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Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>Ene is hesitant and would rather get lost in the life of Shibuya then return to Melbourne. Some of what he said still grates on her nerves since it did ring true. Yet if she were to follow her desires now then that would be proving Melbourne right on some accounts.</i> I hate this. <i>She mutters as she approaches the meeting spot. With her head kept low and her hoodie pulled up she finally arrives, but doesn't say a thing.</i>
Leblanc: Restart
Nope my school was pretty normal. You had the senpais, kouhais, and stressful ranking system. <i>Her eyes close as she thinks more on the subject.</i> I was a student with very good grades, but had a medical condition so I was in a special class. Never got to mingle that much with others until I was pushed into it ... Never got much of a date either. <i>Ene frowns and makes her way to the door. All the mirth previously on her face gone.</i> Confessed too late to the guy I liked. <i>She leaves without saying much else.</i>
Leblanc: Restart
<i>Ene vehemently nods her head</i> In my world there were plenty of rules. Like the unspoken ones for highschool that every aspiring girl had to learn. Or the rules for actually getting a date. The rules of asking someone out. The rules for making friends. A whole list of complicated rules to survive the treacherous pits of education! <i>She realizes something after saying all this and calms.</i> I sort of miss highschool now that I think about it.
Leblanc: Restart
Jiiiiiiiiiiiii. <i>Ene sounds out as she stares at the two with a look of disbelief.</i> I think I'll get gray hairs by just talking to you people. At least in my Tokyo people were normal here it's like the rules switch all the time.
Leblanc: Restart
<i>Taken aback by the light response to such serious stuff, Ene would go back to simple pouting and glance over at Kazuya occasionally.</i> You two take serious stuff so weirdly and that is something coming from me.
Leblanc: Restart
<i>Ene suddenly claps her hands down on the counter and uses it to lift herself slightly up.</i> But haven't you done enough for the people!? Isnt it time for you to live for yourself? <i>She indignantly says.</i> You seem so happy here and it's not fair that you have to give it up.
Leblanc: Restart
<i>Ene risks looking up again.</i> Does the slow life really work for someone like you? I thought you were one of those guys that was used to doing tons of things.
Leblanc: Restart
Well I wouldn't know! I never did anything so ... <i>One's voice dies out and she covers her face with her hands. Her ears a marked pink by now.</i>
Leblanc: Restart
<i>Ene blushes with Kaz as she catches on to what he may have said. She quickly looks away and stutters out.</i> S...S-o nice weather today huh ... <i>A forced laugh follows as Ene feels tempted to slap herself on the forehead. She really couldn't come up with anything better???</i>
Leblanc: Restart
Sometimes I can be a teeny bit forgetful. <i>She does a tiny squeezing motion with her fingers to further this point before awkwardly laughing.</i> What is it like having a relationship? <i>This question comes at random and Ene looks directly at Kazuya when asking.</i>

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Leblanc HD 2.999
<i>Ene arrives at the crater of what used to be a traditional cafe. Everyone knows the legends of this now cursed place and how could they not. With all the explosions, shadow attacks, killing games, and secret meetings this place practically became an urban legend. A terrible memory upon those that lived to see its rise and fall. A legend to newcomers who could only feel the dying shudders of a broken horse. Now a rational person would leave this crater as is. Broken, Beaten, and Destroyed. But not a certain blue haired entity that wasn't really used to reasonable action. </i> <b>A few weeks later ...</b> <i>The cafe stands once again for people to come visit after the rather haphazard methods of someone bored. Said person stands behind the counter waiting to see if anyone takes the bait. </i>
Exeunt Omnes
(A tiny room, a computer screen, and velvet curtains cutting off half the room. It all comes back to you as you stand there facing a blacked device. Whether an old timer or newbie you just know that this is where it all started.) (Once this realization hits the room is engulfed in bright light and the sound of mechanical whirring can be heard. A short click sounds off at the end of the noise and the screen in front changes to a light blue.) (On the screen is a prompt....) Are you free? (Below the prompt are two tiny choices.) &gt;Yes &gt;No (Staring at these two choices you know they are the culmination of your actions until now. They are the point of no return and once you pick you can't turn back.) *This is the final part of a long story line so only people that have participated at least twice in previous threads for this can join.*
The Antagonist
(You awaken in a dark space that feels familiar yet carries a dream-like sense to it. There is no up or down just the pitch black and an occasional tremor to the air. Your body is not bound by any sort of rope, but it does feel heavy as if made of lead or stone.) (In front lies two giant black towers made of writhing snakes and at the center of each two people. The first to the right is none other then Momo Kisaragi with her orange hair tinged red and her head hanging limp. She does not appear to be breathing and her body is being held up by contracting snakes. To the left is nothing, but a blur that your can't seem to make out yet no matter how hard you try. You notice the blurred figure to be shifting which hints at life.) (Suddenly the tail ends of a scarf flap toward you as a brown haired girl takes center between the two towers. Her red eyes are tensed in a fearful expression and her hands are shaking. Yet she takes one steps forward toward the center of the towers and speaks in a confident voice.)
