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My name is Cokedowner, also known as “The Carbonation Wildfire!”

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Joker's Bizarre Adventures
<i>Watching the calamity occurring down on the streets from above in his helicopter, which blaring his theme song, “Red Sun,” on it’s radio, Cokedowner, dressed in his two-tone trench jacket, chuckles to himself before taking a long sip of refreshing Coca-Cola from his red Coca-Cola Classic can.</i> I’ve gotta say, I’m almost impressed with how chaotic it’s gettin’ down there! Perhaps I could hop in later to make it more, y’know, disastrous.
Make me beautiful.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Video Game House
Like I said, Archer, your low quality bait isn’t working.
Video Game House
&gt;Switch &gt;it’s trash isn’t that right That is some low quality bait right there, my dude.
Video Game House
Alright, screw this. <i>Cokedowner flies away on his helicopter.</i>
Video Game House
<i>Cokedower throws one of his swords at the shadow.</i> Eat shit!
Video Game House
<b>SON OF A BITCH!!</b> <i>Off to the side of the room is an angry bald man wearing a red overcoat with the Coca-Cola logo on the back of it who just slammed his PS3 controller on the ground. He seems to have died in a combat game about a cyborg ninja that he’s playing on a small flat screen TV.</i> This piece of shit game is gettin’ on my goddamn nerves!
reset nexus
Hell yeah! That’s score one for Cokeperado!

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I will provide you all with free Coke.
But you can't drink any other drink (especially Pepsi) anymore.
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