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oh hey would you look at that im dead inside because i only have a switch. fun story: once i mistook the preview button for the post button and when i came back to the thread literally one minute later i was wondering "hmmmmmmmmmm wHErE IS mY PosT?¿???‽?" so long story short, i had to rewrite a post. a kinda long post. fun fact about the fun story: that post has nothing to do with this forum. so dont expect to find a long one on my profile anywhere here. though, i have to admire you for visiting my profile in the first place!

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Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
<center><b>*insert generic post roasting the comment above*</b></center>
Does the site do any IP tracking?
Uh I dunno. I just wanted to make something more fun than the computer-sci homework. But I guess it won't work. Though, thanks for the response, admin.
who else wants their profile to be poorly drawn
Please I want to see an animal crossing character with a lenny face poorly drawn.

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Does the site do any IP tracking?
More elaborately, does the Phansite track your IP in order to prevent multiple votes coming from one device? Because if no, then I have found my perfect place to test my custom macro. Think about it this way: if I open approximately 120 tabs of the Phansite, and then click on 'Yes' on all of them - and those will be counted - while I can't, my script can technically &quot;teleport&quot; my mouse pointer. Thus I can clear all 120 instances within just around a minute. And I have made 120 people's lives easier by clicking yes instead of them.
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