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Straight out of Innocent Sin ... Lvl 17 Vulcanus Null Fire Strong Nuclear Light Dark Nerve Mind Weak Water Ice Agi Deal low Fire damage to one enemy. Patra Cure one ally's sleep and illusion ailments. Flame Cut Deal low Sword + Fire damage to one enemy. Balzac Deal Almighty fury ailment to one enemy. Maragi Deal low Fire damage to an enemy ---- Dia Recover low HP for one ally.

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CYOA: Selection Of Thy Own Journey
I vote for a weed please
Atlus and Capcom are at it again
<i><b>T O Y K Y O M I R A G E S E S H I N T E N S I F I E S</b></i>
Games Like Persona
Lost Child? Do you mean that spin off of Innocent Sin, the greatest game in which you recruit demons in a rpg designed and developed in Japan?
hey guya
Tch... I was the original spin off
Am I still relevant?
Possibly? I heard I rumor that we don't though so there's that.
Just a Test
@Setsuna_Tamaki Nope don't think so, oh well,
Just a Test
The new world, new people, a new game (Jevil's story... kinda)
&quot;Tch! I'll kill you all!&quot; <i>In the background of the many Tatsuyas, one man stands against the onslaught of edgy teenagers and old men, slicing through as many as he can as a firey aura surronds him</i>

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Mmmm I'm in Shibuya
Who wants to see me stick my sword up Tatsuya
The Crown of the Sun: Tatsuya=Suou vs Danksuya=Suou
[It's a quiet dark night in the streets of Shibuya tonight, typically people would be up and about. But tonight? Silent. Even the normal citizens of the Nexus can feel something sinister afoot. Lo and behold. Danksuya Suou stands in the center of Shibuya Square, flicking a lighter as he awaits his opponent...] We'll show him...
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