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The local cat demon~

Call me Cait Sith or Artemis, nya!

Arcana: Fortune
Persona: Black Cat
Weak: Elec
Resist: Curse
Null: Wind

Persona Skills:
Garudyne, Magarula,
Mudoon, Wind Amp,
Masukukaja, Tarunda,
Evade Phys, Terror Claw

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I place a hand on my chest. I don't <i>feel</i> too different, so my soul's probably fine. Probably. My tail sways while I think. Kalib... is gone, from what our Velvet Room attendant said, but he was dead anyway right? Right? I wrap my cape around myself like a blanket and dig my claws into my arms. The little Q&amp;A session starting finally gives me the drive to speak up. &quot;W-wait, escape? What do you mean? And, uh... do you know how we got this way? Like, you know, into these bodies? Is this the real afterlife or something? Mishy didn't explain everything.&quot;
With Niko acting as a shield and the fight basically over, I end up relatively unscathed. I give Niko a small smile. &quot;Kumiho. Nice. I'd ramble on that thing more but now's probably not the time for mythology nerd stuff.&quot; I step forward and perk my ears up to listen. Whatever happened, Kalib's alive somehow, in some sense of the word. I'll have to accept this as fact. Just going with the flow... like Kaz said, letting all the pieces fall is better than just questioning everything. It's the only thing keeping me from completely freaking out to be honest. Speaking of pieces, I'd better check to see if the non-Kalib Parad is still alive. The fur along my spine rises as I slowly approach where the enemy had been.
&quot;No problem. And what happened was a little argument but it's all over... now...&quot; I just <i>had</i> to open my mouth. I curse under my breath and stand up, letting my cape fall back. The blood would probably stain, but it was red on red anyway, and currently the least of my concerns. &quot;So that Parad is... Kalib? And is the guy who shot himself back? Or...? Gah, I'm mixing up my Parads. Guy being held is Kalib. Which is <i>just what we need right now</i>.&quot; My voice drips with sarcasm in that last sentence. Still, I can't do much, and Niko's still dazed. I step in front of the catboy and draw my sword, facing the demons and hoping Pascal doesn't let his dog instincts take over in his rage. The last thing I need is to be chased up the wall by a demon dog. &quot;Oi, Niko, can you stand? We'll be having a lotta trouble soon!&quot;
The booming voice causes my fur to stand on end. My hand reaches for my sword, but I relax a little once Kaz starts interrogating instead of, you know, killing. I try to stay out of the way as I dash across the room. I’m not as big as usual, so dragging Niko is a bit of a challenge, but I manage to get him a bit farther away from the fallen Kamen Rider. I check his body for any damage while keeping an ear out for any trouble. I can smell something metallic near his head, so I can tell the source of the near-instant knockout. I balled the fabric of my cape against where most of the blood probably was and turned my gaze back to Parad.
I stab my sword into the floor to let out the confused and nervous energy building up inside me. I should be happy about one less Kamen Rider to fight, but the strings and his suicide fill me with dread. Something else is at play. I finally pull myself together enough to sheath my sword. I can only understand part of what Kaz was saying, but his tone was enough to convey the feelings behind his words. “Kaz, try to focus. Not on Parad. On anything else. That FE gal, your pet Cerby, that stupid desk I scratched, anything. He’s as good as done.” I just hope that’s enough to keep whatever’s eating at him leashed, or at least delayed. I send another Force Dance Parad’s way with a few waves, two out of only three tornadoes aimed at him. “Hey guys, don’t outright kill him! Just rough him up enough so we can get ‘im to talk!”
I did an oopsie
Don’t worry, Daddy Igor will send you back enough to do the thing once Kanji gets the die.
My heart threatens to jump out of my chest as Kaz is dragged away, but thankfully, Puzzle Parad lets him go after saying something that my cat ears couldn’t catch. I nod to Bartz and give him a small smile. “Yep, that’s me. You okay? Don’t overdo i-“ The flames coming from nearby distract me. It’s the flames of a Persona... wait, why are they turning red? I vaguely remember either Strega or Adachi’s Personas having that color. The card confirmed my fears. A Reverse Persona. I’m frozen with shock, but the tearing of the fabric and the attacks of the demons bring me to my senses. We’re starting to go all in, so I better follow suit. “I can’t believe I’m doing this... F-Force Dance!” I swing my sword five times, but only four green whirlwinds spin towards the Parads - two targeted at each one. I’m not charging all in just yet, but I’m close enough to launch a decently-aimed ranged attack. I take this moment to yell over the flames and high winds. “Kaz, can ya hear me?”
Hello, and welcome to Hell! Enjoy your stay. Site’s less lively than it was a few years ago, but hope you’ll have a good time here regardless.
The Black Blood runs
(Oof indeed. And if I may offer my stance on this, you clearly don’t know how to handle certain people on the internet. Insulting them or giving them more attention only makes things worse. Granted, I’m not saying that Mona’s in the right, but you shouldn’t just snap and insult people, ya dig? I did that once and I still regret it, but that’s another story. The Phansite’s a bit rough for someone like you, so I suggest a few options: 1. You adapt, although that’s a longer process. 2. Don’t snap. If you feel that someone’s directly insulting you, just take a step back and contact a mod. 3. Return to Amino. That community’s probably best for you. If you need to talk, just hit me up.)<div class='edited'>(edited by Cait_Sith)</div>
I slowly nod as I listen to Kaz’s explanation. It made sense. Handling all that power would be tough for us, especially since we hadn’t even spent a day in these bodies. I counted myself lucky for Cait’s relatively weaker but more basic magic. Once he’s done, I speak up. “I don’t really feel any different mentally besides some new feline urges, so I guess not all of us got the Persona part carried over... Maybe it’s due to our state of mind or something, I dunno. I’m guessing your Persona’s gonna be a whole new one like with PK. As for demon summoning, not an expert on that, but controlling four high-level demons doesn’t sound easy in your current state.” I draw my sword and tap the point on the ground. It feels odd to hold, yet it’s fascinating to look at. “You may not have much you can use at once right now, but you’ve got the rest of us, nya. If you’re in trouble, I’ll be sure to back you up.” All we’ve got is each other, so - “H-he’s bACK!” My voice cracks and I jump back with my fur on end. Yep, Mona the mage was alive again. How, uh... oh right, what Mish said. I mutter to myself and brush my fur back down.

