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Gin Bara, the Silver Rose. Equipment: Twin Swords (medium Ice/ slash damage X2) Armour: Ice Armour ( Gives Defence Master) Absorbs: Ice Resist: Wind Weak: Nuclear, Psy Attacks Bufudyne Mabufudyne Nifleheim Ice Age Exploding Ring (Heavy almighty damage all foes) Shining force (Golden Rose Activated.) Golden Rose only: Ma/Agidyne Ma/Ziodyne Ma/Garudyne Sound Wave (Heavy Physical to all foes) Ma/Aquadyne (Heavy Almighty) Black Hole (Severe dark to all foes) Eternal Zero (Collosal Almighty to all foes)

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Unpopular game opinions
Shadow the Hedgehog is an amazing game. Just because they gave Shadow a gun for the edge doesn't make it bad. The story was decent as far as Sonic games go, the levels were pretty good all things considered and the controls were solid. Just because the Game Grumps suck ass at the game doesn't make it bad.
Persona 5 for switch
I think the idea behind characters getting added to Smash is &quot;Has their series been on a Nintendo console ever&quot;? Joker is the most recognisable Shin Megami Tensei character due to Persona being more mainstream than the official SMT line of games, one of which is coming to Switch at some point in the future, so he was added in place of someone no-one would have known like say Flynn for SMT4. It's pretty much just like Cloud. Final Fantasy has been on Nintendo consoles and Cloud is the most recognisable of the characters from Final Fantasy. So, even though FF7 isn't on a Nintendo console, he was added as the Final Fantasy representative over less recognisable characters who had games on Nintendo consoles like Terra or Firion.<div class='edited'>(edited by Gin)</div>
A second look at my least Fav Final Fantasy... 13
To clarify, I've only completed the X games and the XIII games and I've played some of XII, so I'll grant that the only real villains I've seen are Seymour, Barthandelus and Caius, so it's not really a contest between those three. Though Seymour has some great lines, he's no Caius. Barthandelus... yeah, he sucks. That being said, I've also beaten all the Dissidia games, meaning I've experianced all of the major villains in the series like Kefka, Kuja and Golbez. While I like a lot of those characters (Again Kuja, Golbez, Kefka), I can't say enough to say they are my favourites since I haven't played them though I would like to if I can.
A second look at my least Fav Final Fantasy... 13
Caius Ballad is my favourite Final Fantasy villain. That is all
I have something on my mind.
<i>And that was the last anyone ever heard of Connor C-7. He went to see if the Transfer Student was a Persona user, but was killed and his organs were sold on the black market. Turns out, he actually was a criminal. <center>Fin</center></i>
I have something on my mind.
That's all? Yep. Coincidence. You're looking into it too much.
Why are people being mean to Archer in chat?
As you can see, Elm loves children.

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Gin Reviews: What Remains of Edith Finch? (No Spoilers)
When it comes to something like Edith Finch, I can't really put it into words. But, obviously, I wouldn't be writing this if I wasn't willing to at least try. Edith Finch is a very interesting game. It's an interactive story game, which by definition means short and has just enough game play to define it's self as a game and not a TV show. It follows the story of Edith Finch, who returns to her family home to learn the stories of her family and that's all the story your getting from me. If I went any further, I'd be going into spoiler territory since I don't think I can write anything about the game without delving into spoilers due to games short length and you see the &quot;No Spoilers&quot; tag in the title. The premise of the game is very interesting and the story itself is engaging. It has a lot of little details in the design of the world around it that you may not notice until you finish the game or a certain story. For example, look at the swing in the backyard. If you've played the game, you may know what I'm talking about. As I mentioned before, I'm not sure how to put into words my feelings on Edith Finch as a whole. It's very good. I did like it. But I don't quite know how to describe the feelings you can feel while playing the game. It's weird, honestly. Just play the game. I think you'll understand how I feel. I give What Remain of Edith Finch a &quot;Scoring doesn't mean shit just play the damn game&quot; out of 10. It's free on PS4 if you have the online service and takes around an hour or so to finish, so if you have it, you have no excuse not to. And if you can describe it better below, please do. But please use spoiler tags. I didn't know anything about the game except &quot;It's good&quot; before playing it, so I can't tell if knowing spoilers about the game ruins anything or not, but I would err on the side of caution. Thank you for your understanding.
This Will Be The Best Movie Of 2019
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvvZaBf9QQI Behold! The End Times Cometh!
Persona 5 Scramble Character Roster Hopes
So, since Koei's Warriors games are nutorious for having loads and loads of characters (Just take a look at Hyrule Warriors cast) and since <i>technically</i> Persona 5 Scramble is Persona 5 Warriors, which characters do you think are gonna make it as playable in the game? Likelihood doesn't matter cause Koei have put some random characters in their crossover games as playable, so anything goes.
