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About Dan: An aspiring student, Dan usually doesn't have many freinds, save for one or two. He can be quite serious about his studying, and after that he likes to play games alone Height: 5'6" Appearance: red/black hair, 8-bit framed glasses, a tshirt and blue jeans most days,, along with a light coat/jacket About Dans Persona, Jevil: (correct me if I'm wrong about anything) Persona type: Death Type of attacks: Fire Based Skills (im agian gonna screw things up, one for now) Rokunda Dan mainly uses heavy attacks with a bludgeon type weapon

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Scatmans world
no. no. no.
Who is the best p5 girl
All of them. i cant be forced to decide,
Back to School
my school is uneventful compared to yall. just fights and drugs and shit
Horror Icon Deathmatch- Round 1
Alright, Score One for Team Annabelle
Hello, what would u like from Borger King?
"uhhhh....no, im sorry"
Phantom thieves audition
"not me, thank you...." -Dan
Hello, what would u like from Borger King?
*gets shotgun* this is burger king, not mcshitnaolds
Chocolate Milk
omg thats higher thinking right there!

Recent topics

Horror Icon Deathmatch- Round 1
Chucky vs Annabelle. Tell me who would win and a reason why. Lets get it!
Lucid Dreaming
Have you had a lucid dream before? If so, please share your experience
extra extra! Get your fresh memes here!
Get your fresh memes here! Extra hot and delicious
Hello, what would u like from Borger King?
You have been transported via teleporter to Borger King, what do you order?
Canon Roleplay
I wanna do a roleplay based on the canon storyline of Persona 5, I can be Ryuji, and my new Oc, unless your not ok with that :/
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