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Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon: The Sun’s Shadow
<i>Grimnir slept standing upright, a practice common to avian creatures like himself. He thought, not of the lack of night nor of the crowd below, but of getting his adventure underway.</i> &quot;Harken to the cry of early morn, it is time to spread our glorious wings once more and proceed into legend!&quot; <i>The skarmory's harsh cries can be heard as usual, a sign that quiet is a thing of the distant pass as he heads downstairs as well</i>
Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon: The Sun’s Shadow
“Ah! No. Thank you ma’am. I was merely searching for my compatriots. Perhaps I shall grace you with my presence again some time soon!” <i>The Skarmory makes an attempt to bow to Zigzagoon before getting hit with an apple. Grimnir rubs the spot on his head before picking the fruit up</i> “A surprise attack? Well played... Now then.” <i>Grimnir carefully observes the apple, before taking a bite out of it and jumping with glee.</i> “‘Tis like the nectar of the gods themselves!” <i>Grimnir would quickly finish his apple, though he lacks the facial muscles his beak almost seems to be grinning</i>
Can y'all stop flooding the forum with Persona related topics?
Its a trick question, the best waifu is Ditto because it can be all of the above
Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon: The Sun’s Shadow
&quot;hahaha, no need to sell yourselves short friends!&quot; <i>Grimnir jovially joins Ina and Niko, flapping a inches into the air before making his introduction to the Zigzagoon.</i> &quot;I am Heaven's chosen champion descended to bring peace upon the land, the Mad Cyclone of Devastation, <b>GUUURIIIMMMMMMNIIIIIIR</b>!&quot; <i>as he finishes his introduction, grimnir returns to the ground, hiding his eyes behind one wing in an effort to look cooler.</i>
Please Don't
Well I WASN’T planning on going but if you insist the righteous judgement of the heavens dhall rain down upon them!
Dead Forum
Just like the rest of my life
Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon: The Sun’s Shadow
&quot;ahaha! There you are my fine, furry friends!&quot; <i>Grimnir hails his allies as he approaches the Pickup store himself.</i> &quot;I hope your adventures have been as enlightening as my own!&quot;
????ersona ➎ ????agical ????alentine's ????VA
Huh, neat. Too bad I'll never see it.
????ersona ➎ ????agical ????alentine's ????VA
Don't???? You??? Know????? Question???? Marks???? Go???? At???? The???? End???? of????? a???? sentence????
Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon: The Sun’s Shadow
&quot;Fret not, for doing suicidal things is my specialty!&quot; <i>Grimnir caws triumphantly once more before calming himself down a little. He'd allow Archen to tell the tale of his heroic deeds, not as grand as he would have told it, but functional. after the tale Grimnir nods</i> &quot;Very well, wise leader, I shall start my quest with the guilds, for now allow me to find my companions so we can all celebrate!&quot; <i>After waiting to listen to what the elder might say, Grimnir would start wandering town again looking for the others, even though he doesn't know their names and barely knows their appearance.</i>

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We are gathered here today
<i>A young, silver-haired man wearing similarly glowing armor steps up to a podium. In front of said podium is an urn filled with ash, as well as a sign nearby that says &quot;Rest in Peace Nyarlathotep&quot; The dawn of time - 2019 There are many creatures gathered for the funeral, from humans to demons, to things you probably shouldn't look at for risk of losing your sanity. The silver haired man leading this funeral clears his throat and speaks a few words</i> &quot;Thank you all for coming, we're gathered here today to mourn the passing of a dear friend. Some of you may know him as the Crawling Chaos, though his friends often referred to him by his nickname 'Nyarly'. In a tragic turn of events our dear friend recently perished in a wildfire occuring in California. It was a great surprise, not that there were fires, but that dear Nyarly perished in them. If there is anyone else who would like to speak on our dearly departed friend, please stand now, and make your peace.&quot; <i>The young man would solemnly walk off the podium, standing next to the urn to give others a turn</i>
Swift as the Wind
<i>In a secluded section of the city, separated from the constant noise and bustle, almost as though a barrier were cutting it off from the outside world, there lies a single studio, much larger than the small, out of business places around it. On the walls around the place are a series of printed fliers, each about one sheet of paper and largely white, they serve their purpose well enough, pointing to the studio near them with the phrase &quot;Join us for a fantastic bout of exercise and training which shall test body mind and soul, a truly excellent test of prowess worthy of the very gods themselves, not only that, but for the first time our glorious lessons shall come for absolutely no cost save the blood sweat and tears required to overcome adversity with th..... at that point it seems there wasn't any room left on the paper, save a small space at the very bottom containing an arrow which points to the studio nearby. For those who approach the studio, they would walk in to find one, large room with a wooden bar at roughly shoulder-height rounding all the way across a wall lined with mirrors. Off to the side is a small break room, with a few wooden chairs for any spectators to wait in, a water fountain for anyone who might be thirsty, and a single, small bathroom. In the middle of the floor sits a single, silver-haired man deep in what seems to be some sort of meditation</i>
Epic Training Montage
<i>In a secluded section of the city, separated from the constant noise and bustle, almost as though a barrier were cutting it off from the outside world, there lies a single studio, much larger than the small, out of business places around it. On the walls around the place are a series of crudely drawn posters that were probably supposed to advertise it, were the artist not in such a rush, though they seem to have had more than enough time to detail the dashing, silver-haired man who serves as the poster's main subject</i>
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