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Intermission One
<i>Initially surprises by Bartz grabbing my shoulders so suddenly...what he said is actually right. I couldn’t hear him. I could only hear whatever trash I was playing, and so would he. Even then, I just started laughing.</i> “Pffft, wow, how nice. See here-“ <i>My leg moved on it’s own, jolting swiftly to deliver a kick to Bartz’s shins. Afterwards, I’d struggle free and grab a pistol, charging it with blue energy directly in front of his face. But when I realize that it’s just one of us, I groan out and put it away.</i> “Jesus fucking Christ, I hate this group already.”
Intermission One
“Oh boy, another expedition.” <i>I break from my relaxed position from off the couch I was resting on, giving other people the opportunity to go on it now that I wasn’t taking up all the space. Twirling my phone like it’s a baton, I sigh out and put it in my pocket...wherever that was.</i> “Yeah, while I’m not too excited, I might as well go. Maybe I’ll get to punch someone’s face in. That’ll be fun.” <i>Though my words came out emotionless with it’s same droll and sarcastic tone, at the very least my high pitched anime girl voice makes me look like less of a threat. I put my AirPods in my ear and stretch casually.</i> “Oh wait, we’re going for peace aren’t we? Well since everyone in the other worlds might just have sticks up their asses it probably won’t matter. Now, my only concern is which music I should play for this trip...” <i>And of course, the best way to wait for this wonderful team to make their decisions is to find out whether it’s better to play Lil Nas X or Blackbear. Then again with how everyone’s acting it might be better to play heavy metal or emo music instead of rap. Though I just settle on a cute sounding song with horrible lyrics. Sounds great.</i>
Intermission One
<i>Ironically enough, looking from my spot in the couch I merely glance at Sam as he writhes from disease and dies on our humble abode. Though everyone else is actually pretty shocked, I just say &quot;mhmm&quot;, put on my shades, and text on my phone. I was starting to look pretty apathetic right now.</i> &quot;Sam, get help. And also, Mona, I swear I'm putting you in time out myself. Because since I can't beat you to death, I might as well have a place imagined where I can pretend I can.&quot;
Intermission One
<i>I nonchalantly walk over to where everyone else fell, staring down at my phone playing Fire Emblem Heroes because it's the only thing that's keeping my sanity at this point. After letting my eyes lay on the adventurers, I notice that one's missing.</i> &quot;So uh, where's Gin? And where'd this pomegranate come from?&quot; <i>I pick up the pomegranate and look at it. After sighing, I threw it behind me, and took out a can of soda. Root beer to be specific. My eyes darted towards Walton, but since he's not important, I peeked from behind him and readied my throwing arm.</i> &quot;One of you catch this. Yeet.&quot; <i>I threw a can of root beer their way and then plumped back on the couch, humming a little tune. If nobody caught the thing it was surely going to end up getting splattered on a wall.</i><div class='edited'>(edited by FL0R1NA)</div>
RP Stronghold
<i>Listens to some fire mixtape <b>(THAT I MADE)</b> while looking at this random anime girl.</i> &quot;Rise up gamers, whatever the fuck she said it's true.&quot; <i>Does orange justice.</i>
*Takes a single bite into a snickers bar*
<i>Passes by</i> Jesus was gay man. <i>Walks away</i>
Epic gamer bruh moment.
<quote user="Claude">Yes if you join his cult</quote> Pfft, count me in.
Does Claude have enough power to get rid of those <i>pesky</i> rpers that are plaguing the site by merely existing?

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