at night, far later than any sane person would stay out after. By now almost everyone has abandoned the city streets, almost as though they're haunted. Of course, in a sense they are, night is when all manners of demons and monsters find best to prowl. While most people find some reason to be home by now, there are always others. The daring type who not only brave such stories, but actively seek them. As one of such people remaining on the city streets, for whatever reasons you may have. A flash of white darts across your vision and into a nearby alleyway.</i>
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