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Gin Yaseihana, the Silver Rose. Equipment: Twin Swords (medium Ice/ slash damage X2) Armour: Ice Armour ( Gives Defence Master) Absorbs: Ice Resist: Wind Weak: Nuclear, Psy Attacks Bufudyne Mabufudyne Nifleheim Ice Age Exploding Ring (Heavy almighty damage all foes) Shining force (Golden Rose Activated.) Golden Rose only: Ma/Agidyne Ma/Ziodyne Ma/Garudyne Sound Wave (Heavy Physical to all foes) Ma/Aquadyne (Heavy Almighty) Black Hole (Severe dark to all foes) Eternal Zero (Collosal Almighty to all foes)

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Emotional Persona ideas?
My go to is the Sociopath https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheSociopath A possibly villainous character (To go along with the main human villain of pretty much every Persona game since three). Could be mixed with an affinity for gun and ice moves if you go the cold emotionless type route or fire, like an arsonist or a mad bomber. That last part may or may not have been inspired by Wicked from Caligula Effect, a game not many people have heard of and less have beaten without just holding X during combat. Persona ideas to go along with this could be famous archers or gunmen (Hou Yi, Billy the Kid, Magoichi Saika) to fit the whole cold sniper archetype or mad people (Caligula <span class="through">Go figure</span>, Ajax) for the mad arsonist route. I feel like over thought this one somehow.
Late to the Party (Spoiler Free)
You did it wrong. It's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXnH5Ou3wHU Man, it's been a while since anyone has used that video on the site. Anyway, welcome. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy.
switch lite
Me and my friend have decided if we can evolve our meeting of talking and playing Mario Kart 7 to talking and Playing Mario Kart 8 it may be worth it
Okay, let's get something clear
Make one. All the others you have going on are either abandoned or in shambles atm anyway,
Okay, let's get something clear
Thanks for ignoring the main point in order to respond to the correction. As per usual, you are focusing on the correct places.
Okay, let's get something clear
Just having an alt doesn't mean anything. We'll see if you're improving by seeing if you've taken any of this on board with your writing. And no, I didn't fall for anything. Stop getting ahead of yourself.
Okay, let's get something clear
1) You don't have to get rid of any of your characters, just try to use less of them. Limit yourself to two at a time, three at the most. 2) While you do address them now, but you often declare things you don't like as &quot;shitposting&quot; even when they often aren't. For example, the warriors RP. People came in and RP'd in that as you would in a warriors game but, because you didn't like it, you branded it all as shitposting and thus not valid. 3) You haven't really gotten much better, I'm afraid to say. Perhaps if you'd listened when others were giving you advice on how to improve, you would have. But as it stands, with you ignoring that advice you haven't.
Okay, let's get something clear
Or you could try and change. Like everyone is trying to help you do.<div class='edited'>(edited by Gin)</div>
Okay, let's get something clear
If you don't like waiting &quot;forever&quot; for replies, switching alts or even interacting with others, then take Kali's advice and drop RPing immediately. If you can't be bothered to change in anyway to suit the place you've decided to try in RP in, go back to Amino. It's gotten to a point where so many people have tried to give you advice and help you, like myself and Astro, but you've done absolutely nothing to try and change. You're a lost cause, Twilight. This may be harsh and you probably will ignore it like you do with every other piece of criticism anyone has sent your way, but you need to learn to improve or you need to stop. Edit: Response to a deleted post. I still think it's valid though.<div class='edited'>(edited by Gin)</div>
Okay, let's get something clear
You don't have to kill them off. Just use one or two at the same time. That way, you can make alts and make everything better for everyone. Maybe you could get away with this on Amino, but here it just gives everyone a headache. I know the catalyst to this was become someone called you out you using only one account for multiple characters being annoying. Have you ever stopped to think maybe there's a reason people think that? That they may not just be nitpicking? That maybe you should evolve how you do things away from how you did things on Amino?

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What are the best quotes in gaming?
Been a while since I made one of these huh. The title is pretty self explanatory. What are your favourite quotes from video games, be it inspirational or joking. From a good guy or a villain. Can be anything really. You can post the actual quote or a video of the actual quote if it's too long or you can find it. I won't judge. Much. I have two from the top of my head. Andrew Ryan- A time for all things https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXeJ8ujzaPc Kefka Pallazo- Life, Dreams, Hope https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Niulhs8ErCA The former is because of the brilliant acting of Voice Actor Armin Shimerman. While many people point to the &quot;Would you Kindly&quot; scene as the games best, I absolutely love &quot;A Time For All Things&quot;. It goes to show just how willing Ryan is to his beliefs. It's amazing. Simiarly, Kefka's &quot;Life, Dreams, Hope&quot; is what pretty much defines his character and his Nihlism. I like the Dissidia version due to Dave Wittenberg's delivery and the &quot;Why cling to life knowing you have to die?&quot; part. Also, the dual beliefs shown between Kefka and Terra is pretty great in this scene, but that's getting into great scenes, not great quotes.
Death Battle: Mitsuru Vs Weiss
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-2ISN5u4Pg Just thought I'd post this here for people who are interested. You know... Since I'm such an ICE guy.
Persone 5 Royal: Kasumi Trailer
Since no-one else seems to have posted this, here you go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWNIvQD5c_w Her persona is Cinderella. The name that is being used in game, at least for the Japanese version, is Cendrillion which is the name used in a french opera based off the original folk story. That's why she's a ballet dancer or something in the trailer. I guess. Other than that, we can see that Kasumi sucks in the batting cage. And that's all.
