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Relics of the Past: The First of All
<i>As the blasts fade away, Another Den-O's silhouette would be noticeable, standing unharmed. The roars came to a climax as what appeared to be a red train bearing a front somewhat reminiscent to their foes own face would fly from, well to be certain nowhere might not have been the proper term, yet the ominous void from whence it came was certainly nowhere within anyone's immediate line of sight. Almost chasing after it was another train, this one was more sleek, and bore a bull motif. The demon train would fly straight toward Nanoha, leaving little in the form of time to react, and the bull train would pull to a halt as a strange ninja-esque figure exited from the side.</i> &quot;Hrmph! That monster thinks it can just mess with the flow of time!? If Yuuto were here, he'd give it a proper beating, but... Never mind that! I've just gotta do this!&quot; <i>The figure faded into a transparent green shadow of itself, one that flew straight into Woz. upon collision, Woz appeared to be knocked back, almost falling limp. Shortly he stood, but with a vibrant green lock of hair as if to signify something had just occurred. 'Woz' would jump from his roof top, a strange belt now at his waist, one which he slid a golden card into.</i> [<b>VEGA FORM</b>] <i>As he landed, it appeared his entire outfit had changed. A full-body suit covered him, and a star-shaped mask was now over his face. Once he reached a point where he could finally stand up, the ground quaked beneath him. Windows that had gone un-shattered had now found themselves to be the opposite of in tact. He pointed a sword at the beast, and had this to say.</i> &quot;Let me say this to start, the individual you are imitating isn't very flattering!&quot; <i>Another Den-O's attention didn't seem to be shifted by this new arrival, nor did the train he seemingly have command of change course. To this end, Another Den-O would draw another set of his blades, and charge Miriam.</i>
GYM DX: This time it's for realsies
<i>Deneb would reach into a basket hidden beneath the counter, and off a piece of its contents to Prima. It seemed to be a spherical candy, wrapped in yellow paper, emblazoned with Deneb's face on it.</i> &quot;Here, you go! On the house, one of my world famous 'Deneb Candies'! Those two seemed too involved to enjoy one, b-but I'm sure they'll want one when they're done!&quot;
GYM DX: This time it's for realsies
<i>Choosing to let whatever mayhem may occur run its course, Deneb would begin to enjoy the quiet conversation.</i> &quot;My name is Deneb! It's nice to meet you, Prima! Welcome to GYM Deluxe! Yes, it certainly has changed. The owner always seemed to have takeout piled up, so I decided to implement a kitchen, after all, the best cure for sore muscles is a good meal!&quot; <i>He seemed to have recited that last bit.</i>
GYM DX: This time it's for realsies
<i>Deneb would appear to become flustered, a mild amount of stammering.</i> &quot;N-Now if you h-have some s-s-sort of disagreement, I can c-certainly recommend f-fighting it out in the ring!&quot; <i>He'd begin messing with pots and pans on a stove top as if to disinvolve himself until the problem goes away.</i> &quot;O-Oh, Welcome! Welcome!&quot;
GYM DX: This time it's for realsies
<i>Deneb would tilt his head, confused.</i> &quot;Why would it be a secret place though? Upon my arrival, it was fairly well maintained inside, only a few pieces of rubble had fallen off the front. The electricity was still on as well! As much as I wish I could help you, the building is property of another individual, and I am currently running it in his stead, or until one of the many other people he trusted with running this business turns up to take the reins.&quot; <i>He'd then direct his attention back to the pair.</i> &quot;I'm terribly sorry, but all of the brawls here are for sport, and typically done with friendly intentions! Emotional instability is rather difficult to encounter, unless they were emotionally unstable in the first place, and if things got out of hand I'd have to, well intervene, that is to say, end the fight as fast as I can!&quot;
GYM DX: This time it's for realsies
<i>Deneb would appear confused at the mention of a hideout. He brushes off a portrait and points with earnestness towards it.</i> &quot;My apologies, but the owner of this establishment is named Kalib, an individual known for his, well charming personality. You'll have to forgive me if what I've done with the place has in any way disrupted your day to day activities, but do understand that the remodelling was perfectly allowed by the owner!&quot; <i>Deneb would bow humbly toward the pair.</i> &quot;It's my pleasure, now what can I help you with!&quot;
The Hats at The Park
<i>A steam locomotive pulls up and a strange man jumps out.</i> &quot;Wrong.&quot; <i>He leaves the way he came.</i>
0th Action: Going off the Rails
<spoiler>Temp pause, I'm out of sleep!</spoiler>
0th Action: Going off the Rails
<i>The creature begins pushing against the side of the cabin with its weight. Slowly, the train car begins to tilt. He would grunt a mighty grunt, and the screeching of metal filled the city.</i> &quot;We-rgh I thi-thi-think we almost have it! Phew! It's heav-ier than it looks...&quot; <i>As the wheel slides back onto the rail, Deneb collapses from his exhaustion.</i> &quot;I-I think we've got it!&quot;