We back!
We a bit glitchy, but we back
Gin rambles on about: SHAZAM!!! (Spoilers, obviously)
I haven't made a thread in forever and reviews seem to be out of fashion, so naturally it's time to be late and review SHAZAM!!! No, I will not stop using caps when typing the movie title. It's how it's written everywhere else. Shut Up. Also, I don't think I need spoiler tags since I said spoilers in the thread title. Feel SHAZAM!!! is the best DCU movie. That wasn't exactly hard to do, let's be honest. The characters are... well, Zachary Levi as Shazam can be pretty cringe when he's trying to act like a 15 year old sometimes, though he's pretty great as a main character all in all, especially in some of the more serious scenes. The child acting also isn't terrible, which is also a surprise. The Villain is not Black Adam, so I know no-one will know who he is. His name is Doctor Sivana and he is a kid who was supposed to be Shazam, but the wizard said he couldn't be Shazam and then he caused a car crash that crippled his father having a tantrum because he couldn't be Shazam. He's possessed by the Seven Deadly Sins, 7 gross demons who are supposed to be the personification of the sins but Wrath isn't a multiple headed dragon man made of Pride and the Chariot of God, so already their identity is pretty suspect. His super powers are having a single blue crystal in his right eye and being way too serious for this movie. There is a scene in the movie where the villain kills his dad, brother and a board at their company that is pretty much that one scene from Spiderman 2 where Doc Ock wakes up and his tentacles murder everyone except longer, so that's fun. It's so out of place. It feels like it should be in a horror film. But here it is. In a mostly light-hearted comedy super hero movie. Also, the Shazam Family (See Mary Marvel and everyone else who no-one cares about) are in the movie as well. So that was suprising. They fight the sins. Except Envy, who hides in Doctor Sivana, which you'd expect to be to be Sloth because he's lazy, but whatever. All in all, the movie is pretty great. It's better then the Marvel Captain Marvel in my opinion, which I enjoyed but it wasn't stellar. I compare it to that because Shazam was called Captain Marvel before he wasn't. I'd give SHAZAM!!! a good 8.5/10. The DC Cinematic Universe is actually getting some half decent movies finally. Wonder Woman, Aquaman and now SHAZAM!!!. Hope for their sake they keep up the trend. I hear Green Lantern is coming soon. That can't be worse that the one we have, so that's a free win pretty much. Then again, Marvel fucked up their first attempt at a Wolverine movie even though that was supposed to be a free win, so... Shazam?
The Great Mario Takeover Remembrance Thread
Happy Mar10 day. Let's test how old people are on this site. Anyone else remember when Mish changed the site to a Mario phansite for a few hours. Do the Mario was everywhere. I threw chalk as Aristotle Anti-Memes. Someone made the alt a page on the now deleted wiki for him because of it. It was a fun time.
Reggie is Retiring
This is unfortunate, but Reggie Fils-Aime is retiring from being the head of Nintendo of America. But his replacement is Bowser. So that's fun. Personally I hope he has a good retirement and his body to forever be ready.
Hollow Knight: Silksong
That feeling when you start making a DLC but accidentally make a new game instead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFAknD_9U7c
Dark Souls: Phansite Edition... Again
So, for those none of you who remember back then, I said I was gonna write a parody thing of Dark Souls with people on the Phansite as the bosses and NPCs. Thing is, I never actually did that. And, seeing as the list I made back then is outdated as fuck seeing as certain people (Shiza, Reaper, A lot of the random Anons, etc) have left the site, I was wondering if I should start again with a new list or if I should write the DS1 thing using the old list and make a new list for a sequel that would definitely be DS3 if I did it cause I have no clue about the story of DS2. Mostly because I haven't played it in like 3 years. And that there is WAY too many bosses in that game for something like this. Or should I just not. Cause that's also an option.
Persona Ideas
Time for me to revive an idea that hasn't been seen in like 11 months I think. If you were to make a Persona for the series, what would it be? Design and Elements are optional. Sticking with the theme from Fenris' thread a year back, I'll keep going with Sengoku period characters. Hisahide Matsunaga was a man who did many evil things during his time alive, such as burning some religous icon and killing off three major players in the clan he was a part of so he could take over. He then ended his life trying to betray Nobunaga for the Xteenth time and blowing himself up along with his signature teapot. His design would probably have a spider motif, possibly with a large hooded cloak splitting off into 8 at the bottom, with him wielding two blades and having numerous explosives under his cloak. He'd focus on Fire and Dark spells with some physical moves that can poison or lower speed. That's just a stupid idea I came up with. If you have some, please do share. It'll be interesting to see both the serious and the inevitable Meme answers.
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