Pokemon Sword and Shield New Pokemon rundown
Got bored, so I'm making a stupid review thing for the new Pokemon Direct for the new mons revealed. None of these will be too serious. Got it? Good Gossifleur: Fabulous Eldegoss: It's so Fluffy. It's the Haru pokemon! Wooloo: Not as fluffy, but still fluffy Corviknight: Your new badass looking Uber driver Drednaw: Is this a new fossil or would that make it too similar to the other rock/water turtle? <span class="through">Zacian</span> Sif: Now where's our haunted suit of armour pokemon so we can reunite Sif and Artorias? Zamazenta: This name just screams &quot;will be changed in the english version&quot; Short review on the rest: - Remember when the champions were secret? Like with Cynthia in Gen 4. - New feature: Digivolve your pokemon and make them Kaijus - Pal Park- Fight Kaijus with friends in the wild - The Gyms are now sports arenas. So does that mean no more puzzles and awesome unique gym designs? Will I get it? I don't have a Switch, so no.
Gin Reviews: What Remains of Edith Finch? (No Spoilers)
When it comes to something like Edith Finch, I can't really put it into words. But, obviously, I wouldn't be writing this if I wasn't willing to at least try. Edith Finch is a very interesting game. It's an interactive story game, which by definition means short and has just enough game play to define it's self as a game and not a TV show. It follows the story of Edith Finch, who returns to her family home to learn the stories of her family and that's all the story your getting from me. If I went any further, I'd be going into spoiler territory since I don't think I can write anything about the game without delving into spoilers due to games short length and you see the &quot;No Spoilers&quot; tag in the title. The premise of the game is very interesting and the story itself is engaging. It has a lot of little details in the design of the world around it that you may not notice until you finish the game or a certain story. For example, look at the swing in the backyard. If you've played the game, you may know what I'm talking about. As I mentioned before, I'm not sure how to put into words my feelings on Edith Finch as a whole. It's very good. I did like it. But I don't quite know how to describe the feelings you can feel while playing the game. It's weird, honestly. Just play the game. I think you'll understand how I feel. I give What Remain of Edith Finch a &quot;Scoring doesn't mean shit just play the damn game&quot; out of 10. It's free on PS4 if you have the online service and takes around an hour or so to finish, so if you have it, you have no excuse not to. And if you can describe it better below, please do. But please use spoiler tags. I didn't know anything about the game except &quot;It's good&quot; before playing it, so I can't tell if knowing spoilers about the game ruins anything or not, but I would err on the side of caution. Thank you for your understanding.
This Will Be The Best Movie Of 2019
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvvZaBf9QQI Behold! The End Times Cometh!
Persona 5 Scramble Character Roster Hopes
So, since Koei's Warriors games are nutorious for having loads and loads of characters (Just take a look at Hyrule Warriors cast) and since <i>technically</i> Persona 5 Scramble is Persona 5 Warriors, which characters do you think are gonna make it as playable in the game? Likelihood doesn't matter cause Koei have put some random characters in their crossover games as playable, so anything goes.
We back!
We a bit glitchy, but we back
Gin rambles on about: SHAZAM!!! (Spoilers, obviously)
I haven't made a thread in forever and reviews seem to be out of fashion, so naturally it's time to be late and review SHAZAM!!! No, I will not stop using caps when typing the movie title. It's how it's written everywhere else. Shut Up. Also, I don't think I need spoiler tags since I said spoilers in the thread title. Feel SHAZAM!!! is the best DCU movie. That wasn't exactly hard to do, let's be honest. The characters are... well, Zachary Levi as Shazam can be pretty cringe when he's trying to act like a 15 year old sometimes, though he's pretty great as a main character all in all, especially in some of the more serious scenes. The child acting also isn't terrible, which is also a surprise. The Villain is not Black Adam, so I know no-one will know who he is. His name is Doctor Sivana and he is a kid who was supposed to be Shazam, but the wizard said he couldn't be Shazam and then he caused a car crash that crippled his father having a tantrum because he couldn't be Shazam. He's possessed by the Seven Deadly Sins, 7 gross demons who are supposed to be the personification of the sins but Wrath isn't a multiple headed dragon man made of Pride and the Chariot of God, so already their identity is pretty suspect. His super powers are having a single blue crystal in his right eye and being way too serious for this movie. There is a scene in the movie where the villain kills his dad, brother and a board at their company that is pretty much that one scene from Spiderman 2 where Doc Ock wakes up and his tentacles murder everyone except longer, so that's fun. It's so out of place. It feels like it should be in a horror film. But here it is. In a mostly light-hearted comedy super hero movie. Also, the Shazam Family (See Mary Marvel and everyone else who no-one cares about) are in the movie as well. So that was suprising. They fight the sins. Except Envy, who hides in Doctor Sivana, which you'd expect to be to be Sloth because he's lazy, but whatever. All in all, the movie is pretty great. It's better then the Marvel Captain Marvel in my opinion, which I enjoyed but it wasn't stellar. I compare it to that because Shazam was called Captain Marvel before he wasn't. I'd give SHAZAM!!! a good 8.5/10. The DC Cinematic Universe is actually getting some half decent movies finally. Wonder Woman, Aquaman and now SHAZAM!!!. Hope for their sake they keep up the trend. I hear Green Lantern is coming soon. That can't be worse that the one we have, so that's a free win pretty much. Then again, Marvel fucked up their first attempt at a Wolverine movie even though that was supposed to be a free win, so... Shazam?
The Great Mario Takeover Remembrance Thread
Happy Mar10 day. Let's test how old people are on this site. Anyone else remember when Mish changed the site to a Mario phansite for a few hours. Do the Mario was everywhere. I threw chalk as Aristotle Anti-Memes. Someone made the alt a page on the now deleted wiki for him because of it. It was a fun time.
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