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MK Infinity Tournament Round I-2: Asena versus Hikaru!
<i>Hikaru crumbled up the note, though he won, he didn't feel satisfied at all. He reached inside his tattered jacket and pulled out his cigarettes, put one in his mouth, and then lit it. He took one long puff, before falling backwards and hitting the ground with a loud thud</i> Lost my cool again huh? Kid's got skill but god damn did not being able to hit him piss me off. Just goes to show how much work I need. Sure I've taken down street thugs, but nothing like this. <i>He stares at the sky, a small pool of blood forms, but nothing alarming</i> Shit, I overdid it in the first fight. I know I'll see that kid later on, I'm gonna finish this, I don't much like leaving a fight unfinished... <i>He continues to puff his cigarette, slowly losing consciousness</i>
MK Infinity Tournament Round I-2: Asena versus Hikaru!
<i> Hikaru wormed away slightly from the shark bite, and while it missed anything vital, although he did get a mean gash on his arm. Though he was in pain, Hikaru stood back up with the young boy. At this point, anything thrown at him, he's determined to tank through any pain. He stood back up and shoved the boy away from him. With his device he constructed a solid wall where he stood behind. You hear the faint sound of beeping, and a small chuckle</i> Bingo. <i>On the backside of Asena there was a large stick of plastic explosive, almost enough to bring down an entire small building. Somewhere during the scuffle, he managed to stick it on there without the boy noticing. Hikaru pressed on the detonator, exploding the plastic explosive, creating a massive explosive that nearly enveloped the entire arena. The wall wasn't enough to hold, as the explosion blew back Hikaru. He laid on the ground and loaded his revolver, feeling this wouldn't be enough to take the boy down</i> That case, if only I can destroy it, he should be powerless. Though I doubt it'll make this any better. Shit, I knew I should have brought that prototype sword with me. <i>He looked at his shoulder where he noticed a large cut. He tore off a piece of his shirt and wrapped it around his wound</i> If you did survive that, I'm gonna freakin' lose it. All this shit you've thrown at me, I know this may not bring you down. Bring it on kid!
MK Infinity Tournament Round I-2: Asena versus Hikaru!
<i>Hikaru reacted almost instantly to where Asena would appear. Though he couldn't shoot, The Smiths quickly picked up the javelin and threw it at the eel, penetrating from the mouth</i> Come here!! <i>He then ran full speed at Asena. This entire match he used almost every tactic possible to hit them, now at this point, all he thought of was pummeling them. He tackled the boy and proceeded to pin him down, and instead of dealing damage with The Smiths or his gun, he just proceeded to pummel him with a flurry of left jabs to the face</i> You damn well know how to take a bullet, let's see how fists taste like!!!
MK Infinity Tournament Round I-2: Asena versus Hikaru!
<i>Hikaru dodged the dark energy swiftly, and began to run towards Asena</i> You've tested my patience, and now I'm pissed <i>Hikaru aimed his revolver at Asena, this time aiming straight for the forehead</i> Don't think I won't do anything fancy like intentionally miss any vital organs <i>He fires, instead of one or two shots to test the waters, he instead emptied the entire revolver. The bullets flew straight ahead. As he shot, The Smiths flew above Hikaru, heading over Asena, driving it's javelin down to where he was standing</i>
MK Infinity Tournament Round I-2: Asena versus Hikaru!
<i>The Smiths valiantly deflected most of the fish, but not all. As the torrent of vicious creatures continued, Hikaru would soon find himself bitten and ramming him multiple times. By the end of the attack, he laid on the floor for a while. It seems as if he were unconscious, but through sheer force of will, and an unyielding amount of anger, he seemed to be moving. Bloody, battered, but not defeated</i> ...is that the best you can do...? <i>He struggled to get up, but he found himself back on his feet. He noticed that his target, which seemed to be a young girl, now turned into a boy, but it didn't matter, as his patience ran out long ago, and now he was angry</i> WELL BOY? I SAID IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO?
MK Infinity Tournament Round I-2: Asena versus Hikaru!
<i>Hikaur’s eyesight returned, as he saw the house being flung towards him. The Smiths sliced through it with ease, though he couldn’t see where Asena is</i> You’re only gonna make this worse for yourself <i>Though his voice couldn’t be heard anymore, The Smiths could still tell what commands it’s given, and still move around on its own though not as far without it and Hikaru being completely in sync with each other, and as it stands, Hikaru is still blinded by the light magic</i> Alright, you asked for it, SOUND BLAST TIMES 4 <i>The piercing screech then got stronger and even more louder, sounding like 200 little children screeching at the top of their lungs. Hikaru’s ears began to hurt a little, though this is nothing close to his threshold. The Smiths floated around close to Hikaru, looking to protect its master from further harm</i>
MK Infinity Tournament Round I-2: Asena versus Hikaru!
