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MK Infinity Tournament Round 1: Homura versus Momo
<i>She places a hand on her chin for a moment, pondering heavily. Given what she knows about Shadows... Well, it may or may not form, but at the least in theory the risk shouldn't be there if it can't actually kill the person it's made from.</i> &quot;Sorry, forget not everyone knows this stuff. Think of them as repressed emotions made manifest via the Shadow World's power. All Shadows are really, that's what we call the things native to that world. As for your idea, I can't say for sure if it'll form or not, but I am fairly sure that'll negate the actual threat so... Alright then, I'll help.&quot; <i>She cracks her knuckles for a moment and glances forward, ready and able to enter that world of madness once again. Albeit not physically apparently if she's understanding Itachi's words correctly.</i>
MK Infinity Tournament Round 1: Homura versus Momo
<i>Homura stares blankly at the TV for quite a while. It doesn't exactly sound like a great idea to go in there from where she stands. And her eyes seem to water a bit before she blinks and just puts up a mask of indifference.</i> &quot;I don't recommend it. Last person I brought in there... It didn't go great at all... To put it very very lightly. I don't want that to happen again, and what's stopping my opponent's own Shadow from forming?&quot; <i>She isn't an expert in that place, but when those without a Persona enter that place...</i> &quot;I'm not risking someone's life needlessly like that. So unless you can be totally sure it won't happen, which I don't think you can. Then I'm not going into the Shadow World for this.&quot;
Rejoice! Behold your future!
<i>Homura stares over at the man behind the throne, her eyes just a bit narrowed. Stolen? She wouldn't call it that, but she can now say for sure... This man knows far more than he lets on. Madoka is a bit confused by it mostly, she doesn't really know all the details. Her head tilts curiously even as she smiles at Woz.</i> H: &quot;That's... I'm not sure stolen is the right word, more like stumbled into? Regardless though yes, you have a point there. I'm not entirely sure how you know that much about us, but you are right that this world is full of hidden dangers.&quot; M: &quot;Heh, it is kinda funny how things work out sometimes. We're always careful though Mr...? Well regardless, thanks.&quot; <i>They both shrug a bit and giggle at the second bit of info, perhaps they should head over there at some point? Either way, Madoka bows politely for a moment, Homura smiles and nods, they both begin walking away and waving to Woz.</i> H: &quot;Anyway, see you around later I'd guess. It's been nice meeting you.&quot; M: &quot;Stay safe yourself Mr! I'm sure we'll be alright, but we'll keep your warning in mind!&quot;
Rejoice! Behold your future!
<i>A pair of young girls walks up to the stall, the taller black haired one sighing a bit as she's pulled toward it thanks to her pink companion who's smiling brightly.</i> M: &quot;Ah, what a cool stand Mr.! I guess you tell fortunes then, right? I kinda want one!&quot; H: &quot;Oh come on, you don't think it's for real do you...? I doubt it, but I guess there's no harm in it Madoka...&quot; <i>Homura reaches into her jean pockets, smiling just a bit as Madoka claps her hands excitedly and grins. Soon enough Woz would have 250 Yen on the table as the pink haired girl speaks up again while looking at her friend.</i> M: &quot;What to ask... Oh I got it! Um, I'm curious how things will work out for Homura and I... Kind of a cliche question huh? But eh, it works!&quot; <i>The black haired one blushes a bit and stammers something about it being a silly question, but nevertheless would stay to hear what Woz says to it.</i>
Join the masquerade
<i>Homura sighs heavily as even more ginfire rings out through the air. Madoka would look around with a worried face, though given she doesn't seem to spot anything the girl doesn't really do much about it. The black-haired one, would pull out her cellphone and... Dial 110, police.</i> H: &quot;Hello, yeah I'd like to report an incident in Shibuya. Ah, already gotten a few calls, of course. No, can't say anything beyond there being several gunshots. Mmm, goodbye then.&quot; <i>She would hang up with a shrug and keep on walking away from the sounds, chuckling a bit as she hears Suzuki's story. Madoka seems somewhere between amused and saddened by that tale.</i> H: &quot;Hah, very nice. Sounds like an entertaining thing to see at the very least, though ya gotta wonder how that went by the end of the day.&quot; M: &quot;It <i>is</i> a little funny... But it's kinda awful too, though maybe that's just me.&quot; <i>Homura would shrug at the introduction, she'd already guessed that merely by looking. Not that she feels the need to point it out. Madoka of course already knew the other girl's name. Though the other part does cause her to wince for just a moment, something she'd quickly cover up with a bright smile as her girlfriend raises an eyebrow.</i> M: &quot;Teacher in... Ah, good luck. We know a little about that actually, though we... Aren't involved as such anymore, not entirely.&quot; H: &quot;That's one to put it, sure. Moving on though, gotta be something to do around here, right? I mean, other than just standing around talking.&quot; <i>Something further from this area perhaps, which will by Homura's guess be swarmed in cops soon enough. A thought which would cause the girl's pace to pick up a bit. Not that she's worried exactly, just not in the mood for such a fuss. The pink-haired girl accepts the hurrying without any issue, though she would take care not to jostle the cat in her hands.</i> M: &quot;Yeah, I can't say that hanging around here seems like the best idea. And I bet we could find something more fun anyway!&quot;
