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My name is Goro Akechi and i believe in true justice! You can probably find me around here or in Pms. I rp as Goro and i use both Robin hood and Loki. I'm a member of the defenders of pancakes.

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The Fool Wild Card Confidant...if it was a team member.
<quote user="TheRemitron">Maybe we’ll get something similar in P5R due to Akechi being alive. Sadly, I think the most we’re getting is Akechi being able to switch between Robin Hood and Loki and not having a full second wild card. Your idea would be interesting but it would make the player character less special.</quote> We never saw Akechi's full potential as a wildcard. Until the game is out i wouldn't assume something like that, especially bc even in the base game due to the power of Loki he could potentially control any shadow he wanted.
Never mention corn in this phansite evah again
Phantom thieves audition
(ngl doing that bc the situation is inconvenient just feels like godmodding, especially bc you never stated you were a robot before.... Also you can edit posts so do not double post pls.)
Phantom thieves audition
I do not enjoy such passive aggressive comments. As you may know i am an Ace detective of law and i have police forces at my disposal. This behavior makes me want to stay more than leave. This is gonna be my next course of actions then. Until the phantom thieves don't reveal themselves i guess you're surrounded. Checkmate ;3 <i>After saying that Akechi makes a call and a squad of officers surrounds everyone.</i>
Phantom thieves audition
You have phantom thieves in here? You're all under arrest.
About what Akechi said in the new P5R trailer.....
More than alt realities what the fans have been speculating alot is that it's all a dream world where everyone gets what they wanted <spoiler>Morgana in the base game wants to be a human, Futaba wants her mom back etc etc..</spoiler> and that it might take place after one of the regular endings. I seriously can't wait for the game, especially now that we know what happens to Akechi. <span class="through">Fluffy Akechi is cute don't @ me.</span>
Dead Forum
Saying that the forum is dead will not change things. To be fair those kind of threads are annoying not gonna lie. Also since you're new i'll say once, if you can refrain from making more than 2/3 threads per day.
P5 Golden and Akechi
First of all like everyone else said it's P5 Royal (the Royal in Japan). Other than that there is an OVA with potential interactions that MC could potentially have with Akechi, it's called proof of justice and imo it's the best thing to come out of P5A. Also even if there are people that dislike him the number of fans might be even greater, especially since he has that <i>Fan favorite</i> title in Japan (i can confirm this myself since i've been in Tokyo last year). The only way to actually get a redemption arc for him would be to actually follow up om what he said right at the end... &quot;If only we could've met a few years earlier&quot; And basically undo all the crimes he commited. Also we never actually witness his death (it's left unknown in both the game and the anime). So, we can't say for sure if he died or not. If Atlus wanted him to be dead they would've not pull this card multiple times. As for your question if you wish to see how Akechi can be when interacting with others normally for now a good example would be PQ2.
Is makoto best girl and agreed by everyone
I am the best of everything, whoever disagrees is a phantom thief and will be sent to jail with no excuses.

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Today it's Akechi's bday! Post pancakes or Akechi pics to celebrate below!
The best PQ2 character trailer
I almost forgot...
It seems like my last thread is locked https://phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=15188 That makes Luna (or for everyone that is not on PMs Queef) the winner. Congrats!!
Last post wins: pancakes edition
Nah dw i'm just joking, even tho if this was for real i would win ;) . I guess it's been a year, the last post wins was one of my first threads onsite. I still did not win that old one but it was fun back then.
Time to celebrate
Today June 2, 2018 is Akechi's birthday. Let's all celebrate in this day 🎊. <spoiler>P.S. Akechi fanarts would be the best. </spoiler>
Akechi's talk show: Standard edition
<i>A new day and a new talk show has been opened for the time being. This time a warehouse was provided for the event. Akechi was actually present too, replacing the host from the short edition, he was sitting behind a desk with his usual attire and as soon as the audience entered the building he would greet them and set things in motion.</i> Welcome to the regular edition of my talk show, it seems like you had fun last time so today we're going to have some guests joining me really soon and you can ask questions to them too! Very well then, shall we start? <spoiler>OOC: unlike last time today this thread is gonna close once i go to sleep. Have fun! ^^</spoiler>
Akechi's talk show: short edition
<i>A room with a few chairs and a stage was arranged for this special occasion, that's right Akechi would hold a public talk show and let anyone ask him certain questions. The host soon reached his spot and carried with him a small laptop which he connected to a giant TV right behind it. He soon started to speak looking at the audience</i> Welcome everybody to the first edition of this show, to test grounds and kick it off this time we'll keep it nice and simple. Today our guest is gonna be the famous Detective Prince Goro Akechi which due to certain circumstances will join us from a safe location and will speak through this laptop, and now here we go! <i>As soon as the Host turned on the pc Akechi's face would appear on the monitor with a calm smile, after a moment of silence he speaks up too</i> Good evening, i guess i don't need introductions since our friend over there already told you my name, i wanted to make a brief public appearance and here i am, i tried my best to be here in person but i guess this will do for today ha ha. Don't worry if all goes smoothly i'll try to be present for real next time. With that said i want you to ask me some question, i guess 4 is the right number this time. It can be about anything you want to know from me, don't be shy i'll be waiting!
A question for...
The Phantom thieves and everyone who believes in them. Will you turn yourself in to the police? Pretty please? I'll give you a pancake, or you can give me your full name that works too, totally not going to the metaverse to do shady stuff i promise 💛
Icons UwU
I think i fell in love with this style and i want to see what i can do with it. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/391688729800212481/427932894946656257/Matching_icons_2.png So, i'm want to make more but since my time is limited and i'll use those as an intermission between work and hw i'll just do 2 for now. So if you do want one post below this time i'll choose who to do. If the character is not your current pfp you gotta give me a reference.
hug gifs
i told in my last thread i had something else in mind and here there is ^^ . I'm trying to do simple animations to know better the software i'm using for internships so i made this hug gif https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/391688729800212481/424937737809035264/akech.gif and i'm gonna open requests for those, i'm gonna do just 4. No more than that. so if you want one tell me below the character (ex this one is a very chibi Akechi) and the color for the heart. PS. pls not too complicated characters ooph.
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