The Protagonist
{You awaken in what appears to be a room with nothing but endless darkness above and below it. The floor on which you stand is a pitch black allowing for no hints as to the depth of the area. After a few minutes of nothing two beams of red light appear in front and a sudden whiff of forest can now be felt in the space.} {Beneath the beams of red grow two towers completely composed of black serpents with red eyes. In the middle of the leftmost tower a woman with white hair is being held by her wrists. The woman has terrible wounds over her body yet she appears to be awake. In the middle of the rightmost tower is a young girl of identical hair and bound condition that lacks any indication of life. The girl does not appear to be breathing and bright red blood drips her face. Both females are currently bound by the wrists with serpents.} Mary! Shion! {Shouts a woman who materializes in front of you. Her hair made of the very serpents that currently hold both white haired females captive. Tears run down this woman's brilliant red eyes as she struggles with serpentine binding of her own that tether her in place.} {Instinctively you know the name of the woman in front of you. Azami. And you look down to realize your feet are now bound by the same serpents that tether the rest.}
The Liar
{Once again you are pulled away from the now and find yourself standing in front of a large indoor mall. You happen to only know it's a mall due to a sign above it yet the building itself is a bland white. There are glass windows on the building yet nothing can be seen through it. Another oddity would be the lack of noise as many people come in and out of the building. You can see their moves moving in avid conversation but nothing comes out as they go about their day.} {The area where you are is particularly spacious despite the throng of humanity. It's as if the people are giving you a wide berth as they instead move along the sides of the pavement.} {The sun itself is beating upon your head with an oppressive heat and the dream like feeling that accompanies your appearance fades.} {The stage has been set for the next performance.}
The Mute
{A clear river descends from a hilly peak shaping the land as it passes through in white water fury. The land around it is a clearing comprised of a bright green that is almost blinding to the eyes. Flowers tinted in a soft pink dot the tranquil landscape and sway with the gentle breeze. A few flowers are stomped under the paws of wild animals that gather at the sides of the river in a social drinking circle of sorts. They bask in the sun as they step out of the surrounding forest and walk with gentle pace. Completing the tranquil forest scene that appears to be artificially composed to perfection.} {You don't quite know how you arrived to this location if this is your first time wandering the forest. Yet if you wandered before you know that this has something to do with the snake haired woman.} {No matter what path you took to get here you are certainly in the forest now and best be prepared for whatever may come.} {Unknowingly thrust to this scene you must steal the show before you leave.}
The Journey
{A computer awaits in front of you with a never ending loading screen. The bright blue light emitting from it forces you to squint and a horrible mechanical whine reaches your ears.} {The room itself is of the extravagant variety have lowered velvet curtains. On the walls are empty portraits and across you lies a white door.} {The loading screen has been on for some time and an above head light continues to flicker.} {Nice job breaking it hero .... What to do now?}
The Return
(A laptop takes center stage of what appears to be a long abandoned room. Bright lights shine down upon it from an indiscernible location providing a ethereal feel. While smooth velvet curtains flapping to hidden ghostly applause happen to cover all the walls. The atmosphere is practically dripping with suspense as if awaiting a second act.) (On the laptop is a familiar text box filled in with some pretty fancy cursive. The prompt itself appears to be a bit on the fantastical side. ) Do you wish to enter a land of infinite possibilities? &gt;Yes &gt;No
Wedding Crashers 3
(The lovely chime of a bell can be heard in the summer wind as the scene pans down to what appears to be a wedding. A huge floral arch hangs over the head of Ene and a snake with the body of a man as the two gaze lovingly at each other. In between the two of them stands a wyvern wearing priest clothing and a spiffy pair of glasses. He appears to be ordaining the ceremony as the time for final vows draws near. The outdoor seats are filled with what appear to be a variety of snakes each displaying a hint of emotion from their beady eyes. While doves fly behind the arch setting the stage for the lovers entrance into a happy domestic life.) (Ene wearing a shortened wedding dress gazes at Snake-chan with a smile as she slightly adjusts her bridal veil. ) (While Snake-chan in his male human costume tries not to show his pre-marital nervousness.) (The wyvern pretending not to notice the couple's anxiety continues to drone on with the traditional words.)
Slice of Life: The Musical
*Welcome to the world of musicals where anything can happen as long as you break a few legs.* *For the best musical experience I will provide top notch directing for setting, transitions, and special events. However, the action depends on you actors so do as your inner artist desires.* *Cough Cough singing and spinning around random object is a great idea* *Anyway everyone is welcome to join at any time and please remember that this is meant to be a fun experience for all.* *So stand on desks, set fire to things, and maybe even hold a random dance section. For fun is the very essence of theater. * (Please wait until my next post before you begin.)
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