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Just take the vacuum Futaba
<quote user="Winnock">Maybe she’s taking offense in thinking you’re calling her room dirty...?</quote> I know full well that my room is dirty. I just want to dual weald vacuums!
Just take the vacuum Futaba
I’m excited when I get 2 vacuums but isn’t just 1 a bit CHEAP!?
Just take the vacuum Futaba
Maybe if you gave me 2 I would like it but no just 1!
Why do I look like an inkling
<quote user="Liam">The real question is: why does inkling look like you? </quote> hmmm
Phan-site information
Memes and complaining 24/7
Oh my fucking god
i think it would be best if I didn’t post this.
I just made pancakes this morning
<quote user="Genesis"><b>Goro Akechi wants to know your location</b></quote>oh no! There’s more?!
I just made pancakes this morning
I have taken him to ihop but he is forcing me to play the bill and it’s 1070574999892 yen because of all the pancakes he has eaten. Please help me!
Insulting Your Smash Mains
I main literally every single character because I have nothing better to do with my life.

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Why are all the top threads rps
This is a question not an attack so don’t hurt me please.
I just made pancakes this morning
I have one in my fridge and I am afraid that akechi might kill me for them but I can’t give it up willingly for personal reasons I can’t explain. Help please.
Argue over who my alt is.
Let’s see if you can find out.
Persona 5 for switch
Let’s make a movement!
Soncc our lord and savior
Soncc is love soncc is life
Our lord and savior soncc
Help fix the fhansite mobile for people who are on the go
I’m having a hard time selecting the threads and the vote is broken.
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