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<i>Madoka would happily rub the cats ears, cooing a bit as she notices the scarf around it's neck and tilts her head in confusion.</i> M: &quot;A scarf? That's weird, I wonder if somebody lost you sweetie. Guess I'll have to look around eventually, you can stay for now though~&quot; <i>As the other pair of girls appears, both would turn and greet them. Albeit for differing reasons.</i> H: &quot;Ah, hello again Risako. A friend of yours I guess? Homura Akemi, nice to meet you.&quot; M: &quot;Oh, Suzuki! It's good seeing you around! Anything cool at your business lately?&quot; <i>Homura's a bit of a contrast to the one from the dream, several inches taller, shorter hair tied back, a confident smile on her face. She'd also seem slightly surprised that Madoka knows the white haired girl... But before she can ask anything about it gunfire rings out, Homura's eyes narrow as shadows begin swirling around her. Madoka would clutch the kitten tighter and stand behind her friend. Who sighs upon noting the 3 rushing towards the sounds.</i> H: &quot;Wonderful. I think it might be time to go. I don't wan-&quot; M: &quot;Go... Shouldn't we do something? It just seems right...&quot; <i>Homura shakes her head a bit and grabs the pink haired girl's shoulder.</i> H: &quot;Not really, this isn't our kinda thing Madoka. Some normal gunner isn't really our business. Let the cops do it.&quot; M: &quot;I guess...&quot;
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H: &quot;Sleeping in a tree isn't a great idea, at all. It's a big city out here ya know, and you don't wanna end up dealing with cops. Or worse...&quot; <i>Homura goes quiet for a moment... Only to suddenly hear her girlfriend squealing, Madoka would quickly try to take hold of the cat and begin petting gently.</i> M: &quot;So cute! Oh can we keep em Homura, come onnnnnnn!&quot; <i>The black haired girl sighs, how does Madoka have such a fondness for picking up strays anyways? Regardless, she'd respond in a resigned voice.</i> H: &quot;Fine, but it's your responsibility. I'm not the one dragging home this animal.&quot; M: &quot;Yay! Thanks love!&quot; <i>Madoka would rub at the kittens ears and hum to herself softly.</i>
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<i>Homura just stares at the three of them for a bit, clearly unsure what to do.</i> H: &quot;Alright, well you can't all crash on our couch...&quot; <i>She points to the two girls, already regretting this even as Madoka smiles brightly.</i> H: &quot;i guess you two could if you want... Unless anyone has better ideas.&quot; M: &quot;Aw don't worry Homura, I'm sure it'll go fine!&quot;
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<i>The raven haired young woman sighs, there are a fan reasons for that but mostly...</i> H: &quot;Driving... That wouldn't work anyways, you're in Japan, Tokyo. Surrounded by water.&quot; <i>Madoka would pipe in, her own English is just as slow and accented as Homura's to be sure. But still understandable, kinda. </i> M: &quot;I see... So I guess you all have nowhere to go huh... Maybe we could help?&quot; <i>She looks over at Homura with a cute smile and winks, the other girl just shaking her head for a moment before nodding.</i> H: &quot;I... Fine, but this better not turn out dangerous.&quot;
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<i>Homura would mutter a curse under her breath, of course. Ameircans wandering around looking clueless. She coughs for a moment, half recalled lessons from another time coming to mind as she makes an effort to speak English. There'd be a strained look on her face as she speaks in a language she clearly doesn't know very well.</i> H: &quot;Uh... Right, do you understand me now? It is a bit hard to do, but I am not entirely incapable. As I was trying to say, are you people lost?&quot; <i>Madoka just waves to them a bit, she could try to join Homura's speaking but... Eh, the other girl seems to have it under control. She just smiles at them politely and waits for the moment.</i>

Recent topics

GYM Deluxe: Cross Tag Magica
<i>A pair of girls walk into the building, one with black hair tied in a ponytail and wearing a black hoodie with blue specks over it, along with a pair of shorts and black boots on her feet. The other has a bow and arrows strapped to her back, wearing a pink t-shirt with a glittery sword drawn on the front. Along with light blue exercise pants. The lights flick on as they come into the building proper, glancing around and spotting both a normal fighting ring and one which appears to have some kind of computer set up for digital battlefields? Homura turns to her partner with a curious look.</i> H: &quot;Huh, that's new... Might take a look at it though, if you want Madoka.&quot; <i>The pinkette shrugs a bit, she's not exactly an expert on this stuff after all.</i> M: &quot;Eh, I'll trust your judgment on it honestly. I won't lie though; I am a bit excited to actually <b>do something</b> with this power. Even if it's not important.&quot; <i>Homura shrugs a bit and walks behind the GYM's counter, quickly starting to brew a pot of green tea with a smile on her face. It’d take a moment of looking around, going through various kitchen tools around the place. Not to mention the fact the tea is for some reason stuffed on a top shelf she’s gotta resort to a murky black tendril of shadows to reach for, but eventually, a kettle would sit on the stove and begin to boil.