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Hey there, i'm just a little Flareon. I'm a big otaku and a huge fan of Super Justice Warrior Z Ultimate! Don't ask me too many questions, please! Moveset: -Bite -Tackle -Flame Charge -Ember

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Most hated
The answer to the title is Akechi.
The Fool Wild Card Confidant...if it was a team member.
We should have mass produced personas. Make a whole ploy revolving it, some shady company giving random civilians the power of persona and all that.
biggest bops in gaming
Peach's Castle and Pokemon Center are the same song in my mind
Greetings it's ya boi Monamona here to give you some friendly helpful advice
If everyone you know will explicitly judge you for it, it's still pretty ok
I'm bored.
They were the CEO of Sex
I'm bored.
Yeah, typically the people watching get more entertainment than the clown
take a shot for every rp thread that is next to another vertically
We get it, people use this site to communicate
Who do you ship
You see, I just consider everyone who actually talks to me to be a romantic interest. I'm totally open for dating in case anyone wants to approach me.
How would you feel if the phansite got ads?

Recent topics

Who created Kirby?
I can't for the life of me remember this. Can someone give me a straightforward anwser, preferably with a picture to back up?
Greetings it's ya boi Monamona here to give you some friendly helpful advice
If there are no legal ramifications for an action then it's perfectly okay to do.
Could you survive a Persona arrow?
If you got pierced by a Persona arrow, would you survive? If so, what Persona would you get? Personally, I think I would have a very epic Persona called Despacito Over Heaven Requiem 2 which allows me to infilitrate the consciousness of everything in the universe
Aight, who ya phansite crush?
Tbh, for me it has to be the @Mona account. Dude was sexy af. A shame he got banned now I won't be able to ask for pictures of his game collection ????????????
CYOA: Selection Of Thy Own Journey
To begin thy journey thou must first select thy character Vote upon who shalt be the protagonist of thine epic
Gaming Thread: Discussion and Matchmaking
Yeah so as you can see here this is a thread for gaming. If anyone want to game post in this thread because I am up for gaming.
Can y'all stop flooding the forum with Persona related topics?
Threads like "so and so is best grill" are pretty stale ngl.
ITT: We write a generic anime op one line at a time
You and me, we've got it all for free, so come on down.
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