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Real name: Callum Nickname: Link Codename:Archer Arcana: Fool Persona: Deen Evolve Persona: Shura

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Broken wings (roleplay)
Okay let's see here *looking at the palace map*
Broken wings (roleplay)
(Yeah the whole me training with Blake was a lie) *goes inside thepalace safe zone*
Broken wings (roleplay)
*pat's Haley's head* Lets go Twilight (Niko how's Blake doing)<div class='edited'>(edited by Archer4534)</div>
Broken wings (roleplay)
*is in the palace* Well my secret power will do I guess
Broken wings (roleplay)
*voice change back* Well I can always lead the Phantom Thieves if u don't want to lead them
Broken wings (roleplay)
*looks at him as my voice changes* Don't try to act cool Akira we still have a palace to take care of
Broken wings (roleplay)
Well *puts the swords away* let's hope it'll be in use
Broken wings (roleplay)
(Okay in this rp we name the P5 mc Akira Kurusu not Ren Amamiya if Haley says Akira we all call him Akira) Actually I'm talking about the black spots and the red diamoned shape combaring that to my it looks like a mementos master sword<div class='edited'>(edited by Archer4534)</div>
Broken wings (roleplay)
It looks like the sword I have but a bit different *pulls out the master sword*
Broken wings (roleplay)
I found this in mementos *pulls out the sword from mementos*

Recent topics

Kitagawa-kun welcome back party
Welcome back Kitagawa-kun it's been a few months since u were away
Blake Belladonna fan club
This is for people who watch the RWBY anime so if one of u haven't watch it go watch it it's awesome but this club is for Blake Belladonna fans
Smash 5 Guest Characters
This is where u guys choose which guest character would be good for Smash 5 even thought I am not getting a Switch I just think it would be cool to see what guest characters would be good for Smash 5
Fire Emblem Fates/Awakening/Echoes club
This club is for People who play Fire Emblem Awakening, Fates, and Echoes so if u haven't play these games then don't join
Akira Kurusu Club
This is a Akira Kurusu fan club so if ur not a Akira Kurusu fan then don't join and don't say his name is Ren Amamiya it's Akira Kurusu
Labrys fan club
This club is the Labrys fan club so if ur not a Labrys fan then don't join
Makoto Niijima Club
This club is only Makoto Niijima fans can join if ur not a makoto Niijima fan then don't join
Persona 5 mc names
Once I beat P5 again I'm going to start a NG+ again but I need a name for the P5 mc name don't use names that r from P4 and P3 I use my name for my 1st, 2nd, and 1st NG+ but I need a different name but I choose Akira Kurusu but I want to see if u all have names for the P5 mc
Persona 4 waifus
This is a Persona 4 waifu talk so we can talk about who is the best Persona 4 waifu
Persona 5 roleplay
This is a Persona 5 roleplay but not from the game u guys can make it different from the game or keep it the same
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