</i> H: &quot;Mmm, I can understand that. I'm a bit worried, but... together again anyway. At least Personas don't have quite the drawbacks of our former state.&quot; <i>Madoka grimaces a bit at that last statement, arrows flying through the air at a training dummy and lighting up with bits of gleaming holy magic that would appear as sharper points and pierce deeply into the target. She grins and stows the bow over her shoulder again, taking a seat at the counter and observing Homura’s work.</i> M: &quot;You aren't wrong there... Wonder who all will come in today though?&quot; <i>The black-haired girl shrugs and then pours out a pair of cups, taking a seat at the counter alongside Madoka and absently watching the door as they both drink, Homura’s head leaning against Madoka’s shoulder for a moment as the other girl blushes some.</i> H: “Eh, no telling on that one. Whoever we end up going against though, I’m at least pretty sure we can learn something useful about your Persona. And how to make our magic works <b>with</b> each other too. That bit is important.” M: “Heh, yeah I know. Win or lose, the point is just to get better and learn more.” <i>With those words said, the pair would go silent for now and simply drink their tea with smiles on their faces. Heads only turning now and then to gaze around and see if anyone else has joined them.</i> <spoiler>This will be an experiment on my part, tag battles have been done before, but always with four players. I’m mad though, so I’m gonna try one with myself just… Using two characters. I won’t say anyone else has to, though if someone wants to feel free to engage in this madness as well.</spoiler>
Unlimited GYM
<spoiler>OOC: So haven't done one of these in a while, the basic gist though is they're based on the idea of Unlimited Characters in BlazBlue. Ultra powerful versions of normal fighters. Not flat out god modding exactly, but still a lot more over the top than normal stuff and non-canon is the intent of these.</spoiler> <i>A woman in her early 30s would walk up to an old rundown building, a blank and worn out look on her face as she absently looks down at a gleaming ring.</i> &quot;Yeesh, been a damn while since I've come back here. Well whatever, maybe someone here can... Nah I doubt it.&quot; <i>She shakes her head, black hair tied in a ponytail swaying about as she walks through the GYM's doors and flicks on the lights. Despite it being old, the place is still somehow in amazing shape internally, a longue area sits off to the side, along with a fully stocked bar sitting at the back that's got no one running for now. Finally, there are several &quot;fighting rings&quot; as it were, wide fields that have some mystic writings set up as a square around them which would prevent any stray fire from rushing out into the building around them. Homura reaches into a black coat around her and pulls out a lighter, along with a cigarette that she'd quickly take a drag from before leaning back against a wall with a disinterested look.</i> &quot;Oh well, I guess I haven't got anything better to do than wait around here anyways. Might be fun if the right person shows up. Someone who can be a challenge...&quot;
Sun Mall Magica
<i>A pair of girls wander through the mall, not an unusual event in most times. The fact that one of with black hair has her eyes darting all about the area warily might strike one as odd though, the pink haired girl with her just sighing and shaking her head at her counterpart's mood is perhaps more normal.</i> Madoka: &quot;Geez, you seem to be uh... Paranoid today Homura-chan.&quot; Homura: &quot;Yeah yeah, nothing to worry about too much. It's just, stuff Madoka, sorry.&quot; <i>Homura would flip her hair back a bit and absently begin leaning back against a wall, a cup of coffee held in her hands as the other girl just watches her with a concerned look on her face. For the moment, she'd simply lean against Madoka and sip at her drink every now and then. Various crowds pass by, storefronts are open, the fountain in the area's center is running, it's a typical morning in Japan all things considered. Though those outside the building might note the downpour of rain and the slightly strong winds blowing about.</i> M: &quot;Kinda surprised you wanted to get out today though, this weather isn't exactly the best.&quot; H: &quot;Hmm, not really but I felt a bit restless at home. Wonder if anyone interesting will be around...&quot;
Faba Magi Capulus Magicus
<i> A young woman looks over a building, various chairs and tables lining the floor. A bell can be seen at the top of the door, and on the whole, the place is fairly small and calmly lit, giving off a very homey feel despite being in the middle of Tokyo.</i> &quot;Hmm... We've been pretty lacking in places like this for a while, guess I might as well give it a shot right?&quot; <i> She'd wander into the kitchen for a moment, an assortment of baked good placed around... And a slight mess from cooking the things, but she'll clean it up eventually.</i> &quot;Well, everything's ready, I've got stuff made... Alright, time to open up!&quot; <i> The girl walks to the front of the store, unlocking the front door and flipping a closed sign to open. With that, Homura wanders behind the counter and smiles. Sure it's a strange thing for her to be doing, but eh, can't just look for shadows and witches all the time, right? Either way, she'd simply look toward the door and lean back on a wall</i>
Sun Mall: Now with 100% less Witches!