<i>The flash grenade exploded, though Hikaru's hearing wasn't affected. There he stood in the silence that surrounded them both, with a stern look in his face, almost as if he was concentrating immensely,though in reality he had run out of patience. You can feel a menacing aura coming from him as The Smiths hovered behind him. The quiet Stand felt it, it was time. The Smiths undid it's bandages covering it's mouth, fully revealing his face. Hikaru took a deep breath and though it hurt to open his eyes from the effect of the star, he didn't care about pain anymore.</i> Tch... <i>Hikaru then made a loud, bellowing yell, like one of those manga characters powering up. His eyes widened, it looked like he was about to pop a vein, then without hesitation, The Smiths began yelling as well, it's yell sounding like a monster</i> SOUND BLAST, TIMES 3 <i>The Smiths then clanged it's swords together, like a spartan clanging it's sword against it's shield. Both their yelling, and the sound of the clang suddenly turned into a very high pitched screeching noise, like 100 cats clawing at 100 chalkboards. It was loud, it was ear splitting uncomfortable screeching that would make any normal person's ears bleed, or shatter windows in a very large mile radius. The Smiths focused on the house and charged at it, with the screeching sound continuing. That was all that could be heard, no footsteps, no breathing, not even the sound of your own heartbeat. Hikaru had an idea where the house was and fired his gun at it, though no gunshots were heard</i>
MK Infinity Tournament Round I-2: Asena versus Hikaru!
Shit!! <i>Hikaru quickly made another structure, 4 solid walls surrounding him, and one above him. He boxed himself in quickly. The Smiths was still outside, standing on the makeshift fort he made himself. It spun it's javelin around, blocking many of the stars hurled at him. A few hit The Smiths but it continued to block the stars in a flurry of sword swings. It then broke apart it's javelin and begun to cover more ground with the two swords. A line of blood came from Hikaru's head, though it wasn't severe, he certainly felt some pain</i> Okay, I've lost my patience. This is gonna keep going unless I rush her down. But for me to use this technique now, I have to end her swiftly. <i>As the barrage of stars ended, he broke out of his enclosure. He then used The Smiths to project his voice even louder</i> Hey, you can hear me right? I know you're out there and you can hear me!
MK Infinity Tournament Round I-2: Asena versus Hikaru!
<i>Hikaru heard the voice clear as day, his hearing impeccable when The Smiths is out, though if he knew anything this entire fight, is to never trust stars</i> This doesn't seem right at all. Let's see here... <i>Hikaru used the device to make another platform, this time a bit more taller than the one he's on. He then commanded The Smiths to slice it in quarters, and then punch them, now hurling in the direction of the star</i> Maybe I'm being paranoid but these stars have caused nothing but pain. <i>He then loads his revolver again, now playing the waiting game, he stands on guard until he can get an idea of where she is</i>
MK Infinity Tournament Round I-2: Asena versus Hikaru!
