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I don't roleplay
Years until the great collapse: 1 billion

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Tragic hero or a egotistical prick?
What the fuck's a persona related characrer doing on a Meguca forum?
What would your Palace be?
I am a completely morally sound individual
Thanks for the memories
You'll be lucky just to get away. This site, and many others like it, tend to stick on you like a rash.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
What if I told you... page 9 was the cataclyst by which all returns to naught?
Who wants to be my vessel?
Did someone say muffins? <i>Heckin signs that contract</i>
Phansite VN
<quote user="Soupicide">Add a secret Mona route where you have to get 3 alts and your main account banned. </quote> I agree with this
It is I, the real Spam, Stop real spam
Ooc: k, I will hit you up in the pms
It is I, the real Spam, Stop real spam
And the fun is at other users' (who are all my alts) expense. In fact, if the &quot;problem&quot; isn't widespread and exclusive to one user, it would be much more convenient and less embarassing to that user to send a private message rather than make a whole post about it.
Dark LeBlanc 2: Roleplay thread
You know what, I just remembered, I don't care. I'm a god, I shouldn't be doing humanly stuff like &quot;RP&quot;.

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Virgin Joker pfp versus chad Mona pfp
This post was made by the Mona gang Monas rise up
Dark LeBlanc 2: Roleplay thread
Alright, so, I figure this race is pretty cool. Albeit some corrupted individuals and organizations. So, before all your souls get devoured by the dark awakening, I thought I might enjoy this pastime you refer to as &quot;RPing&quot; *Dark Mona sets the table on fire* Is that the correct way to &quot;RP&quot;?
I appear to have made a grave mathematical error...
I may or may not have to forgot to carry a zero... Turns out the universe isn't being reset for another billion years...
Why do people always think i'm roleplaying?
I assure you I am one-hundred percent serious when I refer to the spontaneous disappearence of the known universe and its rebirth. This misconception has happened in 2.6 million cycles of the universe so can someone please explain why people think i'm roleplaying?
PSA: Any attempts at a premature "Nexus reset" are futile.
It will not reset until the predetermined time due to unpreventable events. Nothing humanity can do can hasten or stale this time.
Reset of the universe is in 358 days. Who should I bring as my "plus one"?
I'm thinking of someone fun like Dionysous. I could also bring someone strong like Odin if a clash breaks out. Maybe I should bring someone popular like John Cena?
Dark Leblanc
The world has been consumed with violence and animosity. Fear not, lost lamb, for here you may take refuge from the outside world. Yes, drink the holy coffee and cleanse your sins. Take a seat and succumb to temptation.
Mortal survey: in your own opinion, what is the source of conflict?
Just collecting data for creating the superior beings. Answer honestly, lest you wish to be doomed to oblivion
All of humanity's corruption will be ended. You will be replaced with superior, stronger beings. You have one year to repent for your sins and beg for salvation in your death.
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