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SMT be like
https://cdn.christianaidministries.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Thinking-about-it-nonstop-300x225.jpg <spoiler>Best thing about rural Ohio: unintentionally mildly amusing billboards like this</spoiler>
School’s gonna be out soon
Hopefully the site will be more woke in the summer. Who’s excited? I’ll be graduating from high school so that’s nice.
Persona 5 theory generator
https://perchance.org/p5rtheories go wild kids
Real morning hours who up
I lived bitch but yeah, how’s everyone doing today?
Phanganronpa School Mode
“Death? Destruction? Nah, none of that here. What, you still remember the game? Ha! That was probably a bad dream. Everything’s fine. Look, everyone’s alive! I’ll even open the door so visitors can come in! Just relax and do whatever you kids do.” <i>-A mysterious handwritten note, found in every bedroom of the underground lab.</i>
Most powerful Persona, but...
There’s certainly a few Personas that are a cut above the rest in gameplay. However, after seeing a debate over the most powerful pokémon solely based on their extreme pokédex entries, I was thinking: what is the most powerful Persona based on mythology alone? Considering there’s so many gods, this’ll be interesting.
Phanganronpa: An Unfortunate Sequence of Events
<i>It’s been a night since the trial, and there are fewer left than before. And it may keep dwindling. The Duple unit was scrapped with much muttering from Monokuma about necromancers and their magic explosions. At least he was in a good enough mood to unlock the lowest floor: Floor B4.</i>
Persona Spinoffs You Want
While we always complain about the flood of spinoffs, they're stuck pretty neat regardless. What kinda spinoffs would you want to see? I'd personally like a crossover with mainline SMT or a spinoff with the P2 cast.
Phanganronpa: Spreading Distrust
<i>You know the drill by now. If you're an outsider curious about this, just ask for the Discord. Fourth wall breaking aside... The group of 16 has dwindled down to a mere 12 over time. Monokuma's morning announcement is supplemented with a cheery announcement of access to floor B3. What a great &quot;reward&quot; for solving last murder.</i>
Phanganronpa: Simple and (Un)clean
<i>The morning after the trial. Two people gone, fourteen left... All the vents are fixed somehow. Did Monokuma do that when they were all gone? Either way, the morning announcement rings as usual. Anyone going outside would notice the button beside one of the elevators. It's on. The power to that one must be back. It's the Morning Phase. Good luck to all.</i>
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