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I don't roleplay
Years until the great collapse: 1 billion

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help maybe?
you have the personality of a frying pan
help maybe?
<quote user="ender_paladin">oh and friendly reminder don`t swear</quote> bitch
help maybe?
cease thy cringery <quote user="phantom_masky">oke </quote> Basically just follow the rules and don't be annoying. Check the site discord at the bottom of the rules thread. Also don't advertise a thread in a completely unrelated thread unwarranted
help maybe?
don't do whatever the fuck that guy just did
Destroyer of Worlds: Closing the Divide
<i>Mona smirks, walking backwards and looking at the group he came in with, cocking his head as he explains.</i> &quot;Alright, i'm only gonna say this once, so pay attention. As you may know, we're not the only ones in this grandiose universe. Neighboring dimensions, worlds, timelines... they all work together to form a network of sorts, like a giant body. Most live their lives unaware of this fact, the many societies remaining completely independent of each other. And then there's wherever this is, operating on an entirely different wavelength, like a cancerous growth. The further it progresses, the more its neighbors are affected. Thus, it's far simpler to wipe it all out.&quot; <i>He then reaches in one of the pockets in his utility belt and faces Hanz again, flicking out a wooden slingshot and pointing to a familiar crystal embedded on it.</i> &quot;This should be proof enough of our prior cooperation. This treasure was given to me by yourself, or at least a version of you. Have it back, if you'd like. I haven't actually found much use for it...&quot;
Destroyer of Worlds: Closing the Divide
<i>Mona quickly closes the distance between him and Hanz, taking care not to get shot.</i> &quot;What, your memory foggy? It wasn't too long ago you would've invited us in yourself. Now, listen closely, this world must be destroyed at any cost. I won't let your incompetence as a leader stand in the way of that, 'mein furher'.&quot;

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Mementos 64
<i>In the depths of an early 2017 mementos thread, the gang arrives to an opening with a star statue in the middle of it and a sign with a cryptic message. Ryuji goes up to the sign and points at it.</i> Ryuji: Guys, this sign says L is real! It means Luigi is unlockable! Morgan Bus: I am going to break the fourth wall hahahaha I am so funny now I reference the hit anime Doraemon
Virgin Joker pfp versus chad Mona pfp
This post was made by the Mona gang Monas rise up
Dark LeBlanc 2: Roleplay thread
Alright, so, I figure this race is pretty cool. Albeit some corrupted individuals and organizations. So, before all your souls get devoured by the dark awakening, I thought I might enjoy this pastime you refer to as &quot;RPing&quot; *Dark Mona sets the table on fire* Is that the correct way to &quot;RP&quot;?
I appear to have made a grave mathematical error...
I may or may not have to forgot to carry a zero... Turns out the universe isn't being reset for another billion years...
Why do people always think i'm roleplaying?
I assure you I am one-hundred percent serious when I refer to the spontaneous disappearence of the known universe and its rebirth. This misconception has happened in 2.6 million cycles of the universe so can someone please explain why people think i'm roleplaying?
PSA: Any attempts at a premature "Nexus reset" are futile.
It will not reset until the predetermined time due to unpreventable events. Nothing humanity can do can hasten or stale this time.
Reset of the universe is in 358 days. Who should I bring as my "plus one"?
I'm thinking of someone fun like Dionysous. I could also bring someone strong like Odin if a clash breaks out. Maybe I should bring someone popular like John Cena?
Dark Leblanc
The world has been consumed with violence and animosity. Fear not, lost lamb, for here you may take refuge from the outside world. Yes, drink the holy coffee and cleanse your sins. Take a seat and succumb to temptation.
Mortal survey: in your own opinion, what is the source of conflict?
Just collecting data for creating the superior beings. Answer honestly, lest you wish to be doomed to oblivion
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