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Read Borges and watch Moomins please.

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Post itt and i'll say what I think about you
<quote user="phantom_masky">by the way i am not advertising my thread i just want to improve</quote> Edit posts instead of double or triple posting.
What is up, females
<quote user="Flareon">I am steelhart ... this is how you talk to girls, right?</quote> Keep trying, you'll eventually make it! And let the people who dismiss you show they have some outstanding feature worth being anxious before. <quote user="Last_Suprise">I don't even know what to say</quote> Quickplayers never do. <quote user="Franku">So nobody even uses this chat anymore. Great. Im gonna commit persona 3 now :)</quote> Edit your initial post instead of double posting.<div class='edited'>(edited by Hifumi Togo)</div>
H_ks palace
Only I get to delete threads, and I choose to lock this one.
Aight, who ya phansite crush?
So did you just make this to shitpost?
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
<quote user="Chie_chan">Dang, I didnt expect this thread to be alive Why mods havent lock this thing yet???</quote> Soon.
Very obscure video games you're a fan of
<quote user="Shadowgear">If you seriously think Danganronpa is obscure, I don't know what to tell you</quote> Almost nothing in this thread is actually obscure.
Help fix the fhansite mobile for people who are on the go
<quote user="Futaba_45">Also I am aware that I wrote fh instead of ph. Please don’t kill me over it.</quote> No double posting when editing is available (within ten minutes of posting).
<quote user="TheRemitron"><quote user="Morgana_Amamiya">The anime. Jk :p</quote> The Persona 3 movies and P4 the animation was good</quote> <quote user="Joker_Joestar"><quote user="BBBam04">You could dance your emptiness away in Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight.</quote> Thats full price </quote> Both of you, edit posts within a ten minutes of posting them instead of double posting. Don't make me punish you both, Remitron for ignoring my previous warning and Joker for triple posting.
Why are people being mean to Archer in chat?
Emily also has this account she neglected to mention: https://phansite.net/forum/profile.php?user=Ninta <quote user="Tot_Pop">Ah yes, I see, I see you have a large amount of experience locating cringe on account of viewing a rather large amount of it every time you join any forum. Also nice pfp Hifumi, where'd you get it from?</quote> Isn't it? His name--the artist's--is Agahari.

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I will edit your post to its correct form if you precede the correcting post with two asterisks.
Two rather than one to let me know the particular service is being requested. I'm unsure if Mishima plans to allow all members to edit posts, though this is something I want to do unless people are fine with me doing it with one asterisk corrections. Of course, this entails deleting the correcting post after completing the correction. I will also put a note in my profile.
Spoilers if you haven't finished the game. http://i.imgur.com/WeXBuKp.png Are you aware of this?
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