<i>He looked up and saw the comet coming towards him</i> Another one? Dammit! <i>The Smiths then combined it's swords again, and threw the javelin in a spinning motion, effortlessly slicing the comet in two. He then used his device to create a rectangular, building like structure, reaching to where Asena is. He then had The Smiths throw him up to the top of the structure, stumbling a bit when he lands</i> You can keep running, but I'll keep coming after you! <i>The Smiths recalls the javelin, and Hikaru continues to rush down Asena, creating similar structures in front of him to give him a makeshift bridge of buildings to run on. He fired the last three shots at her and The Smiths still continued to fly past Hikaru. Playing things safe was no longer and option, he had to rush her down or he's in trouble</i>

Recent topics

Thanks for the memories
Hey guys, or to anyone reading this. This isn't exactly easy for me to write, or easy for me to even think properly right now, but I'm gonna be taking an indefinite break from social medias, including this (not like I was really active at all anymore on here anyhow). I've already left a bunch of discord servers and I'm planning to go dark again on social media. To those who cared enough to read this or ask why, well to put it simple, I'm not happy with myself, or with things at all. I feel very out of place wherever I go, if it's related to Phansite or not. Everyone's in their own happy groups or cliques and I'm just facing the facts, I don't belong anywhere. People know how to write creative things, people are outstanding RPers, I'm nothing more than a basic average joe with nothing going on for him. So why bother sticking around, you know? It'll really only make me feel more like shit I guess. It's funny really, no matter how many times I convince myself that I am something, the facts keep coming back and slapping me on the face. I am nothing. To those of you who I've had the privilege to call friends, or to anyone that I've interacted with in a hopefully positive way, thank you for giving me laughs and support, for sticking by me no matter how much of an asshole I was or how much of a dumbass I am. I can't exactly find my words right now, but I guess all I can say is thank you. I'm gonna go back to being a hermit, what I was before I stumbled upon this place. I don't see me returning to any chat rooms or servers or anything for a very long while, or at all. I don't know if I can ever feel happy with myself at all either, but I guess I just have to keep on going on with life. &quot;Blameless wolf carries on alone&quot; as a song went. Guess it's time I should head out. Peace and love -Hikaru
Death of the vicious criminal Hikaru Michi
(10:26 PM Kabukicho district, Shinjuku. Inside of a sleazy restaurant with many men, and women eating and drinking, waitresses wearing revealing outfits, typical Shinjuku night life. At the other end of a restaurant is a man sitting alone at a bar, he is of average height and build, wearing slim jeans, black trainers, a white shirt and a red bomber with the sleeves rolled up, he sits there drinking whiskey and smoking a cigarette, lost in thoughts.) *Shit, this was supposed to be a routine job, just go in, find the documents, and get out. Damn corrupt businessmen, they're usually prepared, but not like this! Bastard's probably got the entire city looking for me, I'd better lay low for a while, but where to go?*
Virtual World Sparring Session
Greetings one and all, it's the man of mayhem, Hikaru, returning with a special action thread! If some of you may recall, last spring/summer one of my many alter egos made a tournament called the King of Nexus tournament, where many strong and daring fighters slugged it out inside a virtual world in many stunning battles to the death! Well I am here to announce that as of today, the virtual world is now open for all to use!! That means if you are craving a fight or a challenge, step on down, challenge anyone willing to fight, and duke it out in a fatal match where the last fighter standing wins!!! The rules are simple 1. No Instant Kill moves 2. No self healing 3. Absolutely no interference with the virtual world (So that if you die here, you don't die permanently outside of the virtual world) 4. Use of any ultimate/final attacks or techniques are limited to once per fight. You will be uploaded to the virtual world via the massive computer used in the King of Nexus, simply step on the pads of the massive machine and the rest is history. You can choose where you want to fight, or which tunes play during the fight, so go metal, go all out, and remember, treat every fight as a fight to the death, you'll be revived when you exit the virtual world as well as have any missing limbs or organs restored. With that being said, enjoy the fighting!
Telling a story using only music
I'm bored, I'm still a wee bit drunk, and I'm bored, so here's my attempt at doing something that I was curious about for a bit, I'm gonna try to tell a story using only music. Any kind of music. This is gonna go south so fast, but drunken boredom strikes, so let's do this thing
Dragon Ball FighterZ: Hikaru's thoughts
After playing the beta, I actually feel like this will be a Dragon Ball game I will thoroughly enjoy for once. There are things that need to be worked on, but I'm sure things will be polished by the beta.
Anyone still play Quake 3 Arena?
I've been kind of obsessed with the game since I bought it on Steam. Although there aren't really actual people playing or any unmodded rooms to play in, I've still had a blast. If you did play it, what were some fond memories?
Hikaru's thoughts
This post turned out to be a long one, meaning I pretty much shattered the character limit for a post. I'll leave a link to it here (don't hurt me mods) https://anotepad.com/notes/hg8kqc
Hikaru's Haunted House
October has arrived, and naturally, everywhere is filled with crappy Halloween decorations. The usual stuff, crappy skeletons, ghosts made of bed sheets. However, one odd thing stands out, an old house, abandoned for several decades...
Hikaru's Tavern
And we are now open for business! Welcome to Hikaru's Tavern, where the good times never stop, the parties go on, and the 4th wall is always broken! Come on in and enjoy a drink or two, crack a joke, just let loose after a long day of questing, fighting, whatever it is you do. Open to all characters and creatures alike! COME ON IN FOLKS!!
The P3 Challenge
So, with the inclusion of direct commands in Persona 4, It's no doubt that everyone has stopped letting AI control their party members. However, I for one, am planning to play P4 and P5 and let the AI do it's thing. If anyone wants to take the P3 challenge, let me know how that goes for you.
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