<i> A young woman wanders into the mall, she looks around for a moment and spots a tall tree with pink leaves in the center of the area. Moonlight pouring down onto it through the open air above the mall...</i> &quot;Well, I guess I can't sit around moping all day long... Wonder if anything will happen tonight?&quot; <i> Homura would wander over to a fountain and sit down on the edge for a moment. She'd glance toward various shops and restaurants for a moment, but in the end she can't really bring herself to do... Much, instead the girl simply lays down on the edge and stares up at the sky. Vaguely examining the stars, not that it'd really do much to take her mind off things... Either way, for now she simply places her hands behind her head and stares out, not even bothering to pay any attention to things around herself at the moment.</i>
Roppongi Hills: A frozen park.
<i> Homura sits on a park bench with a small smile on her face, she'd stare out at a nearby lake as snow falls around her, moonlight dancing across the frozen water.</i> &quot;Huh, it's pretty out here... But, I really hope she's not too late, if it takes much longer I'll have to start searching.&quot; <i> She sighs, she'd called the other girl a bit ago. But Madoka is bad with directions... It's a toss up between danger, and just being a bit lost, hopefully the latter. Regardless, Homura's still assuming the best as she smiles at the leafless trees and shivers a bit.</i> &quot;Oh well, I've gotta have a little faith is all! She's not helpless or anything.&quot;
Emerson's Armory: Genealogy of the Holy Forge, Second Generation
<i> A young girl wanders toward a famiral Armory, she'd walk through the doors with a grin on her face and instantly move toward the swords. Mostly looking at Katanas before she glances around the shop for a bit.</i>
Killer GYM!
<i> A young girl wanders through the doors, she looks around curiously at the seemingly empty building.</i> &quot;Oh, nobody here for now huh? Well I guess I'll just work on something myself.&quot; <i>Homura shrugs and walks up to a training dummy, light flashing around her as a black dress and white/blue overcoat form in place of her clothing. A small gray shield rests on her right wrist as well. And finally, a wooden Shinai forms in the girl's hands. A purple glow forming around the blade as she drops into a fighting stance. She'd look over her target a moment before starting to slam her blade into it at an inhuman speed, only stopping to glance at the door now and then.</i>
Chill Out Arena
<i> A snow filled park stands before you, frost covering the leafless trees as a chill wind blows through the air. A small lake sits in the center, frozen solid by the frost of winter, and moonlight shining upon it.</i> &quot;Well, I guess coming out here wasn't such a bad idea. I mean, it's not like this could be that hard...&quot; <i> A young girl wearing a heavy winter coat stares out at the lake, her eyes filled with determination as she prepares for one of her greatest challenges yet...</i> &quot;Alright, it's time to face this head on and win!&quot; <i>Homura cheers to herself and briefly looks down at feet, the ice skates upon them seem to be done properly... Thus, she sets off, and for a moment goes in a straight line.</i> &quot;Yay! I'm actually doing this witho-&quot; <i>As soon as she begins cheering to herself however, Homura would slip off her left foot and fly down to the ground. The girl gets up with a groan and shakes her head.</i> &quot;Ack, why is this so much harder to me than fighting monsters?&quot; <i> She sighs and slowly wanders off the ice for a moment, looking around the place and wondering if anyone noticed that... Genius attempt.</i>
Emerson's Armory: Genealogy of the Holy Forge
<i> Homura stands outside of... Well it is a building to be sure, rumor has it that this is in fact Em's Armory, and she should indeed know that given she's been here before. So, Homura Akemi once more ventures into a weapons store, lord knows she could use something else.</i>
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