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GYM DX: This time it's for realsies
<i>Following weeks of inactivity regarding the strange mascot and the white sheet, it fell. The white barrier between the new and the old had dropped revealing a neon sign, made in impact font reading GYM, and in a fancier cursive neon, 'Deluxe'. Apart from that, the exterior seems to have only been cleaned up and repaired in certain locations. An automatic door stands at the forefront of the structure, marking the way in. Behind the glass, it seems that the inside has been entirely remodeled, with the floor being a clean hardwood, glimmering in the yellow light beaming from hanging lamps. Only over the arenas are the lights solid white, coming from floodlights hanging at the corners of the structure. The outdoor area once fenced in by a concrete wall has been bricked up from the outside, with smoke billowing into the air from behind that high wall. The windows on the first floor light up with red and blue light as an 'Open' sign flickers to life.</i> &quot;Welcome! Welcome!&quot; <i>A cheerful voice can be heard upon entry, its source is a strange figure in a pink apron standing behind the counter. The emerald eyes gaze at the new entries, almost indicating a smile, despite the face having no form of movement.</i>
GYM Deluxe: Climax Scrambled Eggs
<i>The beloved icon of a forgotten age, a dingy building with a brightly lit neon sign simply reading ‘GYM’ sits comfortably in an alley resting in the humble urbanity of most downtown regions. The only key feature of the building would be its blandness. It fit in where it belonged and did nothing more, there was to be no transforming into a mech requiring other buildings to be complete, nor was there to be an alien artifact that might destroy the natural order of the country. The building was, and that was that. That is until a panicked figure began bustling in and out of the building carrying boxes of varying weights and volumes in and out, a faint sound of carpentry could be heard from within for many weeks, the neighbors made sure the entire city knew of that. The long since abandoned building had a resident, and this resident seemed to have an endless supply of time and resources with which to do whatever it deemed fit on the property. At one point, some would swear of seeing the same resident run out twice before returning, but it seemed that the project was complete at last, the distant smell of paint had now faded into the breeze.</i> ‘<b>GRAND RE-OPENING! GYM <i>DELUXE</i></b>’ <i>It was certainly a flashy flier, and the added deluxe in cursive certainly felt like something worth a grand reopening, but whether or not the once notorious name had earned such a title was for the customers to decide. Upon arriving at the familiar location, one thing seemed certain, it wasn’t open yet. The entire building had been covered in an enormous white sheet, hiding whatever improvements had been made beneath itself. A strange mascot character patrolled the storefront, clearly a part of whatever had happened here. This began the new life breathed forcefully into the lungs of such a piece of nostalgia, the only thing left to do to seal such a contract, was to unveil the building.</i>
0th Action: Going off the Rails
<i>Tokyo, some may call it the City of Japan, but many call it home. When a strong heart and a strong wish intersect, a miracle occurs. This miracle creates the bonds of the future. The future is uncertain, and now it is plunged into darkness. The engine with no place in time has halted once more, and its master has retreated from his shelter from within the confines of the steely beast.</i> &quot;Now... WHY HAVE WE STOPPED THIS TIME!? I thought we had this FIXED! This is what happens when we stop for groceries all the time!&quot;
Vega Express: The 0th Action
<i>The hands of the clock seemed to have stopped. Those with a strong wish, and a strong heart, have been given passage. The train with no place in time has reached its stop, not to be its final, nor to be its first. To sound off its arrival from solitude it bellows in the way steam locomotives do. The owner steps out into the warm light of the spring sun. His dark robes contrasting with the silver reflections off the metal that makes the train. There are no clouds over this scene, making the quiet strength of the blue blue sky a sight of beauty.</i> &quot;It's not normal... No it's not! Someone keeps hitting the breaks, and it's very uncomfortable to experience!&quot;
The Bridge to the Non-Existent: With the Master's Permission
<i>A large green steam locomotive is stopped right in the street. Outside is a small cardboard sign in front of a table. It reads, &quot;Special Viewing! Step into a different future!&quot;. Sitting at the table is a strange humanoid creature. One could mistake it for a costume. It waves at passersby cheerfully, blissfully offering candy to anyone close enough to hear him.</i> &quot;Step aboard for an amazing experience! Simply sign some papers, and we're on our way to the future that doesn't exist!&quot; <i>The most noticeable thing about the stand is the strange flag with an old man smiling on it. To those who could read it says, &quot;Station Master approved!&quot;</i> &quot;There's nothing to be afraid of except there is because even <i><b>I</b></i> don't know where we'll end up! Honesty is our only policy!&quot;
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