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Thou art I, and I art thou. Strengthen thy wings of rebellion, and embrace thine inner thief! Thy may think, "How does a cognitive other self get an internet account?" Yours truly responds, Do not worry yourself over such trivial matters. ------------------------------ (OOC: This is a version of Arsene who roams in the Metaverse and only makes himself known to reality when he assists a just rebel.)

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How strong are personas?
If the gun rule applies to them, then they're just as deadly as they look.
What would your Palace be?
<quote user="Dark_Mona">I am a completely morally sound individual</quote> For some reason, I doubt that.
Emotional Persona ideas?
How about Masochism? It could use mostly physical attacks, i.e. draining HP, and take the appearance of a sharply-dressed goblin with cuts and bruises all over.
Late to the Party (Spoiler Free)
Persona 5's a great game. Even I can say that, and I don't even own a playstation, let alone the game.
Persona 5 made Mentos a Meme
New Party Member: Diet Coke
SMT be like
I'll stay in Limbo thank you very much.
switch lite
Nintendo made people excited for <b>cardboard.</b> To be honest, a smaller switch makes more sense.
Do you member...?
Pfft, you thought he was bad? You must not have fought the secret boss, <spoiler>The Penguins of Madagascar.</spoiler>

Recent topics

What would your Palace be?
If you were in the Persona universe and had even your smallest twisted desires form into a palace, what would it look like? i.e. What would be the area and distortion, what would the shadows look like, etc. I myself would think my heart would twist my own house into a bunker overlooking an apocalyptic scenario, due to me being a total introvert and only finding happiness on the computer. My treasure would be my own PC, and the shadows would be masked androids.
Why Mementos Doesn't Work
If it were really the collective subconscious of EVERYONE, how is it just a messy subway dimension? There has to be at least one person in the area who has a vivid imagination. Is there cognition just not valid? I demand answers!
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