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Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz Remake
And then they put Super Monkey Ball Q2 on the 3DS. I mean come on, who even plays their 3DS anymore? Should’ve put it on the Virtual Boy.
When the Plant Not Fertilized
Plant-chan = Best girl
I'm void
Stop flexing your depression on me.
Just take the vacuum Futaba
Man, that really <b>sucks</b>.
How did you get into Persona?
My dad got persona 5 for Christmas the year it came out, and I watched him play some of it. I thought it was pretty neat, but as soon as I saw the game’s UI, I <span class="through">stole</span> permanently borrowed it. I loved the game so much that I went back to play 3 and 4, and when Joker was reveled for Smash I had the biggest erec- smile on my face. Ever since then I’ve been hooked!
Shhh! The mods are asleep. Post maymays
Is Persona 3 Portable really worth playing?
Yeah, I’ve enjoyed the new music I’ve heard so far, <spoiler>but you can save Shinji? I feel like that kinda ruins Akihiko and Ken’s motivation towards the end of the game, but ok.</spoiler> I’m sure I’ll get around to it eventually, but I can wait. Still, they added more than I thought they would’ve.
Is Persona 3 Portable really worth playing?
But is there any point in playing it if I’ve already beaten FES? Are there any changes in the story?
Persona Q2
It’s on the Nintendo Virtual Boy.

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Is Persona 3 Portable really worth playing?
I bought it on my PS Vita just to see how the game handled having a female protagonist, and I’ve played about 2 or 3 hours now. Basically they just change the “he’s” to “she’s” and modify dialogue a bit so it makes more sense. Is that all that has changed, or are there more changes if you play farther in?
E3 Baybee
Since E3 is coming to a close, I think it’s the perfect time to make a thread where everyone can talk about what their excited for. For me personally, I can’t wait until the release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Smash Ultimate DLC, and the sequel to Breath of the Wild.
P5 Protagonist name
On your play-through(s) what did you name your protagonist? I went with BBBam04 Yeet, because BBBam04 is my username and Yeet because I couldn’t think of a last name...
Waffles are better
Fight me PancakeKing
The twins boss fight is toughie!
So, I decided to take on the twins in NG+ and it's no cake walk! If anyone has any tips on how to beat them it'd be greatly appreciated! Little list to give perspective on where I'm at right now. -Currently at Futabas palace leveling up in the last area. (At level 54 with Joker at the time of making this. Probably rushing trying to beat them, but I'm just worried I won't have everyone high enough level when the time comes to fight them. Planning on fighting them when pancake boy joins the party. Basically, I'm just trying to get most of the grinding done early.) -I'm kind of an idiot and not entirely sure how everything works sooooooooo... - Recommendations on party members, personas, and skills would be helpful. Currently I'm rockin with Skull, Mona, and Queen. Skull and I have attack duty, while Queen and Mona are healers/ stat boosters (attack when possible though). I'm sure there is a much better team I could use, but I'm trying my best, OK!?!?!? (It'll change later on don't worry.) -I have end game weapons and armor for everyone so that's not anything to worry about. -Also, I'm playing on Normal difficulty. Yeah, that's basically it! I'm about 99% sure that this isn't the best place to be looking for help, but you peoples have played the game so you probably know what's goin on. Still have plenty of levelin up and advancin in the story to do, but I'll take any advice at the moment. Thanks!
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